how a child should listen to the advice of his elders

I was listening to this song and got inspired to write this KuroMahi fluff

“C’mon, Kuro, it won’t be that bad.” Mahiru said as they walked down the street. He thought that it would be good for both of them to go out for their dates occasionally. So, he decided to go watch a movie with Kuro. “You better not fall asleep in the theater either. Ryusei said that the movie’s pretty good.”

“Couldn’t we just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it?” If Kuro could have his way, they would never leave the house. He preferred indoor dates but he had to admit that there were some things he liked about going out with Mahiru. Holding his hand while they walked was one of them. “Our couch is more comfortable than those theater seats and we don’t have to deal with people.”

“Kuro, I don’t want to fight with you on our date. It’s my turn to choose what to do on date night. Next Friday, you can choose whatever you want. Can’t you just bare with it for a couple hours? Will you do it for me?” Mahiru looked up at him and his large eyes silenced any further argument Kuro had. While he complained sometimes, he only wanted to make Mahiru happy.

Kuro mumbled an answer shyly. “Okay but don’t complain when I choose something hard and corny for our next date as revenge. Romance me with a candlelit dinner with ramen as the main course.”

“Candlelight and noodles it is then. You want to try re-enacting that Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene too?” Mahiru knew that Kuro was only teasing him and he couldn’t help but play along. Kuro wasn’t expecting him to and he blushed heavily. He scratched his cheek and tried to hide his blush. His expression was cute and made Mahiru giggle.

Kuro had to grin at the lighthearted challenge in Mahiru’s laugh and he leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Tease me like that and I’ll take you right there on that table.”

“Kuro! You can’t say things like that while we’re in public.” It was Mahiru’s turn to blush and Kuro chuckled at his reaction. Sometimes, it was too easy to tease him and make him blush but Kuro could never tire of it. “Behave yourself or you’re going to sleep on the couch tonight. Let’s go before the movie starts.”

“You’re going to make this poor kitty sleep on the coach?” Mahiru playfully hit his chest when he tried to use his cute cat voice. They both knew that his threat was empty when Mahiru hooked their arms together. He leaned his head on Kuro’s shoulder and they continued down the street.

“Do you hear that?” Mahiru stopped Kuro when he heard a child crying. He looked around the street and saw a child standing outside the store. The boy couldn’t be more than eight and Kuro wondered if he was lost. He certainly appeared distraught as he cried. Kuro wasn’t surprised when Mahiru immediately went to the boy’s aid.

Mahiru made sure not to scare the boy and stopped a safe distance from him. The boy didn’t appear hurt so Mahiru tried to calm him down. He knelt in front of the boy and spoke in a soft voice. “Excuse me, are you lost? Do you know where your parents are?”

The boy looked hesitant to answer but eventually spoke. “I don’t know.”

“Can you let us help you? Where was the last place you saw them?” The boy pointed to the store behind him and Mahiru nodded. He knew that it was best not to take the child away but he didn’t want to leave him alone either. “Can you tell me what your parents look like so I can look for them in the store? My name’s Mahiru. What’s your name?”


“Well, Akebono, I’m going to find your parents for you. My boyfriend, Kuro, is going to stay here with you while I look for them inside. Is that okay with you?” The boy nodded and Mahiru turned back to Kuro. “I know we were supposed to be on a date but this should only take a moment. I’m really sorry about this.”

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that you’re not sending me into that crowded store.” Kuro shrugged and the smile Mahiru gave him was reward enough. He gave the boy one last warning not to wonder off before he went into the store. Seeing him so readily help someone, Kuro’s heart swelled with pride slightly. It was one of the many reason he fell in love with him.

Kuro leaned against the wall next to the boy and an awkward silence quickly settled around him. Lily had always been the best with children among the Servamps and Kuro wondered what he would do. Despite being the oldest, Kuro was helpless when it came to children and starting a conversation. He could feel the boy’s eyes on him and he tilted his head curiously.

“Mahiru’s going to bring back your parents so don’t worry. He’s a good and dependable guy.” Kuro assured him but he quickly trailed off when the boy didn’t respond. He continued staring at him so he wondered what the boy was thinking about.

Then he blurted out, “Why do you dress funny? You have ears and a tail!”

“I do not dress funny. I’ll have you know that I’m a cute kitten.” He thought children respected their elders and he wondered when they became so blunt. The boy didn’t look the least bit convinced and scrunched his face at him. Kuro wondered how long Mahiru would take and tried to think of a way to entertain him until he came back. An idea came to him and he pulled out his phone. “You like games, Kid?”

Like Kuro expected, the boy’s eyes lit up. He opened a simple tile matching game and handed him his phone. Kuro thought that it would keep him occupied enough without having him comment on his clothes again. He sat next to the boy and watched him play as he waited for Mahiru to return.

The boy was losing miserably and Kuro shook his head lightly. Every time he lost, the boy became more irritated. He almost threw the phone in frustration but Kuro quickly took the phone from him. “Woah, Kid, don’t break other people’s things because you’re losing. The reason you’re losing is because you chose where to place your tiles too late and you run out of time to place them. Be quick like this.”

He swiped his finger over the screen and cleared a few rows. The boy looked up at him in amazement. Kuro, who played games often, didn’t think anything of it but it looked like a masterful maneuver to the boy. “Teach me!”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro groaned but he pointed at the upcoming blocks. “You need to think of combos. If you set them up early, you can get a lot of points. Leave a little space for blocks that don’t fit into your combo. They’re a pain to deal with but at least they won’t block your combo. Just make sure you don’t pile them too high.”

“Okay!” The boy returned his attention to the game and tried to follow his advice. He was still a child so it was difficult to think of a combo as quickly as Kuro could. When it seemed like he would be too slow to place a block, Kuro helped him. He made sure not to do it too often so the boy could make his own strategy.

He heard the store’s door open and he looked up to see Mahiru walk out with a frown. From his expression, Kuro knew that he couldn’t find the boy’s parents. Mahiru sat next to the boy and said apologetically. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem like your parents are inside but Kuro and I will stay with you until they come back.”

“Do you think they left me behind?” The boy looked up from the game and Mahiru’s heart almost broke. “I had a fight with them in the store. Maybe they don’t want me anymore.”

“Of course, they still love you.” Mahiru took out a napkin from his pocket and handed it to him. He was close with his mother so he could imagine how the boy must be feeling.

“Families fight. You can’t avoid it.” Kuro said simply and Mahiru was about to hit him lightly for his comment. He stopped himself when Kuro continued. “But you don’t want to let that come between you. Talk to them. If you wait and avoid them, you’ll regret it. When your parents come back, apologize and they’ll forgive you.”

“Akebono!” They looked up and saw two people running towards them. Mahiru gestured for them to wait as he ran to the parents. From his expression, Kuro knew that he was going to read the parents the riot act and covered the boy’s ear. He had to chuckle as he listened to Mahiru lecture his elders. While he was kind, he was also firm when he needed to be and that quality made him more attractive to Kuro.

“I think he’s done now.” Kuro said with a light laugh and let go of the boy so he could run to his parents. Mahiru returned to his side and they watched the family exchange hugs. The boy waved bye to them before he left with his parents and Kuro waved back. He could feel Mahiru grinning at him and turned to him. “What?”

“I was thinking that you would make a good father.” Mahiru said with a confident smile but Kuro looked more doubtful. “I’m serious. You were kind and understanding. I’m sure our kids would like you more because you’ll be the easy going parent. But I guess it’s still too early to talk about this.”

“I’m sure they’ll love Mamahiru too. Ow!” Kuro yelled a little when Mahiru punched his arm. It didn’t hurt him but he still pretended to pout. “Cat abuser.”

“You teach our kids to call me by those nicknames and I’m divorcing you. Where did you even come up with Mamahiru? I don’t act like your mom and you shouldn’t say that about your boyfriend. Let’s hurry to the theater.” Mahiru looked at his watch and knew that it was too late to watch the movie. With a disappointed sigh, he said. “I guess the only thing we can do is go home.”

Kuro took his hand but he surprisingly pulled him in the opposite direction of their home. “You said you wanted an outdoor date, didn’t you? Let’s take the long way home and walk around the park. We can look at the stars or something.”

“Really?” Mahiru’s smile couldn’t be brighter and Kuro was certain that it could light the night. He stood on his toes and kissed Kuro’s cheek. “You’re trying to be sweet and make me forget about those nicknames, aren’t you?”

“Is it working?”

“It might if you offer to hold my hand too.” They both laughed and their fingers naturally laced together when they held hands. Mahiru knew that he would’ve preferred to go straight home so he was grateful that Kuro was willing to take a detour for him. It was a small gesture but Mahiru could sense Kuro’s kindness in it. Kuro looked down at Mahiru as they walked. He knew he should’ve been watching where he was going but his happy expression captivated him.

Whenever Kuro thought about their future, he would become sad whenever he thought about their inevitable end. But Mahiru was able to replace those thoughts with something better. He looked forward to their date night every week. He wanted to make a future for them after the war where they could be a normal couple. Maybe, one day, they could adopt to have a family as well.

I headcanon that they have a set date night and take turns picking what they do. Kuro always chooses indoor date activities so Mahiru forces them out when it’s his turn to choose.

Eunwoo Scenario - One Chance

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Summary: Your friendship was like a tree, beautiful and brilliant but sometimes you wanted more - you wanted a garden. But you were scared that if it ever happened, everything you had would wither and die. And then you would have nothing. 

Genre: Fluff

Requested: No

Words: 2300

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I am not human, are you?

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 /

A/N: Hey guys, I am back with part3 of the Jungkook werewolf Au.This part kind of looks like an end but it is NOT! I really wanted to introduce the “father” in this part and the two sides of you (a.k.a. the main character).I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.  Requests are open.

Word count:  2,622

Warnings: Blood and swearing.

  Once more you were walking down the corridors to the big hall, where people were waiting for you.The doors opened and you stepped in side.There was silence and no one was speaking, you were just looking at them as they were at you.

“You want to see it I presume.”you said

“Indeed we do.”said the elders 

  You turned around and lifted your shirt slowly, revealing what was forever placed onto your skin.Suddenly you felt a hand onto your back, making you flinch a bit.

“What do you see?” the elders asked the woman behind you

“I don’t know, I have never seen something like this before in my life.”she said, examining it as much as she could

“Explain to us.”they demanded of her

“The crest itself is extremely big,the biggest I have every seen to be exact, which means this child possesses great power.But…the design…I can’t seem to understand it. It has half of a female face and half of a wolf’s ,around the neck there is a red bow.”you covered your back again and the woman looked up at the elders “I can’t tell you anything about this child, except for the tremendous power she has.”  as she stepped away ,you looked up at the old women sitting and judging you, as they have done their whole lives

“You shall stay here and train properly.” they stood up and left the room first 

“Come, let’s go.”your mother pulled you by the hand back to the room you were in “You will start your training today, that is what I was told. They will give you sometime to rest though.” which was right now

  The moment your mother left the room,you jumped on the bed and pulled out your phone almost immediately.You kept Jungkook under unknown for safety measures and called him.

“Hey.”you said, trying to make it like nothing had happened

“Are you ok?”his question shot out of his mouth in seconds

“I am fine, it was not what I expected. Don’t worry”you reassured him

“Thank goodness.”there was a short sigh “Did you find out where you are?”

“No, they won’t tell me even if I asked them.”you said

“I went back to my pack to ask the elder for advice.”

“You are going to ask your elder how to find a riding hood!?Are you crazy?”that was indeed foolish of him, but Jungkook had no other choice, how was he supposed to find you on his own

“Don’t worry I won’t tell him who you are.” 

“You mean what I am…”

“I don’t get it.”

“It’s nothing.”you said

  The time you should have spent resting, you spent talking to Jungkook.Was it 2 hours or 3, you didn’t know but it was fun.

“I will have to hang up soon.”you told him


“The elders want me to start my training today.”you explained 

“You mean, that kind of training?”he asked even if he knew what you meant

“Yup. It’s my first day so I don’t know how long I won’t be able to call you.”

  The knock on the door signalized you that it was time to go now.Even if you didn’t want to stop talking with Jungkook, you had to, there was no other way.

“I must go now.”you said

“Ok,be safe.If anyone tries to hurt you, tell them that your boyfriend is a werewolf.”his words made you giggle “What is so funny?”

“Nothing. Bye.”


  Of course it was funny, if anyone found out about that night they would hunt Jungkook down like a wild animal and kill him. You don’t know why your mother hasn’t said a word about that to anyone. A maid escorted you to the so called training grounds and you were given as a student to a very skilled teacher.

  What you didn’t know at that time was that you weren’t going to be going to your bedroom for 3 days straight. You were training like crazy, at every break something would fly towards you ,or your teacher would attack you.What makes a riding hood special wasn’t just the fighting ability, but the magic she could learn. So that was your job for 2 days, only magic. In the end of the week you couldn’t move an inch and you had to be carried to your room and placed on the bed. You slept through Saturday and Sunday with out opening your eyes at all. Monday came soon and you woke up by yourself very early in the morning. The sun wasn’t up yet and so were most people in the castle. 

  You were thirsty, so you got up to get a glass of water,even if it was difficult to move, when you passed by your mother’s room. The voices coming from there made you stop and listen.

“What have you been teaching my daughter?”it was your mother’s voice

“What each and every one of us knows.” and that was your teacher, what were they talking about, so angry at each other

“You are subconsciously teaching her those spells!” said your mother 

“I don’t know what you are talking about. And plus that I am her teacher ,not you.”

“Oh, you know very well what I mean. If you continue with this, I will take her back. “she yelled out at your teacher

“Look here M/N, berserk is something we all must know. What will happen if she is attacked by strong werewolves?If she can’t go berserk she will die!”your teacher was starting to yell as well

“Do you know what that means?Have you ever experienced berserk before?”

“No, so what?”

“So what? You don’t know what one can do in that state of mind! She will not only kill the werewolves, but everything in her path ,human, riding hood or animal.I brought her here to protect her, not to teacher her this.”

“You brought your daughter here because she was about to make the same mistake as you did! You know what they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“You are trying to make a machine out of her!”your mother yelled out

“I already did. 5 days are more than enough to fully train her physically and mentally.”

  Have they been using you all this time?Was that why you were the only one who couldn’t go back to your room and had to train day and night, to the point of collapsing 2 times?

“That girl is stronger that most of our children. She can do what we wanted to achieve ages ago.” your teacher opened the door and saw you “Y/N?”

“Y/N!”your mother looked at the door shocked 

  You couldn’t say anything after all the things you heard. Your body moved on it’s own as it was still in pain and you ran towards the gate of the castle.

“Stop her!”yelled out your teacher and many females of your family tried to stand in your way

  But thanks to all that training ,those girls didn’t stand a chance against you. After you found yourself deep in the forest, you sat under a tree and started thinking what to do. The wind was strong and it was cold, you started remembering all does good times when you were little. When your father was still home. You were very young when he disappeared, actually 5 years to be precise.

  It was true that after the child reached 5 years of age, the males disappeared like they weren’t even there in the first place. No one told you why, no one told you how. It just happened. You really loved your father, but you weren’t even sure if he was alive. Because of all that training and constant use of magic, you collapsed on the ground once more, unconscious.

  Soon after you were able to recover a bit, your eyes opened up slowly, finding yourself in a dark place. Your hands were tied up and you couldn’t move, after trying a couple of times ,you realized that your energy wasn’t fully back and you needed more time.

  The door in front of you suddenly opened and the ray of sun hit your eyes. Men came inside the room you were in.

“She is awake.”said one of them

“Let’s take her to the boss.”said the other one

“Why don’t we play a bit?” the fist one came closer and grabbed your head, pulling it towards himself “Now that she is awake.”you couldn’t see much, but his smirk was too disgusting to miss

“Let go of me you dirty fleabag!”judging by the way this place felt, these men were definitely werewolves 

“Watch your mouth bitch!”he slapped you as hard as he could across the face

“Just wait until I recover from this.”you hissed and he slapped you again

  The two men pulled you up ruffly, in a way bruising your arm.You couldn’t move your legs, you were extremely tired from all that work.Your feet were scrapping the floor, cutting your smooth skin. In seconds you found your body thrown to the ground and the eyes of many werewolves on you.

“Who is she?”someone asked

“I don’t know, but we found her in the forest.”answered another one 

“We should bring her to the elder.”suggested a wolf

“She smells sweet.” one of them reached towards your back, but pulled his hand away fast “This girl is burning up! I can’t touch her.”

“What bullshit are you talking?”the previous man was pushed back by a stronger werewolf, but he as well couldn’t touch you “It’s her, she must be doing something.”

“I warned you…”you whispered

“What did you say!” they were pissed and were about to hit you again, before your hair started turning red from the roots down to the very tips

“What is she?”they pulled back

“That hair color!” someone spoke

“Don’t underestimate us!” one dared to use his claws and rip the back of your clothing, exposing the crest

“I was right!”yelled out the one who noticed your hair “She is of the Red Riding Hood family!”

“What!”they were stepping back slowly 

“What is going on here?”someone asked, with a deep voice of an older man

“Elder!”said the wolves 

“What are you all looking at?”the boy who asked ,pushed everyone aside to see what was happening, but stopped once he noticed your red hair “Look at me!”he demanded and you did, both of your eyes locking together 

“We found her in the forest a couple of days ago.”explained someone

“Who did this to her?”the boy asked in a low and deep voice

“I did.She was a real pain in the ass you know. This wouldn’t have happened if she had agreed to play with me.”he smirked

  The boy picked you up in his hand ,covering you with his jacket. He than turned towards the man who did this to you and smashed his head in the wall.

“You piece of shit!Who gave you permission to do this?”he pushed the man’s head in the wall more, you could almost hear his skull cracking 

“Wait!Stop!”the man yelled out 

“Look at her face!”the boy yelled out again “Her back!” his teeth came out and he was about to bite the throat of the werewolf in front of himself. You could see the fear in the other wolf’s eyes, not knowing what was about to happen to him. As the boy was about to take the bite, you placed your hand over his eyes.

“There is no need for that…Jungkook. I am ok.”you whispered in his ear, feeling his anger slowly decreasing. He let the wolf go, his body dropping to the floor, but not before breaking his arm.

“Ack!” he gasped in pain

“This is for what you did!”he growled 

“What is your connection to that girl!?”asked the pack 

“She is my woman!And no one can touch her!”he yelled out

“A werewolf and a riding hood together!”everyone started talking 

“Silence!”it was the elder and so everyone shut up “Let me see the girl.”

  Jungkook was holding you tight to his body, just in case something happened to you. The elder came closer and you looked at him, eyes starting to water.

“Y/N?”Jungkook asked you 

  You reached out your hands towards the elder 

“What is that woman doing!?”everyone got noisy again

“SHUT UP!”it was the first time they saw the elder this mad and it shocked them

  He came closer and took you out of Jungkook’s hands. His palm touched your cheek gently and you hugged him, tears dropping to the floor.

“Shhh, everything is ok now.”he ran his hand through your hair, relaxing you and making the red color disappear. Placing a kiss onto your forehead he spoke “It’s ok Y/N.”his voice soft and loving

“Do you know her elder?”asked the wolves 

“Of course I do.”his eyes looked at you “I am her father after all.”

  The whole pack chocked on the information they just received. “B-but she is a riding hood….”

“Her mother is, but I am not.” your father placed another kiss onto your cheek and placed you back in Jungkook’s arms “Take her to your room and keep her safe. I have something to deal with.”

  Jungkook nodded and took you away, the elder walked over to the wolf on the ground, sitting with his hand broken. “I-I…I didn’t know!”he panicked 

“Now you do!” he was mad and angry like Jungkook, it was a good thing you didn’t see what happened to that man

  Jungkook placed you on his bed and knelt down in front of you, he was looking at your red cheek. His warm hands gently picked up your leg, placing butterfly kisses onto your cuts.

“If I knew sooner, if I knew it was you…” 

  Your hands cupped his cheeks and pulled his head towards you.Looking into his eyes you smiled. “It’s not your fault.” you leaned and placed a kiss onto his lips 

“You don’t get it. I could have saved you. Who knows how long you were down there.” he stood up and walked to the bathroom and brought back a first aid kit 

“Even werewolves have one.”you said trying to cheer him up a bit, failing in the process 

  Jungkook placed medicine and a bandages on both your legs and applied a soothing cold cream on your cheek, to try and help with the pain. He then stood up, lifting you off the edge of the bed. As he was holding you, he pulled back the covers a bit and placed you gently onto it. He sat next to you and made sure to cover your body completely, because it was very cold. Jungkook pulled your head to his chest and hugged you tight.

“I will make sure to keep you safe from now on.”you could hear his heart beating…for you “I don’t care if you are a riding hood and I am a werewolf. I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me or hurt you.” his voice got shaky, showing you he remembered that guy that hit you “I will make sure to heal everything that hurts.”you pulled on his shirt a bit, his attention going towards you 

“It hurts.”you said

“Where!?”he panicked 

“Here…”you pointed at your lips

“I think I can make it better.”he smiled and leaned towards you, kissing you lips “I will kiss the pain away.”he said pulling away from you slowly, suddenly you kissed him again

“I need more medicine.”

“I think I can help with that. I have plenty more.” he softly said

  You staid in Jungkook’s room the whole day, no matter if you knew what time you woke up, or what time it was now. It was a forbidden love, but so sweet and intoxicating. Making you want more of it, addicting you to it’s alluring warmth. 

Elijah Mikaelson - Human pt.2

Prompt: Hello, I love your imagine Human - Elijah Mikaelson. Could you do a part two where reader loves animals, especially dogs, and for her twenty first birthday Elijah buys her a dog who she falls in love with and she calls him Henry in honour of the lost Mikaelson child and even Klaus loves the dog. And when the dog is asleep reader confesses her love for Elijah and that she never had anyone made her so happy.

Part 1

You sighed as you woke up, smiling to yourself. Ever since Elijah had told you how he felt, you had been closer. You hadn’t shared your own feelings, something Cami blamed on your crippling fear of being abandoned after what happened to your parents; her advice was always the most.. honest. But today was your 21st birthday and you were feeling fantastic. You got pout of bed quicker, striding towards the door to your room in just pyjamas before you thought that you better not. With a quick change of clothes, you found yourself inside one of the many lounges in the compound, Klaus at your side.

“Are you sure you’re 21?” He asked, narrowing his eyes. You frowned in confusion. “I think that’s a grey hair, is it not?”
You bit your lip as he laughed, your hand pushing him lightly in indignation.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was with all of the stress I have to go through living with the Original hybrid that’s actually just a giant pain in the-” You started before Klaus had the audacity to shush you.
“Sorry to interrupt your, I’m sure very captivating, rant, love but I think your present is here.” He smirked. You ignored his comment, mind solely on the present. The Mikaelsons had got you presents every year, this year, Klaus had got you a necklace with a vial of blood inside, a change from the usual tasteless vampire costumes. Apparently, this year, Elijah had gone all out and you were both nervous and excited to see what he had bought.

Listening hard with your sub par human hearing, you heard a small whimpering sound and frowned, glaring at Klaus’ all-knowing easy grin. You stood up, following the noise as best you could when you turned the corner, into the kitchen. There, in the arms of your vampire suitor, was the cutest puppy you had ever seen, a large red bow tied around it’s neck.
“Oh my god.” You almost squealed, rushing towards the furry creature. Elijah smiled as he passed you the dog, it’s paws clambering over your shoulders, desperate to lick your face.
“Happy Birthday, Y/N.”
“It’s adorable!” You exclaimed, turning to face him.
“Yes, he is.” The elder Original replied with a small smile.
“He?” You squealed, carrying the animal towards Elijah.

“Just because I was aware of the gift does not mean that I like it.” Klaus stated with a crooked smile lifting his face. You rolled your eyes, looking into the dark eyes of the puppy and thinking to yourself about how much they were like Elijah’s. With a small bark, the dog licked Elijah’s face, leaving him both startled, disgusted and even slightly amused. You and Klaus’ laughter filled the room, mingling with the dog’s loud yapping.
“Okay, I take that back, I grow fonder of this dog every minute.” Klaus mused, chuckling to himself.
You realised, almost too slowly, that you couldn’t keep calling him ‘the dog’.
“I think we should call him Henry.” You offered, looking down at the bundle of fluff in your arms. “In honour of Henrik.”

When neither of them responded, you dropped your head, ashamed at your stupidity. Of course they wouldn’t want to name the dog after their dead little brother, Y/N.
“I like it.” Klaus spoke softly, an uncharacteristically generous smile tugging at his lips.
“I think Henry would be a splendid name.” Elijah seconded. You smiled, looking at them both.
“Do you like Henry, boy?” You asked, stroking his head, giggling as he licked your face in response.

Hours later, Klaus had long since disappeared and Henry had just fallen asleep, his small body resting on your lap. You were sat on the floor of the lounge, much like you had when Elijah had treated you to a normal human night when the man himself strode in. His smile was sweet as he sat down beside you, eyes drawn to Henry.
“Is he a good fit?” Elijah asked, nodding towards him. You smiled down at the puppy, stroking his fur as he moved on your lap.
“He’s the cutest thing.” You replied quietly. There was small silence before you sighed, biting your lip.
“Thank you..” You started, getting lost in the Originals warm gaze.
“It’s your birthday-” He countered before you stopped him.
“No, I mean, not just for this. Thank you for that night with the Chinese and the reality shows and thank you for loving me as you do.” You added, looking up at him with bashful eyes. “Thank you for making me the happiest that I’ve ever been.”
There was quiet for a while.
“I think I’m in love with you, Elijah.”
“I know for a fact that I am in love with you, dear Y/N.”
He didn’t respond, only leaning forwards. His lips met yours for no longer than a second before he pulled away, looking down with a smile upon his face as Henry awoke, barking beneath him.

The Sims 4: New Game Patch (October 1st, 2014)

There’s a new Sims 4 update available now in Origin. If you have automatic updates enabled in Origin’s “Application Settings”, the game will auto update once you open Origin. If you have auto updates disabled, you will need to manually update by clicking on the game in your library.
To ensure your game is up to date, check the game version found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > GameVersion.txt. Your game should now read: 1.0.732.20. If you have updated but it is not showing the correct game version, start the game, shut it down, and then it will be corrected.

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 Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game 
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Update: 10/1/14
Welcome to October 1, Patch Day!  First off we would like to say thank you for all of the help we have received from the community in identifying and tracking down issues. We love listening and learning from all that you do, and are always striving to make The Sims 4 the most solid game it can be. We love your stories and we greatly appreciate all your help!  We have a lot to share about what’s new, some fixes, and what have we done to your game? So, let’s go!
The New
Ghosts! Ready to go and in your game, just jump in and start killing your Sims! Well, I mean, you can… nicely kill them? Or just lock them in a room for a couple days, um, without any food or water. That’s one way to do it, but will take a while so if you’re really impatient maybe just set them on fire. Oh, this isn’t going well. Look, if you happen to see a ghost, however he or she got there, and we aren’t judging, then you can experience all new interactions like “Ghost Scare,” “Ghost Repair,” or “Pass Through”, new aspirations and whims, and new behaviors as they float happily, angrily, or howeverily about!

  • When a Sim dies, they become a non-playable ghost
  • Use the “Invite to Household” interaction to make a ghost into fully playable member of your household!
  • Ghosts can have relationships, get married, woohoo, hold jobs, build aspirations, earn traits, or just be!
  • Ghosts have a unique post life experience based upon how they died…
    • Sims that died by hunger seek to satisfy their hunger in the after life
    • Sims that died by overexertion and old age find they prefer to take it easy in the afterlife
    • Sims that died by fire have a new interaction available to them… my advice, try and not make them angry
    • Sims that died by an emotional death can radiate their emotion onto other Sims
    • Sims that died by electrocution, when angry, have a unique interaction to break electronic devices.  They also seem to really enjoy the “Hand Buzzer” social.
    • Sims that died by Cowplant have the desire to harm and help the plant world.  They can cause plants to die when in a negative emotion, but will care for plants when in a positive emotion.
  • Ghosts can possess objects, and they can repair broken objects when possessed
  • Ghosts have new interactions available to them, such as “Ghost Scare,” “Pass Through,” and “Talk About Death”
  • Level 10 Gourmet cooks have a new recipe “Ambrosia”, which can be used to bring a Ghost to life (or give a Sim renewed life)!
  • There is a new gardening flower type, the Deathflower, which can be used by a Sim to save themselves or another when visited by the Reaper!

Before you go out hunting for ghosts, why not head into Create a Sim where you can find some incredible costumes from the Star Wars universe! How can you go wrong with a Yoda child ghost Sim in a Happy mood sitting on a rooftop balcony looking down upon a young adult who has just completed some sort of epic universe saving event?  You can’t.  Yoda, Leia, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader costumes await you in Create a Sim!
With the addition of ghosts, even the gnomes are not safe from the call of the Netherworld. “The Ghastly Ghostly Gnome” has scared his way into your Build catalog, eagerly awaiting a place in your home!

The Fixes
We have identified a few more of our harder to track down crash issues, some tuning fixes, a couple new cheats, and a smattering of other fixes! Here are the details…
Cheats / Assets
  • We have added a cheat to show hidden objects, such as the ponds, channel specific stereos for venue use, and many other items. Open up the cheat console ([CTRL]+[SHFIT]+[C]) and type “bb.showhiddenobjects”.  You can use the Build Filter pane to find the Debug objects under the Content drop down.
  • 5 new eye colors!  Dark blue, dark blue hazel, gray brown hazel, olive green hazel, and purple!  Create a Sim, go NOW!
  • A new Spooky station can be found on your stereos! It’s scary how good the music is! It’ll BOOm… your boxes. It’s funnier if you make the “m” silent in that last one.
  • A new Create a Sim clock speed cheat allows you to speed up and slow down your Sim’s animation in Create a Sim. Use the cheat by typing “cas.clockspeed [0-10]” in the cheat console window.  0 is pause, 10 is not!

Crashes / Performance

  • Corrected an issue where the interaction to “Write a Book” was not properly saving, causing the save file to error
  • Loading a lot and selecting Sim to play who is off lot now loads to the correct Sim
  • Fixed an issue where the UI might forget that a household exists and not allow the player into Build Buy
    • This primarily was a result of the player deleting all households in their neighborhood, but could occur as the result through other means
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to become non-responsive if the user uploaded an unfinished venue from their home lot and then attempted to reenter Build via Manage Worlds from the lot
    • The household Sims were incorrectly being removed from the world, leaving the player in a bad state and unable to play
  • Some in game circumstances can lead to the product ID becoming lost, resulting in a possible crash.  The crash has been fixed by adding a Null Guard (he’s a pretty good guard).
  • Fixed an issue where the Off Lot actions were not always available after loading an existing save file
  • Sims who are reading or eating should no longer reset when changing wall heights of rooms that are nowhere near them
  • Lowering the foundation will no longer cause cabinets to be placed into the household inventory in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a floating Sim issue that would sometimes occur when the Sim decided that the direct “air” path was shorter than any of the alternate options
  • Sims will no longer route fail when attempting to perform the “Sell to the Simsonian Museum” action on an Unnaturally Large Space Rock
  • The Sims 4 default refresh rate is now the same setting as the windows refresh rate


  • ymBottom_PantsLoosePajamas and ymBottom_PantsLoosePajamasSatin were merged into a single asset in Create a Sim. They are now 2.
  • Some hair and hat combinations created bad geometry along the Sims scalp, we have adjusted the geometry to correct the issue
  • yfBody_CocktailStrap_Red is now a selectable color for the Bombshell dress found in Create a Sim
  • “Mega Stairs (Ooh Fancy)” stairs now have color variants that are actually different than one another
  • “Stack of Canvases” career reward item will no longer disappear when placed next to a wall and the wall cuts away
  • Fixed graphical issues with the highlight and back-facing state of the “Captain Chaz MacFreeling Elegant Mirror.”
  • “Malva – Square” ground plant will no longer place underground
  • The “Barnish Bed” will no longer find that its pillow becomes possessed when a Sim gets in bed – a LOD (level of detail) issue resulted in the pillow bouncing around on its own when Sims went to sleep


  • Sims now have more painting variety at all levels – high level Sims will paint “beneath” their level at a chance of higher quality
  • Sims can now listen to music and play chess at the same time!
  • Librarians can now also be young adults and can be either male or female. Previously they were always female elders. Stereotyping… don’t do it!
  • The “Enable / Disable Emotional Aura” interactions now have tooltips explaining what they do
  • “Try to Calm Down,” “Vent,” “Complain about Problems,” and “Take Bath” actions will now help resolve the “Not Enough Exercise,” “Need Video Games!,” “Conception Tension,” “Stale Surroundings,” and “Cooped Up” buffs that Sims get when feeling tense
  • Fixed an issue where Sims with a high Cooking skill were guaranteed to never start fires while cooking. It is true that our Sims are quite intelligent, however it is also well documented that even the best Sim is still a little prone to the accidental setting ablaze of their luxurious mansion.  Sims above level 3 cooking skill can once again start fires while cooking… it is just unlikely.
  • The final Milestone of the Nerd Brain aspiration now only requires that a Sim read 10 (not 15) books in order to complete
  • “Earn Money Turking” was providing a large amount of Simoleons within a short amount of time, this was not the intention and the amount you earn has been reduced
  • Toys that say they increase a Childs creativity, now actually do
  • “Writing a Jingle” will now pay your Sim for doing so. There was a bug with writing a jingle on the guitar that could result in no Simoleons being paid
  • The Serenade’er will no longer get all the buff benefit from the Serenade.  The Serenade’ee will now also receive a positive buff from the Serenade when being Serenaded to by the Serenade’er
  • Time based achievements and buffs were not always tracking correctly.  Fixed a visual issue with the tracking, as well as fixed the “Just Getting Started” and “In the Game” achievements
  • The “Fridge of Steel” and “Fresh Maker” upgrades on the refrigerator were completing too quickly, they have been tuned a little slower
  • Gym Rats will no longer lose hygiene while doing a “Zero G Workout”
  • Science table emotion potions will now provide positive buffs, rather than just make you uncomfortable
  • Autonomous Sims were finding it impossible to die by Cowplant because they would, during the moment of death, attempt to queue a Get Comfortable interaction, which, not being compatible with the Cowplants attempt at eating the Sim, would cause the Sim to reset, thus saving the Sim from death (woo!).  We’re sorry to say, we fixed the issue, once again putting our Sims in jeopardy with the Cowplant digestive desires.
  • Intergalactic Growth Pods will no longer be resistant to your attempts to water and weed – the pods have decided life is good. Water and weed as needed
  • Sims with unpaid bills will no longer find that the water & power has been shut off everywhere they go – you can properly mooch from your neighbors
  • Fishing interactions now correctly display emotional context in the Pie Menu.
  • A collectibles rarity will now affect its value
  • Adopting a baby will now give all the parents adopting a proper buff for doing so
  • Sims with spoiled food in their inventory will no longer find the option to clean spoiled food from the bar… that was just weird.
  • Sims were able to feed dead cow plants. While interesting and slightly morbid, it did not actually do anything.  We have removed the action.
  • Removed fitness gain for digging rocks.
  • Fixed an issue where bills were incorrectly double counting objects when calculating the household value
  • We addressed a negative current issue, where Sims were dying after being electrocuted just one time. It was shocking for us all. Our hair was on end when we learned of the problem.  We have quickly zapped the bug with thunderous attention and we’re a-buzz with this fix.
  • The “Commercial Kitchen” styled room is now unlocked when the user reaches level 10 of the Culinary career while in the Chef branch
  • Gardening plants will no longer broadcast their emotions onto nearby Sims. They have been counseled and have learned to bottle up their emotions inside… deep deep inside.
  • Repair and Upgrade interactions now correctly display emotional context in the Pie Menu when your Sim is Focused
  • Thank you to the community for helping to identify two issues where Child Sims were incorrectly allowed to get into the Flirty emotion, we have corrected both instances.
    • Children who had maxed their social skill were incorrectly able to Flirt with themselves in the mirror
    • Child Sims with the Insane trait and in the Confident mood, were incorrectly allowed to flirt with themselves in the mirror
  • Romance filter option is no longer available for children while traveling (nobody ever showed up in the list, but it was odd that it was there)
  • Venues converted to residential lots via Manage Worlds, will no longer prevent you from beginning the action of adding a new household to the lot if the venue value is greater than the starting funds of the new household.
    • You still won’t be able to place the family on the lot if they can’t afford it, but now you are allowed to create a new household using this flow.


  • Gallery notification timestamps will no longer incorrectly list your last activity as “more than a month ago” when it has been less than that
  • Commenting on gallery items with the “<” character, followed by any text will no longer cause the text to disappear
  • Event Major Goals now have hover tips with text explaining how to complete the goals
  • Fixed an issue with Neighborhood Map context menus appearing off screen in some supported resolutions.
  • Corrected an issue where the Build filter panel was being hidden when performing an open search.

anonymous asked:

Could I request a captain swan smut prompt, where killian comes home to emma in nothing but one of his modern-day shirts, and smut ensues?

Added something and tweaked a few others, hope you still like the results!

Also available on AO3

Killian rolled his head on his neck as he ascended the stairs; the little prince was becoming quite rambunctious—though being the son of the bandit Snow White and the uncle of Henry (who, much to his mother’s displeasure, was already angling for a motorcycle for his 18th birthday in a few years) it was to be expected—and Killian wasn’t quite used to being used as a jungle gym yet. It was also rather a hot day, and like all children, Neal wasn’t nearly as susceptible to such trivial things as heat as his elders were.

There was faint singing coming from the other side of the door to the apartment he and Emma shared, and he paused before opening it to listen.

Even after several years together, living together or not, Emma was secretive about some of her habits. And that was fine. He had his life outside of theirs together, she should have hers. But some little moments, like her secret love of song or his occasional dalliance with a pipe, slipped through the cracks of their separate lives to the one they shared. And like any siren, her songs could bring him to the brink.

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Four ways human Klaus and Caroline could have met (and one way they did)

Okay so this week was Jade’s birthday, if you guys don’t know who Jade is, well let’s just assume she’s a pretty cool person/Klaroliner/mom/superhero and carry on, so the point is that I wanted to do something nice for her birthday because she’s awesome…but I couldn’t decide what to write because I had so many good drabble ideas and couldn’t just chose one, so in the end I was like “ohh to hell with it” and wrote them all just because…So Jade aka #talkingKlaroline hope it’s fine with you

Four ways human Klaus and Caroline could have met (and one way they did)

Meeting #1: Underage Drinking

In another life Klaus meets her in a bar, she’s celebrating with a fake ID, a baby in the sea of worn out adult faces, her innocence gives her away for the “princess” she is, all smiles and coy deflections despite the clothes that reveal her body is anything but “childlike” so he offers to buy her a drink, thinking of his own sister back at home.

he tells himself that this is all there is to it, nothing more, despite the fact that apart from the blonde hair and high school age, this angel drinking shots in front of him has nothing to do with Rebekah

 She starts talking then, encouraging him to open up to her to giggling in a far off tone “Come on, if you can’t tell your life story to strangers when you are drinking then why drink at all?”

This way he learns that she is an only child and just won a dance scholarship to Julliard, that her parents have been together all her life and would sooner smother her to death than see her leave home to strike out on her own.

He then tells her then that he’s a painter, that he’s the only guardian of his sibling Rebekah and that he is flying out of Chicago in the morning to pick “the brat” up from boarding school.

The blonde angel laughs at that “An artist and a mystery, just my luck huh?”

“And what are you then? A dancer and an ingénue?” Klaus shoots back trying to remind himself again and again that early admission to Juliard or not, the girl is still underage, but it was proving to be darned difficult to remember the million reasons why he shouldn’t be there buying drinks to an eighteen yearold when she looked at him like that.

so he tells her she is beautiful and they they talk all night, laugh, dance and drink some more untill he decides against his nature to take her home before she or he do something that they might regret in the morning, like sleeping together for example.

it isn’t untill he’s driving away from her parent’s white picket fence suburb, that he realizes he never even asked her name.
it was one night of fun, but he never expects to see her again.

Years later, much later, she shows up at Rebekah’s wedding rehearsal on the arm of the groom and he learns that the bloke marrying his baby sister is in fact her best friend. The blonde angel is no longer a teenager that’s for sure, beautiful as ever in a red cocktail dress sharing a laugh with Rebekah’s soon to be husband and the rest of their mutual friends.

When the night dies down he tries not to look smug as he begins walking to the bar eyes trained on the beautiful woman sitting there sipping a vodka tonic.

“buy you a drink love?” Klaus asks perching himself possesively next to her. she turns around and he can see the way her eyes widen in recognition.

“No thanks, already have one, see” she replies haughty holding up  her glass

.And Klaus smirks to himself because she’s everything he thought she would be as a woman and this time she’s no longer underage.  

Good, he’s always liked to give a little chase anyway.

Meeting #2: Friends till the end

in the next alternate reality they meet as kids, he moves in next door with his family and they become best friends from the start. Caroline introduces Klaus to all her dolls and he shows her how good he is at building stuff with Legos. 

They make it out of Elementary school with only a few scratches despite the fact that Caroline now is the elder sibling of four and constantly has to play the part of being perfect at everything, in contrast being the youngest of his own family makes Klaus’s life quite different from hers.

She envies the freedom he has sometimes, after all he has Finn and Elijah to cover up for him when he messes up, if he’s sick they take care of his chores and if he’s in trouble they bail him out. But who does Caroline have?, certainly not Elena, Katherine or Amara, her three younger sisters, who breeze through life in a happy go lucky path, always assured that if anything happens they can always count Caroline for advice and consolation,  not the other way around, she envies the ease he has around people, knowing that his brothers have already walked ahead of him and made sure his path is safe to walk on, the way he can do what he wishes because nobody ever denies the baby of the family, how he can party and skip school and just be a mess without having to bother about his consequences,  yes Caroline sometimes envies her best friend.

He also envies her freedom sometimes, Caroline has always been the perfect one, highest scores and best behavior, even the mayor looks upon her golden face and sighs with pleasure as if saying “there goes a girl that does everything right”, she is so adult in her personality, so confident even when she makes mistakes, making miracles happen by the cheer force of her will, Klaus is sure that Caroline has never been treated like a worthless child by anyone, never been looked down upon because he doesn’t measure up to someone else, if anything Caroline usually sets the standard by which other girls should measure themselves, he envies how everyone trusts her with everything, projects, the key to the school, money, when he is forever treated like Elijah and Finn’s kid brother, never taken seriously, who has to rely on them to get him out of trouble, unlike Caroline who only needs to smile to inspire trust, yes Klaus envies his best friend sometimes.

yet they still remain best friends, holding on to each other with an almost familiar bond, they end up going to college together and even mayor in the same thing (He mayors in Art History because it will piss off his parents, and Caroline, well Caroline did it just to be near him) growing up into very different adults.

Eventually he impregnates his girlfriend Hayley on a drunken one night stand and she marries his brother Elijah after a very serious and proper courtship, never once confessing their feelings for each other, always wondering in the back of their minds what would have happened “if”
Still they share their lives together as only best of friends would. _______________________________________________________________________________

Meeting #3: Incurable

In the next universe her parents never divorced and she meets him at the hospital, here he is a brilliant Oncologist who gave up his artistic dreams and she is a dancer with terminal cancer, she smiles too much and talks too loud making him laugh whenever she is near.

“But Doctor Mikaelson, I don’t want to be left here in this sucky hospital bed look at the TV channels” his favorite patient complains snorting at the TV “there’s no HBO”

“As I recall Caroline, we had to block it because a certain primadonna was taking bets among the patients on who would be the next to die during Game Of Thrones” Klaus smirked pulling out the stethoscope to listen to her chest, sometimes Caroline Forbes did the most interesting things to keep herself amused

“Can you blame me? They keep killing off people, I still think its Tyron Lannister tough” She watches him lean over her with care brushing his fingers over her skin and damn him and his sexy dimples because if she were healthy she would totally tap that.

“My money is on Joeffrey” Klaus murmurs off handedly wondering if he should mention to Caroline that he can hear her heart accelerating with his stethoscope every time he touches her.

“Aja” Caroline shouts triumphantly making him wince at the sound since he is too close to her “I knew it; you have a thing for gambling too”

“patient Forbes as your doctor I must warn you that too much excitement is bad for you” He said pretending to be serious, Caroline rolled her eyes sticking her tongue out at him “And as your friend” He smirked starting to tickle her making the sound of her giggles bounce on the sterile hospital walls “I am telling you that how I spend my money isn’t any of your business” he grinned as he continued ticking her

“Stop, ha-ha stop, okay I yield, I get it ha-ha oh my gosh stop ticking me”

“Say I’m the best doctor in the world”

“Hahaha okay you ha-ha are the best doctor ha-ha in the world” she giggled not caring that her cancer wig was falling off

“Better than Stefan?” Klaus smirked still ticking the girl

“Yes! Better than doctor Salvatore“ Caroline shouts between laughs, finally Klaus stops his ticking giving her a break "See Doctor Mikaelson you can be fun when you want to be” Caroline points out

Klaus reaches out towards her face to adjust the red wig on her head knowing that she gets self-conscious about her lack of hair, smoothing a tendril behind her ear and not for the first time he wonders what it would be like to kiss her “That’s right, now back to sleep with you love, tomorrow we have chemotherapy again”

“I take it back, you sir are no fun at all” Caroline grins taking his hand and squeezing it.

during those few months he knows her she makes him hope again, she talks about her life in her small hometown and her dreams, tells him he’s the best doctor because he actually seems to care about her, as a person and he gets attached to her.

She is light in a dark world and when she dies, he cries for the first time in his life. _______________________________________________________________________________

Meeting #4: Language Barrier

In another world, he is an only child, raised by his wealthy biological father away from Esther’s abusive marriage and she is an orphan taken in by Giuseppe Salvatore to be raised in Italy with his sons after her mother died saving his life in Mystic Falls.

He has been an alpha male all his life, brought up in the prime of luxury by a man that considered him his prized only heir, and she’s a free spirited country girl that has lived in Tuscany with Stefan and Damon her whole life, with Italy as her only point of reference, the birthplace of the best artwork known to men.

Caroline and Klaus meet by accident in the airport tough, She’s heading home with Stefan after a brief trip to the States to meet Damon’s American fiancée, shinning ex cheerleader Elena Gilbert and he is on his way to Tokyo for a business endeavor when her frantic search for her brother makes her approach him in hopes that he can understand her, it’s funny even, the way she tries her best to communicate with him through sign languages because he doesn’t get a word her rapid-fire Italian.

“Pero signore, mio hermano perdito, tall guy” Caroline tried again mistaking him for someone from the airport office “Stefan perdito, il ser mio traductore” she was getting frantic feeling the tears prick her eyes and shaking them away “Stefan, perdito, eeoh asustada”

“Segniorina, slow, don’t talk so fast, I cannot understand you if you talk so fast” Klaus said in vain trying to appease the blonde girl that had taken the seat next to him, cursing himself for not practicing his Italian more “Slow signiorina, lento” he tried again, Caroline seemed to get his meaning because she nodded and repeated everything she had said over again but slower  “ Okay let me understand, you are looking for your brother yes” he sighed lord he needed to go to Italy more

“Yes, mio hermano, Stefan, tall guy, lots of hair products” Caroline nodded making a motion with her hand lifting it high over her head and mussing up her blonde curls with the other, cursing herself equally for not paying more attention when Stefan tried to teach her English, but honestly it wasn’t like she had ever needed to know the stupid language, she lived in Tuscany for Santa Carolina’s sake, until Damon decided to get engaged to the American tourist, she hadn’t needed to learn anything longer than the basic introductory sentences they taught in high school.

“Your brother’s name is Stefan, he is your translator and you lost him”

“Exactly, traductore means translation en English?” Caroline tried again feeling grateful for the handsome man, at least he was making an effort to help her “Eeoh no parlare Ingles, pero eohh entender” at his quizzical look Caroline tried again “I…no…Speak…English…but…I…understand…English”

“oh well then that is a relief” Klaus sighs very glad that she can at least understand his words, not that speaking to the blonde girl next to him would have been easier had she been able to speak good English, even in English he is sure she would have still baffled him into silence with her straight forward manners “now what do you say if we start looking for your brother now love”

Caroline cocks her head to the side with a puzzled expression then “Eeeoh no ser tuo amore” I am not your love, she says with such a confused tone that he understands her right away, then she reaches over for his hand without thinking and points to his empty ring finger “Eeeohh soy simplemente Caroline” I am simply Caroline she says with a haughty tone

And Klaus lets out a hearty laugh smiling at her offended face “I’m sorry, I really meant no offense, in England calling someone love is just a figure of speech”

“Oh” Caroline blinks “…your..costumbres. .confuse…me” he can see that she is having a hard time with her English but it doesn’t matter, he likes hearing her voice

“My name is Klaus by the way, a pleasure to meet you signiorina Caroline” he offers with his signature wolfish grin and is rewarded by one

“Well then…signior Klaus Grazie…for…helping…me” Caroline replies lifting her eyes to his.

without warning, it’s like the world has stopped turning, because he won’t look away from her blue eyes and she just can’t bring herself to stop looking into his either, he keeps staring at her as tough he is trying to decipher some mystical secret and he will only find the answer if he looks at her closely and Caroline just feels that if he looks away she will be sad for all eternity.

Then he smiles.
And she smiles back.

and for a moment Caroline knows, she just sees it in his eyes, so stupidly stubborn and mischievous at the same time, that this is the moment that Nonna Salvatore was talking about when she sat Caroline down to talk about true love. This is it, because Nonna was right, Caroline “just knows” in her gut, that something wonderful just happened in the universe.

So they do find her brother together in the end after struggling through the airport system like a pair of mismatched lunatics, she with her fresh country girl look and him at her side looking the part of  a sleep deprived business man, living the strangest day ever in that crowded Chicago airport.

he even contemplates cancelling out his appointments in Tokyo, just to remain at her side, but alas, reality calls both of them and like the gentleman he is not, he lets her leave with Stefan once they have found the Salvatore brother.

Still before she leaves, thinking that she might not see him again, she escapes from Stefan’s side, runs back to Klaus with the agility of a ballerina and kisses him with all her might.
it’s a passionate kiss, one that can’t be misinterpreted by language barriers, his mouth responds eagerly to hers like a dying man giving his last breath, tasting heaven in its wake and she kisses like she does everything else, completely, giving him a glimpse into her soul “Goodbye..Klaus” is all Caroline whispers in his ear, giddy with excitement, running back to her older brother and disappearing into the crowd boarding the next plane to Italy.
“Goodbye Love” he whispers back, turning on his heel after her long blond curls are out of sight.

A month later, he visits Tuscany under the pretext of a company expansion, he finds her easy enough, and the name Salvatore, being quite famous and then, he’s at her doorstep.

Caroline opens the door and smiles.

He smiles back.

And despite the fact his Italian is rough at best, and she hates English, they make it work.


Meeting #5: Ending Undecided

 In this life, however, he rides a Motorcycle and she drives a Prius, he is the campus’s delinquent and she is the perfect daughter of the dean of Whitmore University.

Growing up in her father’s household with Bill and his partner Steven instead of at her mother’s side has made Caroline into a lovable but annoying perfectionist and sometimes it’s hard to remember she too is human when as the daughter of the university’s dean she is often being hounded with second hand tasks and requests to pass to her father. she is the perfectly ladylike overachieving princess, a veritable daddy’s girl with her sights set high, in the eyes of dean Bill Forbes there is nothing his darling Caroline can do that’s wrong.

Klaus, well, he’s a heartless jerk, the dreaded middle child in a family with five children he’s staying true to statistics and indulging in all the pleasures life has to offer while his parents are probably too worried chasing after Rebekah and Kol or praising Finn and Elijah to care how he singlehandedly does whatever he wants.

 all his life invisibility has been a beautiful blessing and a curse, these days it feels like all Mikael and Ester remember to do when it comes to him is write his college tuition check at the end of the month and give him a half assed phone call to scold him on whatever shocking story that little gossip of Rebekah has regaled them. Lucky for him it’s his last year in this godforsaken place, one year more in Whitmore and then he’s off to LA.

His parents might have forced him to study Law but he knows he wants to be an artist, his paintings are pretty good actually and once he gets that useless degree he’s going to hit the road and finally do what he wants with his life. The only reason he’s even bothered with going to college is because of Henrik and the promise he made before his kid brother died of leukemia.

these two barely knew each other until an accident of fate (or the vindictive tongue of Hayley Marshall as Klaus likes to point out every time someone asks him) had him caught “In flagrante delicto” vandalizing the campus’s main auditorium with a couple of (*cough* Minions *cough*) friends of his. Lucky for him, dearest big brother Elijah handled the situation with the dean before news of how he almost got expelled with just a number of months to go until graduation reached Mikael and Esther. One sweet word here, one murder threat there and a hefty check issued by Elijah’s company was all it took for Bill Forbes to agree on his brother’s point of view and not expel Klaus.

Sadly his punishment for vandalizing the school turned out to be ten times worse. Because after a week of being dean Forbes’s “secretary” (slash errand boy, slash slave) he was learning that perhaps expulsion wouldn’t have been that bad.

The man was a veritable piece of work…and then he met his daughter.

Caroline Forbes was a fixture in the dean’s office weather he liked it or not, she came and went at all hours, eating, writing, drinking, dancing, reading, asking for money, “dad Steven called says you better take the weekend off” or “Daddy professor Katherine invited me over to her condo can I go pretty please?”, asking for his credit card, his car, the keys to campus’s library.
And the worst part? Bill never told her NO.

This is why Klaus had made it his personal mission to push her buttons every time he saw her, she infuriated him to no end with her very presence so she should suffer he reasoned to himself.  Besides it wasn’t anything big, just comments he knew would irritate her. A simple whistle followed by a “nice skirt” comment usually did the trick. A raised eyebrow in her direction or a muffled “brat” under his breath followed by a smirk on days Caroline seemed specially annoying with her “princess” act was all it took for her to stalk in his direction with a glare and start calling him out on his crap (and on those days when she looked ready to strangle him, he considered his job well done)
Yet sometimes, just sometimes when they were left alone or her father looked away, Caroline would smile to herself a bit…those where good days for Klaus too.

Caroline didn’t know what to make of Klaus Mikaelson, really, ever since her father had taken him on as an errand guy to teach him a lesson, she had been forced to endure his presence in her daddy’s office every single day, he was true to the rumors running around, as handsome as he was a jerk, he just kept muttering things, calling her “self-righteous princess” under his breath and “Brat”, once going as far as to ask about the stick up her ajem nothing, really there where days Caroline contemplated avoiding her daddy’s office altogether just not to see him.

But then Caroline caught small glimpses of someone else when he wasn’t actively trying to annoy her, small things, like watching him sketch people when nobody was looking or when he helped her rearrange Bill’s schedule so he could spend more time with Steven (even when he did it out of his own selfish desire for free time) and the way his eyes would soften when his siblings on occasion bugged him on the phone.

But then again Caroline wasn’t ready to admit she might like him…just a little.

Then her preliminary semester scores came in and Caroline’s world began to hyperventilate rather dramatically.

The thing with Caroline Forbes was that for a hardcore perfectionist, she wasn’t perfect,  sure she aced every subject and had a pretty neat GPA, but she didn’t have an artistic bone in her body (Unless you counted interior design as art, which according to professor Katherine, “was a pity it did not”) Caroline was just so close to getting her degree but she was missing some extra credits on something art related to fill up her “self-expressive extra academic” requirement, normally people filled up that requirement as freshmen when easy credit was easy credit but Caroline had pushed it back time after time and now…now she was screwed.

So Caroline Forbes did what she knew how to do best when in trouble and went running to her Daddy. But sadly the best thing Bill could do for his princess this close to graduation was to talk to her teacher who agreed to let her present an extra credit project and tell her to find a tutor so she could even up her scores.

This was how Klaus ended up teaching Caroline the finer points of postmodern expressionism and helping her create a good enough painting for her last minute art project.

In that dark studio apartment of his, surrounded by the smell of paint and turpentine, while Caroline tried her best to concentrate on the canvas and not the handsome man behind her. While Klaus tried not to lean in and touch her skin with the pretext of guiding her trembling hand, dipping back the paintbrush into the bright blue oils and caressing her fingers to hold it still over her unfinished creation.

Maybe this was why she ended up kissing him, no other reason, he of course kissed back, holding on to her for fear she might run away, but she didn’t she just continued on kissing him and pulling him in and…

“And how does the story end?” Klaus asks looking away from his canvas, gazing at her with pensive eyes. They are outside now, in the lawn outside the star observatory.

“I don’t know” Caroline whispers staring away into the starry sky, her hand finding its way to his, Klaus doesn’t comment on it, just interlaces their fingers “I suppose it ends somewhere amazing, as in orgasmic amazing” Caroline teases, then sobers up “But really Nik, I like to believe, that even if I’d been born somewhere else, made different choices or had different parents” pausing she looks back at him and smiles “I still would have met you”

“Know what love?” he muses warmly, taking her face in his hands, slowly lifting her lips for a kiss “I’d like to believe that too”

Soooo I suppose I could have posted all this separately but really they all were meant to be together since the beginning, my favorite to write was “language barrier” honestly I originally intended for Caroline to be French in that fic but since mio italiano is better than tres francais I went that way, also note that the theme in the first four where those pesky “differences” taboo, difference in age, family upbringing, health problems and language, sometimes just because people seem totally wrong for each other according to society doesn’t mean they can’t make it work. Love ya guys keep shipping and remember the goal “KLAROLINE IS NOT OVER”. And Jade. Happy belated bday.