how a best friend should act


eva reminds me that sometimes what seems like the worst time in your life will turn out to be the best one instead

noora reminds me that it’s ok to not always act according to my moral principles. it’s human not to always be your best self.

vilde reminds me that real friends will forgive you

sana reminds me that there are way more important things than how other people see me

chris reminds me that i need to be that loyal friend standing up for the ones i care for more often

jonas reminds me that real friends will always wait for and listen to you

magnus reminds me that i should take myself a lot less seriously and i will still be a good person

eskild reminds me that real friends will criticize you because they will want you to be a better person

linn reminds me that it’s ok to prefer staying to partying as long as you’re happy with it

isak reminds me that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but the will to do something even though you’re afraid of it

even reminds me that i can live a life with my mental health issues and it can still be a good one

Teruki, I feel, inhabits a character that I haven’t really seen too much of, and find is often amazingly underutilized.

He’s not the explicit comic relief (in this story, that’s a role primarily held by Dimple). No, rather, he’s the inadvertent comic relief.

He’s supposed to be all Cool and Charming and what have you - he’s got the personality for such a role. The former Antagonist turned Rival/Best Friend of the Protagonist, supposedly cool and in control-

And yet, this dude is such a fucking dumbass

His clothes. His hair. The way he acts. How situations end up when he’s in them - the scene with Ritsu in episode 7 most clearly illustrates this.

It’s supposed to be cool and show how he’s changed, and show clearly just how much stronger Teru is than Ritsu. The standoff should end with Teru’s win over Ritsu, if you go by how other shows would have had The Rival facing off against an arrogant opponent.

But the narrative sets the incongruity of Teru’s goddamn Marge Simpson ‘do and how Ritsu finally escapes (not because Ritsu was humiliated…it’s because Teru has to keep his wig from blowing off), against that, and it’s so fucking hilarious.

It’s not just a few jokes at The Rival’s expense as one might expect to see. It’s not just the (changed) antagonist’s annoyance at the Shenanigans of the protagonist.

No, Teruki is the comedic relief you don’t expect, and it’s so fucking fascinating to see.

(Also, the fucking hairflip and Mob’s talking about the Body Improvement Club in the last episode. That just about did me in, I s2g)

It was my fault. I knew how you felt and I knew how I felt, but I acted like I could care less. It’s my first instinct not to show interest because I’m just scared of every little thing that could go wrong. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you when I knew I should have.

Kyungsoo: *internally* Singing is fun. You know what else is fun? Killing your best friend. That doesn’t sound fun at all, Kyungsoo. Well how would you know, all you do is sing and act Kyungsoo! I think Kyungsoo is right. We should branch out our hobbies more. Oh, fuck. Chanyeol stopped talking. He wants you to respond. Say something quick!

Kyungsoo: *out loud* I wasn’t thinking about killing you.

Chanyeol: Awww, thank you!

Kyungsoo: *internally* Nailed it.


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REQUEST: Hey i just read all of your fics hehe and i really like your writing! Can I request a very protective demon!tae fic pls? Doesn’t matter if fluffy or smutty thank you so much x 

GENRE: Demon!au, Supernatural, smut(to come), slight angst, i have to make this fluffy ofcourse

He was never supposed to meet her, but when he did, all he wanted to do was to keep her. 

(PT1/??) - PT2

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Childhood Friends and Adult Foes - A Prompt List

Anonymous said: Ahhhh your prompts are A M A Z I N G. could you do some where the villain becomes the possessive hero’s prisoner?? maybe they were close friends years ago???

Anonymous said: Lol so i loved your prompts of villains taking care of their sick heroes. Could we have heroes taking care of their sick villain? Extra points if the villain is whiny and clingy xd

wanderingmind18 said:Hello! Could you do a prompt where a hero helps an injured/sick villain or vice versa? If that’s already been done, then sorry for asking twice but can you please direct me to it? Thank you so much! Your prompts are always inspirational :)

Anonymous said:more hero and villain childhood friends prompts? 

1) “I promised I’d save you,” the hero said. 
The villain glared up at them, expression edged feral and desperate. “I don’t want your help! I don’t need your help! There’s nothing wrong with me.” 
“They’d kill you if they caught you, after what you’ve done,” the hero said, as if they hadn’t even heard the villain. “So for your own safety, I’m going to keep you here for a while.” They knelt down, looking at earnestly at their enemy, cupping hold of their face. “I wish it didn’t have to be like this.”
“If you wish that - fucking uncuff me!”

2) The hero looked down at the villain, pallid on the bed, bent over and wracked with coughs that hacked through their lungs so hard it made tears spring to their eyes. They couldn’t help reaching out, rubbing their back, fussing over pillows, stroking their hair. They couldn’t help noticing, too, the way that the villain melted into touches with fever-glazed eyes. Docile. Nasty as anything otherwise, when they felt so wretched, but instantly docile at a touch. It would be very wrong to feel powerful. Not proper. And yet - they wished it was that easy to render their enemy harmless normally.

3) “Don’t look at me like that,” the villain rasped. They appeared utterly pitiful - hair lank and greasy, eyes bagged, nose blocked and reddened, shivering with temperature. “Like we’re still friends. We’re not friends. Don’t do this. I don’t need your help!”
“Of course you don’t,” the hero agreed placidly. “This isn’t help, it’s guard duty. You’re no use to us dead.” And if that was a truth, but not the whole truth, they looked away. Tried not to be hopelessly reminded of the young kid they used to know, because oh the villain seemed so much younger like this. 

4) “You forget, I know you.”
“You think-” 
“-I know you,” the hero said, more fiercely now, flatly. “I know how you think, your fears, your dreams, your first crush. I was your best friend. So drop the fucking act and tell me what the hell you’re playing at that or I’m calling your mother.” 
The villain gaped at that. 

5) “How exactly did you manage to wangle getting me into your custody?”
“Save the world once, people will give you anything you want,” the hero said. “Perhaps you should have tried it.”
“Anything in the world you could have and you picked me? I’m flattered,” the villain purred to hide their unease. “Feeling guilty that you didn’t nip me in the bud back when we were kids?”
“Guilty? No,” the hero said. “But you are my responsibility, and you know I take my responsibilities seriously.”
 It sounded rather like a threat and the villain shifted. “Ah, you shouldn’t have. Wouldn’t want to put you out. I’m sure there’s plenty of prisons you could come and visit me in to perform your heroic duties.”
“Plenty of prisons you can escape from, you mean?” The hero tugged them inside. “Nah, I think I’ll keep you. The world doesn’t know what to do with you.”
“But you do?”
The hero smiled. 

Seven Minutes in Heaven // Ten Chittaphon


the prompt: can i pls request a fluffy 7 minutes in heaven au with nct’s ten where both of them are rly shy bc ten is absoulute squish

words: 1746

category: fluff

author note: i kinda only made ten shy so sorry bout that. hope you like this one (im still learning how to write kissing scenes so sorry if it’s not up to par with your expectations haha)

- destinee

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Numb~ Finn Balor Imagine

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Warnings : Cheating

Note : I feel like this needs a part two…

@laochbaineann @hiitsmecharlie @imnoaingeal @thepalaceofmelanie @xbulletclubtrashx @wwe-smutfics @randyortonstattoos 

Finn and you have been together since you two met in Japan, he didn’t become your best friend straight off the bat. No, you two hated each other. You were the first girl to be in the Bullet Club. Things turned out that Finn had feelings for you, he didn’t hate you at all. He just didn’t know how to act around you. You learned everything about him. To his quirks, to the things he hated to the things he liked. 

One thing though you never thought was Finn breaking your heart. 

You were suspicious to why he was always on his phone more often, you should of known from the signs he was giving you. He was always out with someone, coming back smelling like he walked out of a perfume shop.

Always brushing you off about how he was stressing over the little things.He wouldn’t kiss you on the lips anymore or even look at you anymore.

It hurt.

When his phone rang one night while he was in the bathroom, you had to take a look. What was giving him all the attention instead of his girlfriend. You were anxious to find out who he was texting and talking on the phone with. 

The hairs on your arm rose seeing the women’s name “ Rose” on his screen. She had called him. 

Finn had promised you that he would never hurt you in anyway. You believed him that when he said it was only Karl and Gallows texting him. 

You closed your eyes feeling your heart racing and sweat prickling down your forehead. 

He walked out of the bathroom, a towel around his shoulders, he stared at you as you sat on the bed sitting on your knees. Your head turned to look at him and he sees the hurt look on your face. It takes him everything to prepare for what’s about to happen. 

“ Why?” you asked, your voice soft and barley a whisper. 

Finn sat on the edge of the bed, he didn’t know what to say to you.He sighed, closing his eyes. He does care about you but he doesn’t feel the same way he did with you as he first saw you. 

“ I don’t love ya anymore Y/N. But I care about you” He tried to put his hand on your knee but you were having it. It disgusted you to feel his touch on you. His hands were all over her. 

“ Bull” you scoffed. “ Look Y/N, I did love ya but not anymore. Rose and I are-”

“ In love? Ha! I’ve spend years with you and you throw this in my face?” 

“ I’m sorry” he says, you snorted chuckling. 

“ Sorry? That doesn’t fix anything, you hurt me and you promised me that you never would”

“ I don’t know what to say to you”

“ I don’t need this. Fine, you don’t love me anymore. I won’t be here to stick around when your precious Rose breaks your heart” 

Finn watched as you started to pack a bag, he looked down in his lap before looking back at you. 

” I don’t wanna lose ya as friend” He mumbles. 

“ Too bad Balor, I thought you were my happiness and we had a future together”

“ I’m sorry” 

“ Go cry me a river Finn” rolling your eyes, you stormed out of there with your bags leaving him behind to start fresh, hopefully. 


Dating Yoongi would include
- him threatening to break up with you every single day
- “I think we should get couples shirts-”
- “I think we should see other people”
- “Y/n I think we should discuss custody arrangements for the cat after I leave you”
- “We’re at the point in our relationship where I realize we shouldn’t have one”
- Your friends constantly wondering how the two of you ended up together when you’re complete polar opposites
- You being sweet and bubbly 25/8 and him being described as slightly irate on his best days
- But despite him being a grouch he literally does the most elaborate romantic things but acts so pained whenever you gush over him
- For example he set up an entire rooftop picnic fit for tumblr on your birthday and feigned surprise
- “Yah look someone forgot their food hurry let’s eat before they come back”
- “Did you do this?”
- “.. I don’t even like you”
- Yoongis the type of boyfriend to treat u like you’re not all that in public when u guys are alone he gives you the world on a silver platter
- You’re literally the only person who has been able to wake him up from a nap without sustaining any serious injuries
- (That isn’t to say he doesn’t glare at you like he’s trying to set you on fire with sheer will power)
- I imagine him being an extremely temperamental guy, especially when it comes to his music, so it doesn’t help that you’re a sensitive smol bean 99.8 of the time
- He rarely lashes out but sometimes when he’s stressed with comeback schedules and writing it happens
- He hates seeing your expression fall when he gets mad at you over the most minuscule things
- And usually comes to reconcile within the hour
- He’s amazingly awful at apologizing
- You think it has something to do with the fact that he hates saying sorry
- But his apologies are always extremely heartfelt and sincere if not a little painfully awkward
- It usually starts with him getting unnecessarily handsy with you
- Like sneaking up on you in the kitchen and resting his chin on your shoulder while you wash dishes
- His apologies usually consist of “I’m a dick” and then him repeatedly rubbing circles into your hip bones until you relent and turn in his arms
- “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings”
- You two probably started out as friends and progressed from their so there are little to no boundaries between the two of you
- Like that’s good and well sometimes because you can literally go to him for anything; problems with work, spats with friends whatevs u know
- But also it sucks because he’s brutally honest with u like sometimes u just like “damn u really don’t give a shit about my feelings huh 😭”
- But Yoongi only has your best interest at heart so he always tells you the truth even if it’s hard to hear n u appreciate that
- Jealous Yoongi is a sight to behold
- You never intentionally flirt with other guys
- You’re just naturally really nice but everyone reads too deep into that 🙄
- It bugs the living shit out of him because you’re so oblivious
- “You’re really nice to everyone”
- “Thanks Yoongi! I-”
- “That wasn’t a compliment I want you to rid yourself of this weakness”
- He always wants to keep you for himself
- “Taehyungs inviting us to the movies”
- “Taehyung can eat a dick”
- And you’re so confused and are like why r u so grumpy all of a sudden
- And he just lays his head back in your lap and forces your hand back on his hair to massage his scalp
- Literally puts you in a headlock so you won’t leave the bed
- He has the horrible habit of (physically) kicking you off his spot on the couch he hasn’t shaken since u were still just friends
- “Aren’t you supposed to be nice to me now since we’re dating ”
- “That’s not how it works”
- He posts ugly pics of you and captions is it wcw
- Sometimes pulls your hair when you’re making him mad
- Or horny it depends
- You two cycle together so when you have your period Yoongi is also laying on the couch with a hot pad on his belly and a neck pillow while the both of you eat chunky monkey out of the tub in your bath robes
- Yoongi always seems to be around when you’re doing something stupid and he’s in the back sending you judgmental looks
- “You’re the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo bottles”
- Literally bullies u all the time
- “When I said I’d always be there for you I didn’t realize u would be this fucking needy”
- “You don’t mean that”
- “I always mean what I say I may not mean to say it out loud sometimes but I always mean it”
- He can be mean to you but no one else can so when jungkook tries to come for you for being a dork Yoongi just stares at him
- “Jungkook-ah I know ten different ways to hide a body”
- But despite the fact that you always physically drag him out of the house and he lays on top of you so you stop trying to leave the bed you two are the most perfect couple to exist. It really is true when they say opposites attract

A/N: this ended up so long I’m sORRY HOLY COW I LOVE U BF YOONGI. SEND FEEDBACK PLZ. Who’s should I do next ??? :P

Bonus: Did u notice this is kind of a spinoff of Yoongi n Y/N from the unexpected series? BC I love u guys n y'all always ship them lOL my gift to u ❤️

Go Go (See) Power Rangers

Took the kiddo and his friend to see the Power Rangers movie today…it was a lot of fun, and much better than I expected given the 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Unfortunately it was a little too scary for the friend, so I had to miss part of the second half to sit in the hallway and play I Spy with him until he calmed down, at which point he stared solemnly into the middle distance and mused, “I’m not a man of violence.”  Pretty deep for a 2nd grader. 

The main protagonist is the white quarterback-turned-delinquent who eventually becomes the team leader of the Rangers (it’s kind of a Breakfast Club/Power Rangers mashup), but there seemed to be good representation otherwise.  The wlw Ranger seemed too subtle in the part I saw for most kids to catch (e.g., after being asked if she has boyfriend problems, she is asked if she has girlfriend problems, but she doesn’t answer.  She then goes on to talk about how her family thinks she should dress and act differently) but maybe it’s clearer later.

Afterwards, I asked the two kids who their favorite Ranger was.  My son, who is half black and half (Asian) Indian, said he liked the Blue Ranger (Billy), who is black and autistic.  When I asked why, he said because he was smart and loyal.  His friend, who is half Korean and half Mexican, said he liked Zack best because he was funny and Korean like him (I think he’s actually Chinese but I won’t tell).  Yay representation!

Stay (Pt. 2) - Finn Bálor

A/N: You guys wanted a part two? Well, here I give you a part two! PART ONE 

TAGGING:  @daintymissdevitt,  @wwefinnbalorimagines, @the-geekgoddes, @realtrudy, @fangirltrash-25, @thathpchick, @rolleignsinstyles, @50shadesofadamcolebaybay, @iceninekiller-blog-blog, @princess3733, @nickysmum1909, @breezy14fan, @shadow-of-wonder, @ridingmoxley, @sarahfitzz, @wrestlingnoob, @xfirespritex, @balorftmendes, @techno54, @superkixbaybay


Warnings: None!

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“(Y/N), I know this isn’t the best time to talk about this, but…” Finn trailed off, still playing with your hair. You perked your head up off his chest, your eyes surely red and puffy. You looked at him, confused by his words. “What, Finn?” You set yourself up. You truly didn’t want any more bad things happening.

“Where do I even start?” Finn asked himself, heaving out a sigh.

You looked up at Finn with worried eyes. As the seconds ticked by and he continued to stay quiet, you only grew more anxious. You hoped deep inside your core that he wouldn’t be letting you in on bad news. You seriously hoped he wasn’t about to say something had changed with his job. Your mind was racing faster, thoughts that shouldn’t even be there approaching. When Finn stared into your eyes, you knew then you couldn’t read him like you usually could. Finn was an open book with each chapter spread out for your eyes to see. But tonight was different. HIs eyes were glazed over with intensity. His usually glistening blue eyes had shifted colors and were now a dark blue, but they were still just as gorgeous. The sea of blue captivated you, rocking you back and forth as though you were settled on the beach and the waves were crashing towards you. 

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Dancing On My Own

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a one shot to this song for awhile, but the idea I initially had probably would have angered a decent portion of the Rucas fandom.  Then Nat ( @reytonbleyer ) did a beautiful cover to this song, and another idea immediately hit me.  So, this little one shot is dedicated to her and to my birthday girl Augustė ( @hopefulforus ).  

The song is “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott (with a minor lyrical alteration that Nat also did in her cover).

Word Count: 5917

Rating: T

College AU:  Farkle never figured out that Riley was stepping back for Maya; therefore, Farkle never stepped in and made the NYE announcement.  

Angsty. (Are you surprised? haha)

Note: I turned this into a multi-chapter.  This is chapter 1.  The other chapters are below:

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | J | Q | K | A | J |

Riley Matthews hissed as her fingers brushed against the hot curling iron.  She quickly set the device down before she turned on her sink.  As she ran her throbbing fingers through the cold water, she groaned in pain.  “Good going, Riles,” she mumbled as she examined her tender fingers.

She looked up at the mirror as she examined her appearance.  She had about half of her hair left to curl and then she would be done.  She had spent the better part of her day picking out the perfect dress to wear that evening.  Part of her, a bigger part than she would ever admit, didn’t want to go, but she knew that there would be no way out of it.  Besides, it was one of her best friend’s birthdays.  She wasn’t going to miss that for the world, even if it meant another backslide, another night spent staring at something she knew she could never have.

‘Because you lied in 8th grade, and never attempted to tell the truth.’

‘You’re my brother, Lucas,’ she once told him.  Those four words had haunted the brunette for the last seven years—nearly a third of her life.  She thought that she was doing what was best for everyone.  She and Lucas had their chance at a relationship, and it resulted in them not even being able to communicate with one another.  She didn’t want that.  She never wanted that.  He was one of her best friends, and she could never imagine her world without him in it.

At the same time, ever since that 8th grade proclamation, her world with him in it was slowly destroying her.

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Say it again (1/1)

Summary: Trini disliked Kimberly Hart during her first year in Angel Grove.


Trini disliked Kimberly Hart.

The first time Trini saw Kimberly; Kim was wearing her cheer uniform and was pressed against Ty Flemming’s locker, which happens to be just a couple lockers away from Trini’s, making out with him as if her life depended on it.

It was Trini’s first day at the new school, halfway through the first semester when she transferred in. She rolled her eyes at the couple making out, ignoring her presence, she placed her books inside then slammed it close. Her small hands gripping the backpack straps then walking away with her head down low.

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Queenie’s Matchmaking 101 (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by xrobbiexkayx

Request:  Could you pretty please write one where Queenie (probs didn’t spell that correctly) reads both the reader and Newt’s minds and ends up confessing their attraction for one another in front of everyone at dinner? Then the reader and Newt have to leave and end up ranting about how incredibly embarrassing it was until they both stop and realize that it doesn’t matter and they should just act on their feelings. Idk if that’s confusing or not sorry 😅  - Anon

Got a bit carried away again (aka this is actual trash)

You and Newt Scamander were completely in love with each other.  You had been for about two months now, but neither of you said anything about it.  You had first met Newt when your best friend and fellow auror Tina Goldstein told you she needed help on a case involving a bunch of magical creatures loose around New York City.  What she didn’t mention, however, was that the man who owned the magical creatures was flipping A D O R A B L E.  (You also got to witness the sexy mating dance firsthand).

Today, Queenie decided to invite: you, Newt, and Jacob over for dinner.  You all hadn’t seen each other in about two weeks, so everyone was talking and simply catching up with each other as they ate the delicious dinner Queenie had prepared.  

Everything was going great.  The food was amazing, everyone was nice; it was all perfect.  Except for the fact that you and Newt would awkwardly make eye contact every now and then.  Nobody else seemed to notice, but naturally, the legilimen did.  

Queenie read Newt’s mind and let out a happy squeal, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at her.

“Uh, Queenie, what is it?” Tina asked.

Queenie smiled.  “Well, it appears our friend Newt here fancies Y/N!”

Newt blushed the deepest shade of red.  “W-well uh—you se–!”

Queenie interrupted him.  “Oh, honey don’t worry!  Y/N thinks you’re handsome as well,” she said happily after reading your mind.

You dropped your fork causing it to clatter against your plate, and your cheeks turned the same shade of Newt’s entire face.  “Queenie!”

Tina and Jacob sat back and laughed together.  “Well, you two would make an adorable couple!” Jacob said.

You pulled your cloth napkin off of your lap and threw it onto your plate.  You stood up, your chair screeching as it slid against the floor.  “I—uh—ought to be going now.”

Newt followed.  “Er, I should, too.  Can’t leave my creatures alone for much longer.”

Tina raised her eyebrows.  You did too.

You walked over to the front door, grabbing your coat from the coat rack and heading out the door; Newt not too far behind.  You immediately began the walk to the next block where your apartment was.  But, being a nice person, you let Newt catch up with you.

After about three minutes of no words between the two of you, you finally decided to speak up.  “Well. That was interesting.”

“Yes… very much so.”

You groaned.  “Queenie sure does know how to embarrass somebody, doesn’t she?”

He nodded and sighed.  “Well, she can read minds.  I imagine she would use it to her advantage.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Don’t like being embarrassed much, do you?”

You nodded.

“Yes, we have that in common.”

You stopped in your tracks once you arrived at the front of your apartment.  Newt insisted on making sure you got to your apartment safely.  “Screw it,” you mumbled.

Newt stopped too.  “What?”

You turned and grabbed his bow tie, yanking him towards you, crashing your lips onto his. Surprisingly, he reacted immediately as if it were a natural action, bringing his hands down to your waist. You didn’t care you were in public, all that mattered to you right now was that Newt was yours.

Once you both pulled away for air, he rested his forehead against yours.  “I guess we have something to thank Queenie for now, don’t we?” he said grinning.

You laughed.  “Indeed we do, Newt.  Turns out she can use her mind-reading skill to make something wonderful happen, huh?” Newt nodded.  “Hmm, maybe we’ll have to get her a gift of some sort?”

Newt thought for a moment.  “I think snogging in front of her will do.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Winter Soldier Set-Up

Words: 1131
Bucky Barnes X Reader
Request: I’m so in looooove with your Imagines ! I’d also like to request something. You’re Wanda’s best friend and she invites you over to the Avengers compound for the first time. So as you get there you’re immediately lost but a lovely guy finds you and helps you find your way. Bucky. Since then you visit her more often and after a while you’re friends with all Avengers so Wanda, Natasha and Steve decide you bring you and Buck together cause they see how you act with each other and it works ? :) THX<3″ -Anon

[Y/N]! What a pleasant surprise!” Your best friend, Wanda Maximoff, smiled when she caught you hanging around in the kitchen of the Avenger’s compound.

“Sorry, I should have texted you that I was coming over. This place is like my second home now. I wasn’t even thinking.” You apologized.

“No, it’s alright.” She smiled. “Moj dom je tvoj dom; my home is your home. What brings you all this way across town?”

“Bucky texted me and asked if I wanted to see a movie.” You explained.

“Did he now?” Wanda smirked and leaned on kitchen counter island. You rolled your eyes. You knew her well enough by now to know when she was reading too much into something. You and Bucky were just friends. (Much to your disappointment.)

“It’s not like that.” You insisted. “He sees me like his kid sister or something. His nickname for me is literally kid.” You groaned.

“I disagree.” Wanda frowned. “There is a spark between you. Everyone sees it.” Just then, Steve and Natasha came into the kitchen. They smiled at you and Wanda before sharing a look.

“Why do I get the feeling the two of you are conspiring in here?” Nat asked. She walked to the fridge and got herself a water bottle while she waited for an answer.

“This time it is not us.” Wanda argued. “Barnes has invited [Y/N] to watch a movie with him.”

“Really?” Steve raised his eyebrows in surprise. “I asked him if he had any plans today and he said he wasn’t up to anything special.” You shot Wanda a look as if to say ‘I told you so,’ like Steve had just proven your point about being just a friend to Bucky.

“Barnes has always had a soft spot for [Y/N].” Nat said, out loud. You wondered if she remembered you were in the room. “Ever since that day she first came to visit Wanda.”

“I remember this!” Wanda agreed. “You were horribly lost, and Barnes came to your rescue.” She winked at you suggestively.

“Don’t you think you guys are being a bit overdramatic?” You rolled your eyes again. “Cap, you know Bucky better than anyone. Please tell them there is no way he has any romantic interest in me.”

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In six months you’ve taught me more about love than any book i’ve ever read or movie i’ve seen. You taught me that the people we love the most are normally the ones who treat us the worst but it’s too late and we’re knee deep already. You taught me that I need to love myself before I can love anyone else. You taught me that moving on is hard and it sucks but it happens eventually and it always turns out alright. You led me to begin writing about my heartbreak and taught me that through my words I can express everything that I’ve ever wanted to say to you. You taught me that no matter how much you loved someone at one point, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. You taught me what a boyfriend should do and act like and definitely taught me what they shouldn’t. You taught me how to fully trust and then not long after you taught me that I can’t really trust anyone but myself.
And finally, the most worthy lesson of all,
You taught me that some best friends need to leave it at best friends and that’s all.
—  Some things I learnt from you.
Cousin’s bfffffffff (Nick Robinson imagine)

Prompt: You meet your best friend’s cousin, Nick and you two fall in love.
Requested?: Nope, my idea.
Warning: There is mentioned sex, but not with details + my baaaaad english! 
A/N: I totally fell in love with Nick! I knew him for some years now and I saw a lots of movies with him, but the crush started a few days ago, so I think it’s time for some imagines with him! Enjoy. ♥
Also, requests are still open, so if you have some ideas, don’t worry to message me. 

We shall just start with the part how you two actually met. It was a boring day, like any other days and routines in your life. Well, you were with your friend, Jesicca, just hanging with each other and telling stories from your lives to the one another. 
“Well, I just met my cousin. He’s super annoying, super ass and super, super, super dork.” She said and looked at you. 

“What’s his name?” You looked at your blonde best friend and she just shruggled her shoulders. “Nick.” She replied and you nodded. “Okay.” 

When you two came to her house, Nick and his parents were still there and let’s just say that the first impression between you and him wasn’t the best one. 

Well, she were just in shock and you started to laugh hardly. “This is your cousin? Pretty nice one. Hey, sweetie, didn’t you forgot something?” You smirked and gave him a wave. 

“Jesicca!” He looked at your best friend. “You didn’t tell me you’ll bring a girl. Plus, not a bad looking girl, honestly.” 
“Ugh, save it, Nick, she’s out of your league.” 

× × ×

Things went pretty easy. Seeing Nick everyday was kinda annoying, as your friend said. But one part of you liked him and loved to laugh with him. 
One time, you came to Jesicca’s house, but she wasn’t there. Only Nick and his cereals.. well, as always. 

You sat there, in silence, both of you looking at your iPhones, kinda ignoring each other. Then, you chuckled at one of those jokes on facebook pages and he looked at you. “What’s funny?” 
“Nah, nothing.” 
“I wanna know.” He frowned. 
“K, it’s this.” You shoved him your phone but instead of hillarious joke, there was your favorite actor, shirtless. And yeah, Nick frowned again. 
“Oh, that’s not, what I-” You were immediately stopped by his lips on yours. 

“What the hell,  Robinson?!” 

“Whoops.” He bit his lips and smiled at you. 
“Sorry not sorry?” He tried and you sighed. 
“Is this a game for you?” 
“And for you? Showing a shittless guy to boy which has a crush on you?” 
“Awe, that was kinda cliche, but still aww.” You smiled and kissed him again.

× × ×

You and Nick were together for three years. Still, there were some wars, fights, hurting, but still, you were together and you kinda loved each other. In the way that when he had to film a movie, he send you videos or photos everyday, everytime. 

And the way you stole each others food, when you were camping…

And the way he shared your both’s first time with his friends.. (Well, you were pretty mad at him that he told about your first experiences to his friends, but you told to Jesicca, so…)

And also, this was your first time, so yeah… no orgasm, a lot of pain. So he went for advice to only one person which knew you too good. Jesicca.

Or how much he loved your cooking. He always said you’re the best one in cooking. Even better than his mother.

Oh, speaking about parents. He was pretty nervous when he was supposted to met yours. But things went pretty well.

And should I even talk about the fluffy way he acted when you were mad at him?


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Rfa(plus v and saeran) + MC finding out she's pregnant and being super nervous about telling them.


  • Oh boy
  • You guys were so careful, because neither of you felt ready for kids yet.
  • For days, you’re freaking out.
  • Days.
  • Freaking out.
  • FOr DaYS.
  • “Oh god, what if he doesn’t want it?? Should I just get rid of it and save the time??? Oh, but what if he does want it??? That’d be even worse…”
  • After you had time to make your peace and be prepared for whatever he had to say, you gather up the courage to tell him.
  • “Zen, I’m pregnant.”
  • He chokes on his water.
  • “You’rE whAT”
  • “Look, it’s up to you what we do. I’m not sure how I feel but I just thought- Zen?”
  • He’s done choking now and he’s just staring at you.
  • “We have to keep it.”
  • “What.”
  • “We can’t just throw something so… gorgeous away.”
  •  o h b o y


  • You know he’s going to be either super psyched or terrified, and there’s no in-between
  • Of course you have to have to tell him, because you cant hide it forever.
    • But maybe…..
    • No
  • “How the hell do I tell him this?”
  • After rehearsing a couple of lines in your head, you got a bit frustrated and let out a long sigh.
  • “Hey, Honey! I know this is the last thing you expected to hear after work, but I’m pregnant and absolutely horrified and…. Jesus, that was bad.”
  • “YOU’RE WHAT???”
  • You nearly jumped out of your skin holy shit Yoosung when did you get home
  • “MC, you’re going to have a baby?????”
  • “I’m going to be a dad!!!!!!”
  • Yeah and you’re going to have two babies


  • You’re fairly certain that Jumin is not ready to have children.
  • He’s not the best with kids.
  • No offence to him of course, he’s just
  • He just seems so clueless when it comes to kids.
  • Not that you knew much better..
  • Oh my god, you both knew nothing about kids how the hell were you going to do this??????
  • “Hey Jumin, how do you feel about kids?”
  • “Hm? I’m not sure… They’re-”
  • “Jumin, I’m pREGNANT WHAT DO YOU thINk WE ShOuLD DO ABOUT It????”
  • “….pardon?”
  • “I’m pre-”
  • “No, I heard you.”
  • “Then why did you-”
  • “Elizabeth 3rd will be their best friend.”
  • “Okay honey.”


  • Alright.
  • Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright.
  • This is fine. This is okay. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT.
  • You know about how fucked up his parents were, so you’re afraid that he’s going to be scared.
  • Of course there’s also that little part of you that thinks that he might act the way his parents did, but you know he would never.
  • He’s really good with kids though. Like,,,,,, he’s basically an overgrown kid,,,,
  • One night, you’re watching Little Rascals, and he makes a comment like “Oh man, these kids are hilarious!”
  • “So… you… like kids?”
  • “Of course! And kids love me!”
  • “Oh, that’s good….”
  • You guys continue watching the movie, but after thirty seconds he gasps.
  • “Whaaaaaaaat?? Pff, no. No way. Absolutely no. You don’t think I’d tell you if I was pregnant?”
  • You just get a look.
  • Why does MC end up with one more child than she signed up for wtf


  • Y’all ain’t even married yet.
  • Sex before marriage,,,,,,,,, sinful.
  • He sort of wanted kids, but the thought always came after marriage.
  • You end up pacing around the bedroom after you find out. He’s in the living room doing who knows what.
  • “How the hell are we gonna go about this?”
  • “Go about what?”
  • “noThIGN HONEY”
  • “….. okay.”
  • “Should I take care of it…?”
  • “Darling, who are you talking to?”
  • “n o b o d y”
  • You thought that maybe since he couldn’t see you very well, you had more time.
  • You fool.
  • V knows everything.
  • One day, out of the blue,
  • “MC are you pregnant?”
  • “Uh…. Yes…..?”
  • 0:
  • “Oh, that’s great! They can be part of the wedding.”


  • Oh god, neither of you are ready for this….
  • His past + your lack of knowledge in the children department = bad
  • For a few days, you’re freaking o u t.
  • Every time you think about it, you feel like throwing up.
  • He notices your strange behavior, but when he asks about it, he doesn’t get a legit answer.
  • “MC, I accidentally knocked over the waste basket.”
  • OH NO
  • “What is this?”
  • O H N O
  • “That’s um…. Why,,,,, That, my dear Saeran is a pregnancy test.”
  • “I know what it is, I just meant-”
  • He sorta squints at it again.
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “I was scared you’d be upset.”
  • “Upset??? MC, I don’t know anything about babies, but if we work together, I think we’ll be just fine.”
  • “I’m not worried about us. I’m worried about the baby.”
  • “Oh”
Third Wheels (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guysss!! Here’s another kinda long one haha. I only left about four more requests left and I think I should be able to open my requests soon so yayy😄 Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: I’m so in looooove with your Imagines ! I’d also like to request something. You’re Wanda’s best friend and she invites you over to the Avengers compound for the first time. So as you get there you’re immediately lost but a lovely guy finds you and helps you find your way. Bucky. Since then you visit her more often and after a while you’re friends with all Avengers so Wanda, Natasha and Steve decide you bring you and Buck together cause they see how you act with each other and it works ? :) THX<3

“Yes, yes, I’m almost there,” you said on the phone.

“Do you need me to come down and pick you up?” You best friend asked you.

“I’ll be fine, Wanda. I’ll just meet you there,” you replied, stopping in front of a building, looking up to see that you’ve arrived. “I’m here already, see you soon.”

Putting down the phone, you took a deep breath in before entering the building. You weren’t good with being in this kind of places and you weren’t good with new people, especially if the people you were meeting save other people for a living. Why had you allowed Wanda to talk you into this?

Wanda was a part of the Avengers and you were just a simple waitress in a café. The two of you met as she was a regular customer, the café you worked at is usually quiet and slightly empty so you started talking to her, both of you kicking it off pretty well.

Now, all of that led to this moment. She had been pestering you to come visit her ‘workplace’ as she visits yours almost every day, at first you weren’t sure but she managed to convince you, saying that everything would be fine.

You sighed as you entered the lift, staring at the buttons, frowning. Which level was it again?

Scratching your head, you randomly pressed a button to one of the top floors. When you arrived, you stepped out of the lift and looked left and right, both sides of the hallway looking the same.

“Why does this building have to be so damn big?” You muttered to yourself, picking a side and walking, thinking maybe it’ll lead you to somewhere.

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