How Could You? || Jasey & Alexi

Jasey was livid and even that was an understatement. She was mad at herself for taking so long to put it together; she was mad at him for doing something so unbelievably ridiculous; she was just mad.

After two dates died and one guy told her not to call him again in a shaky, scared voice, she knew damn well that Alexi was behind all this bullshit. And she couldn’t believe him. Out of all the shitty things he did to her, this one might have just taken the cake. It was one thing to hurt her, but to attack people because they went on dates with her when he didn’t a want damn thing to do with her? That was crossing a motherfucking line.

She took a portal to the shop and stood a few feet from the counter, glaring daggers at the back of Alexi. “You proud of yourself, Alexi?”