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girl shawn fuckin u while u playing a video game or something like laying on your stomach on the bed then kisses u n like lifts ur hips up to meet his ng slowly takes ur shorts n underwear off n legit just fucking u omg n like he goes gradually faster n harder n u cant focus on the fucking game ur like on the same level for like 10 mins now i mean damn what a CONCEPT fuck


Winchester Family

Saving Cas is the way to Dean’s heart.

He’ll befriend and protect a vampire, even from his own brother.

He’ll thank the King of Hell and mourn his death like a dearly departed friend.

He’ll make you family, a part of the team.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: So in 'The Empire Strikes Back' when Vader just offs Ozzel and promotes Piett like five ranks with barely a glance like how exactly did that work out like did he have to argue with other officers that yes, in fact, Darth Vader /totally/ just made him admiral and compile witnesses and a supporting sound file or is this an event that happens frequently enough that the people who document this shit just roll their eyes and go "He fucking did it again, guys" and curse under their breaths because they just got another load of fucking paperwork to deal with another dead fucking admiral and another pile of ranks to give some random asshole and it wasn't even clarified whether he was a rear admiral or an admiral admiral so they'll just have to fucking figure that out, too, then or-

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol

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How did u get back the url? I'm just curious cause u said u couldn't get it back at first?

okay so, I accidentally deleted my account with a certain email address, and in a panic to create a new one I used an email address I don’t have access to anymore, so I deleted that account and made this one with my old email address


tumblr keeps your URL for 24 hours, so I waited 24 hours but it still wouldn’t let me, so I emailed them and was like hey yo what’s happening and they were like oh it’s a glitch on our end and then fixed it


- Ukrainian/Polish Proverb

you know, I just realized what bothers me so much about even just the thought of jon kneeling, of giving the north to dany

it’s not the bad writing or the forced romance; it’s not even that sansa would be hated and ridiculed for such a decision, even though she would be

it’s that sansa went through everything for the dream of home - of the north. She was abused and tormented and tortured, physically and emotionally, and all she wanted was to go home

she was told over and over and over that her sole purpose, from the moment her father died, was to be the way another gained entry into the north

that she was just a tool to be used, for someone else to control her home

and here’s jon, giving it to someone. Giving away her home, her freedom, her safety

everything she’s worked for, every soldier she’s welcomed into her home for him; every northern lord she’s convinced to follow jon in his absence; every fire she’s put out, literally and figuratively; every time she’s refused to crown, because it belongs to jon

and he just gives it away

more than that, Robb died trying to free the north from the south; catelyn died trying to free the north from the south. Their blood runs through the country; their sacrifice made it possible for the north to be it’s own, independent kingdom

and there’s jon, just giving it away


Here they are!! ….i bet Crusty Rusty told DM to change the pics because its obvious how miserable he looked in the pics of the first article, he doesnt look any less misterable in the edited article with new pics but he still isnt holding her hand properly AND he looks uncomfortable af

Thanks - I hadn’t seen either of the Daily Mail headlines. Here it is for those who didn’t see them either.

The worst thing about Sam saying “at least you [Dean] had a relationship with mom” is that Dean’s relationship with Mary last season SUCKED! and caused Dean nothing, but pain. Dean kept reaching out to Mary and getting shot down or ignored. She almost never answered his calls or texts. Brainwashed!Mary ignored Dean until he started talking about Sam. And Sam noticed none of those things. He doesn’t pay attention to Dean at all, but he still wants to act like an expert on Dean’s life. Thanks! I hate it.



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