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shepard comparisons (me1 vs me2/3)


Kaiba and Joey 

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❝ um-. ❞ carina’s hand halts the other’s just before it’s able to go beneath her shirt. the brunette clears her throat, shifting back slightly as she speaks. ❝ it’s not that i don’t want to it’s just that-… ❞ ( she’s too embarrassed to even say it. ) ❝ we can turn the lights off, or something, if you want. ❞

like idk how to even categorize it like….. within the moment it was happening it was me as an aro/ace girl failing to properly perform heterosexuality which resulted in feeling A LOT of pressure to do things i wasnt comfortable with and honestly it started at the very first date where i was holding hands when i didnt want to and kissing w tongue when i didnt want to bc i was ‘supposed’ to and i didnt want to make them feel bad and then it evolved into Other Things, some of which i was into some of which i was not which just made it more confusing, but i still wasnt feeling that romantic connection or sexual attraction that i was supposed to. and now that im out as grey-gay nonbinary and shes out as a gay trans woman idk how to contextualize that experience. like clearly im not trying to say she was ‘oppressing’ me but like its not just a case of interpersonal bullshit either, its an entire culture of sexual expectation thats placed upon everyone, and it really fucks w u when ur not living up to that expectation and you dont know why, you dont know whats wrong with you and you feel fundamentally broken

anyway i first learned abt asexuality from fucking tvtropes and it blew my damn mind


Tom Hiddleston explains why Loki wasn’t in Avengers: Age of Ultron

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closes eyes…i’m forever in sports hell and there is no escape