things my mom said in the Taco Bell drive through

“The stoners, Jess.”

“There are pants over there. That can’t be good.”

“I’m stuck in this god damn drive through so you’d better entertain me”

“I have no idea why it’s that big… *realizes what she said* *snorts* and that’s what everybody said.”

“If you keep recording everything I say you’re gonna need a whole new blog.”

“I’m trying really hard not to get mad about how much of a fuckhead the guy in front of me is. Obviously I’m not doing a very good job because I just said that, but then again maybe I AM doing a good job because I’m not actively flipping him off through my windshield.”


Do you want to learn how to make a gif or change hair colors in photoshop? I just made a youtube channel with tutorials! It’s actually for school so I’d love to get some feedback in the comments! Ideas for what tutorial I should make next would be great too! 

Changing hair colors: Making a gif:

Sliding Rock, Cashiers NC

The rocks are slippery with moss and allow people to slide to the bottom effortlessly. But in the middle of the rock are these holes that have no apparent bottom. You slide into them and can feel the walls around you go down, but no matter how far down you go you can’t reach the bottom. It’s really weird. Definitely a @sixpenceee level of weird.

How the signs say “I love you”

Aries: “What are you doing it’s freezing out there, wear a jacket!”

Taurus: *has literally only been two hours* “Wow I’ve missed you so much!”

Gemini: “I wouldn’t want you getting hurt”

Cancer: *is absolutely exhausted* “What?  No I’m not tired at all!  Of course we can talk”

Leo: “Can you keep a secret?”

Virgo:”Please take care of yourself”

Libra: “No it’s fine, I really don’t mind”

Scorpio: “I love you”

Sagittarius: “Don’t do anything stupid”

Capricorn: “Why so I associate myself with you”

Aquarius: “Do you think aliens are real?”

Pisces: “Please be safe, don’t hurt yourself!”