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Have you thought about doing a mermaid that’s some type of whale? Maybe a humpback? I really love all of your other designs too, especially the alligator one!! They’re so different and stunning!!

usually not until people suggest it haha in particular for whale merms : 0 and awh thank you! glad you like them ^    ^

Our clothes were off in a second. “You’re not with me because you’re angry with Chiara?”
“Why am I angry with Chiara?”
“Because of him.”
I shook my head, feigning a puzzled look meant to show that I couldn’t begin to guess where she’d fished such a notion from.

@ellementary-education committed an incredibly egregious sin!

an utterly irredeemable, magnificent sin

if you meet this creature in your nightmares, it means you or a loved one will die within 4 weeks, of an unexpected and inexplicable illness. the autopsy results will be inconclusive. 


Guys look at this scene!!

Don’t this remind you of something?


I just. Can’t. What are words. How can they convey the majesty of this.

The fact that Atsushi returned Dazai’s words back at Dazai, reminding him of how impactful Dazai’s words are to him at that time. Reminding Dazai that Yokohama is also his city and they protected it together with their own ways. The way it was sunset when Dazai told Atsushi this, while Atsushi said this words to Dazai at dawn. How genuine and soft their smiles are directed at each other.

Words failed me. Just. Let me go to hug my laptop and cry from this amazing moment the animators gave us.