As @huntertale-au stated, he’s going to delete the reblogs from his blog. I personally did the same since I no longer see why should I keep this up when the issue is solved and surely learnt by all the ones that had the same behavior.

I won’t force you to do the same, but if you’re considering about deleting the reblog as well, it will be appreciated ! I just want to keep this sweetheart safe since I know them and really like them. It just happened to fall on them at the most critical moment… And it really saddened me.

With that said, I hope no one will ever bug Hunter with that kind of stuff !! Take care my darlings !

I don’t even

It’s probably not going to be appropriate to mention follower counts much longer, but holy christ, there have been almost a hundred more within the week and it’s closing in on 400. There are asks and random pms, and snapchat requests, and it’s delightfully absurd. I’M BEING CALLED DADDY BY STRANGERS. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the attention, and it’s also been forever since I felt like I had actual friends in a fandom. So, sd;fkjskdf;j, thanks for being around, having such great blogs, and sending so many sweet (and emphatic!) words of encouragement my way when you never had to. I didn’t start off having confidence that I’d follow through with all the ins and outs of this cosplay – and there are so many others cosplaying J right now, it seemed so easy to get lost in the tide, to not be able to keep up because I’m a girl. But you guys awakened my passion, helped build onto the story of this persona, and made me want to try and give him back to you. I hope that that’s what I’m doing and can do even better once things start rollin’~!


Sliding Rock, Cashiers NC

The rocks are slippery with moss and allow people to slide to the bottom effortlessly. But in the middle of the rock are these holes that have no apparent bottom. You slide into them and can feel the walls around you go down, but no matter how far down you go you can’t reach the bottom. It’s really weird. Definitely a @sixpenceee level of weird.