Portrait of a Veiled Woman with Pearls
Hovsep Pushman (Armenian/American, 1877-1966)
Framed oil on canvas
14” x 9”

Hovsep Pushman was born Hovsep Pushminian in Tigranakert (Silvan) now present-day Turkey. Pushman showed artistic ability early, and at age 11 was the youngest student ever admitted to Istanbul’s Imperial School of Fine Arts. However, continual political persecutions suffered by the Armenians under Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamed, forced the Pushman family (Hovsep, his parents and siblings) to emigrate to the United States in 1896. They settled in Chicago and became United States Citizens. Pushman entered classes at the Smith Academy, where at the unprecedented age of 17, he also began to teach. He was known for his contemplative still lifes and portraits of women, often in exotic dress.