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Link/My Dick(Epona)

Hello @vagabondssweetass senpai I know it’s u

I’m gonna take this and run a it fight me


The man behind the counter froze, the saddle and bridle hovering awkwardly over the counter where Link wasn’t sure if he should take it or not. The man blinked a few times, staring at Link like he had multiple heads.

Shit, did he forget to take off the Lizalfos Mask again?

“A…are you sure you want to name your horse…… that?”



Link grinned and nodded, sliding the piece of paper he’d filled out further across the counter. The man eyed it again before very hesitantly handing over the saddle and bridle.

“A…alright, then. Take g-good care of… My… Dick.”

Link smiled brightly and nodded, mentally snickering at the joke as he placed the saddle and bridle onto his new steed.

A kid standing near by busted out laughing. “Are you going to ride your dick into the sunset, mister?!”

Another kid snickered. “No, it’s name is MY dick!” He corrected. Immediately a woman - likely their mother - ran over and began scolding them, glaring at Link as she led them away.

Even a noble knight has to have a little fun sometimes.

He couldn’t wait to introduce My Dick, his noble steed, to Zelda.


Note: Since a lot of people seem to have trouble accessing my masterlist, I’ve replaced the original page with a rebloggable version. Hopefully, this solves everyone’s issues with trying to find things on my blog :)

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  • Raising Pulses: In which there’s a hospital with too many young and good looking doctors.  

        - Sehun: Part 1      


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Royal Roles in Barbie movies: updated

I recreated my list as a webpage I can update more easily! There haven’t been too many new characters to add since the original post, but I also rearranged it a bit and added/removed characters. If you click the link, by hovering over the cards you’ll also find captions on most of the characters explaining the choice. It doesn’t yet have a breakdown of the different groups in each movie era, but you can still find that in the original post.

Since I have got some non-roleplay blogs following....

Here is a friendly PSA for the non-roleplay blogs following me!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am the player behind this Israphel Elyos Assassin, Aoibara! You can just call me Ao or Aoi. Its a pleasure to see you guys following me and I hope you enjoy what pops up on your dash.

Just for the quick heads up information, this is a roleplay blog so it means

  • Most important heads up is that I won’t be following back non roleplay blogs because I want my dash roleplay oriented. Please understand it does not mean I don’t care about you.
  • I will be interacting in-character with other roleplay blogs, Aion related or from a wholly different fandom.
  • This blog will mostly be about my assassin, Uranami. More details about his character can be viewed on one of the star links next to my character which hovers over saying ‘Enter the Oblivion’ or you can go on mobile and click on the mobile link for his about.
  • So this means there will be headcanon posts, drabbles about his adventures, him just simply making an in character post about something and reblogging pics of him and his faceclaim, Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts ( The character used to portray him in the roleplay threads as I am too lazy to draw all his expressions lol ).
  • And of course, there will be out of character posts. Usually signified by the tag ;out of venom: the officer speaks and usually with my out of character faceclaim Kobato Hanato from Kobato or Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg from 07-GHOST

I do however have some rules which I humbly request to be read or even just skimmed over to keep the ebb and flow of peace. Though most of the rules are mostly for roleplay, I do have a section specifically for non-roleplayers so I would be happy if that is given a read or a skim!

To put it simply….

  • Yes you can send asks to me or the character! I am more than happy to have questions about Aion, life suggestions, or other matters answered! And yes I will be so happy to answer questions about Uranami or even just poke fun at him!
  • You can send a tumblr IM to me! But the IM is only for OOC talk! No IC questions to the IM! Its fun to have more people as friends.
  • Don’t reblog my roleplaying threads or open starters! It kinda messes up the activity and see who has replied to my thread so I request you refrain from doing this.
  • However, you are OK to reblog quotes, pictures, and anything which aren’t threads!
  • Don’t start drama. Nuff said.
  • You are welcome to send criticism about my character. I am more than happy to do anything to improve my character.
  • For the full set of rules, hover over the star and click the one which says ‘Oath’ or go on mobile and click on the link which says rules!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your time seeing stuff on my blog!


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Hey hey hey!! Do you have code names for each of your ships? Just curious.

Hello friend! Omg boy do I. 

The way I tag pairings on my blog are the code names I guess you could say. Here are a few of my names for ships:

Salted Caramel - DaiSuga

Hurricane Sarcasm - KageHina

Pride Rock - KuroKen

Zoo Keepers - BokuAka

Sweet and Sour - IwaiOi

Shooting Stars - TsukiYama

Here is a link to my pairing tag page if you’d like to see the rest: Ships. I have a code name for every ship and even a code name for every individual Character actually. 

All you have to do is hover over each pairing link to see what the name is or you can click and see every post I’ve shared for that pairing! <3

Thank you so much for your question this was cute :)

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Hey there! If nobody's beaten me to it, I would like to app Magnus Burnsides from The Adventure Zone please! Today is 3/22 and the app link is there if you hover over the sidebar picture, thanks!

Welcome to the Hive, Magnus!

You’ll be housed in apartment m-4.

You’ll be given a wooden axe.

Enjoy your stay!

— mod o12

Redirected Links Issue

It has been brought to my attention that my blog - for some unknown reason - has started to have some redirect linking issues. I played around with some of my links, and have figured out a few ways to get the links to work. 

NOTE: The links work fine on the dashboard, but on the blog itself, they don’t. 

First Solution: If you have a mouse that has a scroll button (middle scrolly thingy), hover over the link and click once. It should open a new window and bring you straight to the redirected site. 

Second Solution: You can right-click the link and click “Open New Tab.” It should bring you to the redirected site as well. 

Third Solution: If you do happen to click the link, and it brings you to a Tumblr Error page, follow these steps: 

Adding custom cursors to your blogs

This is for ppl who received custom cursors from me and don’t know how to add them.. or ppl who want to use their own

Go to your blog and click EDIT THEME, then click EDIT HTML

Copy and paste the following onto a new line at the top:

<style> html { cursor:url( ), auto }
  a, a:hover{ cursor:url( ), auto }

Put the image URL into the parentheses. (can be png)

The a, a:hover cursor is what the cursor changes to when you hover over a link. If you don’t have a second version of your custom cursor then you can remove it that line.

First Time

Prompts: Can u do a imagine about liam’s first time w/ the reader? Love ur blog

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Triggers: smut

Note: For my followers that are girls this is your friendly reminder that you first time is NOT supposed to hurt! Ever! Your hymen doesn’t break, it only stretches and do not let a boy/girl tell you that it is supposed to hurt. They are lying. 

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