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tauburn  asked:

remember when you had it so when you hovered over your sidebar image on one of your themes it'd play "Konnichiwa. Steven Spielberg-desu."

the moment i saw this three second clip i knew i had to utilize it somehow (also worth noting: the triumphant music playing in the background really ties it together i think)

Think Twice, Post Once

This is something that almost nobody, it seems, is capable of, on Social Media. My “Yahoo News” headlines today, had a story about Piers Morgan, a well-known Professional Ass, in England. He decided to troll Ariana Grande. Now, I didn’t even know who she was, until the terror attack at her concert in Manchester. But in the course of reading news stories about that vile tragedy, I got the impression that she is (as pop stars go) a very sweet, decent one who treats her fans well, and is not particularly sluttish.

So, what did Morgan find to criticise? The fact that she “didn’t stick around to ‘comfort’ her fans in the hospital, but ‘ran away’ back to the US.” Well, it’s clear to me that the poor girl was driven into a classic No-Win-On-The-Internet situation, forced on her by events entirely outside her control. Because, the mindset of the average TROLL like Morgan, is that Other People Can Do No Right.

So, we can easily infer that if Ms. Grande had stuck around, and made some visits to hospitals to comfort her injured fans, the Trollish torch-and-pitchfork set (no doubt led by Morgan) would have come out in droves, to attack her for “using injured victims to self-promote and try to make herself look good”. If you read the news, and if you read those “comment sections” at the bottom of online news articles, you know that’s exactly the line of attack Morgan and his ilk would have taken.

But Ms. Grande did not thrust herself (a stranger, after all, not a friend, not a family member) into the midst of others’ tragedy, their extremity. She had the good taste (a concept now almost as extinct as the dodo) to not put injured people, or their grieving kindred, in the position of having to figure out how to also interact with a Famous Person Who Doesn’t Even Know Them. So, for giving people their privacy, for not interjecting herself into the midst of others’ distress, she has been damned as being, somehow, selfish.

Morgan also, absurdly, compared Ms. Grande’s decision to fly home, with the decision of Queen Elizabeth, to go and offer Official Comfort. The absurdity of comparing those two, is almost too egregious to even require comment. But, what the heck, it’s the Internet, so I will. “Comforting the Nation” is the Queen’s JOB. It’s pretty much her only job. It’s the main thing the nation pays her to do. She’s been doing it (like her father before her) since at least World War 2. If there is any non-family member that the average British person will perceive as “practically family” and be okay with having turn up at their bedside, it’s QE2, who is by now, Everybody’s Wonderful Old Great-Granny.

There are plenty of other points that can be made, about Piers Morgan leading the Charge of Trolls. For instance: how does he know that she was not, in fact, advised to leave the UK as quickly as possible, by law enforcement and anti-terror experts? They may have been justifiably concerned that she was the actual target. They may have felt that having to assign security to protect a foreign celebrity, would be a waste of valuable resources, much better used in making a (belated) effort to track down and neutralise others planning similar attacks. They may have felt that if she was the target, anywhere else she went in the country (including, dreadful as it is to think, hospitals) would be put at even higher risk. I’m sure that anti-terror decision makers don’t run their ideas past Piers Morgan to first get his viewpoint.

And after all, how does Morgan know that Ms. Grande herself was not suffering from PTSD? “Survivor’s remorse” is real, and can be emotionally devastating. If she feels convinced that this attack was actually meant for herself (or even, was inspired by her show in some way), she must be grief-stricken at the thought that it actually harmed so many innocent bystanders - but not herself. Grief of that sort takes time to process.

Just one more thing. A couple days ago, when there was an announcement that Ms. Grande is now planning to put on a fundraising concert to help the victims, my mouse inadvertently hovered over that sidebar, and brought up a random comment by one of the rank-and-file trolls. That guy (anonymous, naturally) was moved to verbally attack the girl, for “wanting to make her fans pay to help the victims” instead of “paying for them herself”. See what idiots these people are? In the first place, she can’t possibly be rich enough to meet all the needs that all the injured, the permanently disabled, the orphaned, and the widowed, have now, and will have in future. But a benefit concert done right (say, as live-feed, to encourage donations worldwide), can bring in far more than she could provide as a single person.

But for a troll sitting in his little darkened room, arousing himself by the repetitive, wanking act of spewing hate, nobody but himself ever does anything right, ever can do right. The whole world is wrong, but him. Ah well. We can’t get rid of them all, but maybe the UK will finally feel it’s had enough of Piers Morgan, and bury him, forthwith, in oblivion.





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