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Angel Boy

confession: I havent a clue what this is heheh

Pairing: Suga (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff but smutty intentions

Length: 926 words

Warnings: n/a

Originally posted by jinkooks

“So,” you began, pulling your seatbelt over your torso. “What did you think of the movie?” You heard the ignition start as Yoongi pulled out of the parking lot steadily, hand firmly on the gears. You couldn’t help but notice the veins pulse against his manly hands, and gulped.

“It was good,” Yoongi replied, checking his wing mirror. He turned to you. “But it was even better seeing it with you.” He flashed you a grin before returning his focus to finding the exit.

You blushed at his reply, and had to hide your smile. “Do you mind if I choose the music?” you asked, fingers hovering over the music player.

“Go ahead.” Yoongi turned onto the main road and changed gears.

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girlintheshire  asked:

So I really love that little music play list icon on your theme and how it's all off to the side and only comes up if you hover on it! I was wondering if you have a code for it/know of a tutorial/are willing to give tips on something similar. I love the idea of having a playlist on my theme but haven't figured out how I want to style it yet and then I came across your lovely little blog. Also, I checked and couldn't find any like questions under your help tag. Thanks for your time! <3

I’m sorry I’m replying to this so late; I was gone away for a while and didn’t have my laptop with me so yeah I hope you haven’t been waiting long for this

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