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Lou stared out the window in thought. This would be the last time she would watch the city below her and it saddened her. As much as she pretended to dislike San Francisco, it had grown on her. It was always full of life and she would miss seeing the shuttles approach Starfleet Command across the bay and the long procession of flitters in rush hour traffic light up the streets below, like moving decorations in the night. The food, she would miss all of that too, though replicators would ease those cravings. She was angry when she had to move from London too, but at least the move was to somewhere on the same planet. This move was different and not one she knew she would enjoy. It felt like her life was coming to an end, as dramatic as that sounded. How would she even make friends on that world? It was so difficult to imagine…she didn’t want to even try…..

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FWB| Theo Raeken

Requsted by @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses :
“Heey hun! First of all I love your blog! I have a request. Would u like to write a Theo Raeken imagine Where he and the reader are friends with benefits and one of them falls in love with the other? The end is up to u. Like idk… sorry if this is weird or too much or something. Also, sorry for my English it isn’t my first language(I am from the Netherlands). Have a great day, or night!💗”
Thank you for requesting honey. Hope you like it.
I messed it up a little bit, sorry. ALSO I JUST HIT 200 FOLLOWERS AND I AM SO HAPPY.
Feedbacks are always appreciated.
Sorry for the bad English it’s not my first language.


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Originally posted by eggstiles

You opened your eyes slowly, hardly adjusting at the light. You groaned and passed a hand on your face. The alarm on Theo’s night stand indicated that it was way too early for you to be up but the sun prevented you from falling asleep.

You turned around, finding Theo’s face just inches away from yours. He was sleeping peacefully, his face completely relaxed and his breath slow. The sun shone his hair, making some locks lighter. You dipped a hand in his hair, letting the soft locks brush against your fingers.

Smiling softly, you looked at him, as you remembered how you got yourself in this situation.

You walked in Scott’s house. The loud music made the floor lightly shake. You were about to leave when a familiar voice stopped you.
Theo was standing in front of you, the usual smirk in his face.
“Are you leaving already?”
“I don’t like parties,” you screamed to hover the music.
Theo smirked once again.
“Do you think you could do an exception just for me?”
You grinned at Theo and grabbed his drink and sipped it.
“Only if you bring me of these.”
Theo chuckled and went to grab you another drink.

The party was over and you hugged Scott and went to grab your stuff when Theo stopped you.
“I’m giving you a lift, a girl shouldn’t walk alone at night.”
Before you could protest, Theo grabbed your hand and dragged you towards his car.
He opened the door for you and gestured for you to enter.
“Feeling gallant today, Raeken?”
Theo walked to his side and jumped in the car.
“I can’t help it when there’s a beautiful damsel in my car.”
Theo winked and you rolled your eyes at him, trying to hide the smile on your face.
Theo pulled over in front of your house.
You looked at him, feeling a strange electricity run between the two of you.
In a blink of an eye, Theo’s lips were on yours and the car was locked.

Theo suppressed a growl that was about to escape from his mouth. He watched you laugh at one of Scott’s stupid jokes and he was fuming. He was the one supposed to make you laugh like that, he was the supposed to be that close to you.
He got up fastly and grabbed your arm. Theo dragged you in the other room and closed the door.

“What the fuck were you doing?”
You furrowed your eyebrows, confused.
“Excuse me, what?”
“What were you doing with Scott? You were too close to him and you were laughing way too much.”
Something clicked in your brain and you laughed. Theo was looking at you like he was about to eat you alive.
“Are you jealous?”
Your gaze became softer and you took his hand in yours.
“Look you don’t have to worry about Scott, I’m interested in somebody else.”
If Theo looked angry before now he was mad.
“Who is it?”
“You. Since the first time I saw you.”
Theo relaxed, his expression telling you how surprised he was.
“I should have told you that I loved you that night.”
You smiled and took his face in your hands.
“Shut up and kiss me.”


Who Knew Mr. Holmes Was Such A Cliché?

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [MALE] Reader x Sherlock Holmes + John Watson, Mrs. Hudson & Mary Morstan

Warnings: none

Request: “might be super specific but. can you write a one-shot where you’re the man that lives in 221C, and john and sherlock don’t really know you because you’re kind of a shut in. You work as a music teacher, and after John and Mary tie the knot, she’s over at 221B and finally decides to investigate into who you are and tries to set you up with Sherlock. male pronouns if i didn’t do a good job making that known. Thank you!” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,962

A/N: oh i love this !!! and to you and everyone in general: don’t worry about being specific, honestly the more specific the better for me because it helps me structure the story more !! anyway, hope you like it !

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One Big Chance Encounter

Title: One Big Chance Encounter
Fandom: Endless Summer
For round 8 of #ChoicesCreates, hosted by @hollyashton​ and @firefly-hwufanficwriter​.  This week’s prompt is: Friendship!
Word Count: 867

Summary: On one of their quieter nights, the La Huerta gang decides to take a look back at how mundane their lives were just only a few weeks ago.  


Pop music blared from the speakers, the heavy beat invigorating the muscles of every student tearing up the dance floor, letting loose one last time before the end of the term.  

An incredibly loud shout stood out among the masses.  “I LOOOVE COLLEGE!” Craig yelled, to no one in particular, before chugging his entire pitcher of beer.  

A distant “CHEERS TO THAT!” is heard amidst all the noise, coming from a frat boy in flannel, repping his Sigma Chi gear at the club.  Several other cheers followed Craig’s toast, each and every one of them feeling a wave of euphoria as the end is near.    

Not so far away, Michelle ran her hand through her hair as she twirled across the dance floor, her movements mesmerizing everyone she glided past. She couldn’t help but soak it all in, right before she landed safely in her boyfriend’s arms.  Sean’s chest pressed against her back, his arms wrapped around her waist…their bodies swayed together in sync with the music.  

By the bar, a certain redhead leaned against the edge, sipping a cocktail a random young man offered her.  Quinn giggled at everything he’s saying, but not because everything that came out of his mouth was even remotely funny.  Instead, she laughed because her mind had drifted away for quite a while now, and as unfocused and intoxicated as she is, she could think of no other response. She had her attention fixated on a lady she saw from the corner of her eye, dancing in a lacy red bodysuit and high-waist black shorts.  

Taylor was the epitome of perfect tonight.  Her outfit hugged her curves in all the right places, and as humble a person she usually is, she knew she looked good.  With her confidence soaring especially high tonight, she closed her eyes and escaped into a trance, absorbing the music that flowed into her ears and swayed her body for her.  Despite having several men and women approaching her to ask for a dance, she turned them all down tonight, explaining that she’s here with her best friend, and only wanted to be with best friend.

Diego rolled his eyes every time he saw Taylor reject another person, their eyes always so full of lust as they entered his best friend’s aura.  He leaned into Taylor, shouting against the music blasting from all corners, “Go get laid, for Christ’s sake!  I’ll be fine by myself.”

“No!” Taylor shouted back into his ear, “I’d rather hang out with you.  Besides,” She winked, “I have all week in La Huerta to do whatever I want.”  She took his hand and raised it above her, spinning and twirling until she lost some sense of the reality she’s in.  

Blocks away, there sat three lone wolves.  

On a Friday night, furious tapping can be heard in one student’s dimly lit room. Zahra sat on her bed, mattress dented from the countless hours she’s spent in that spot, coding to her heart’s desire.  Three years ago, there used to be a presence beside her, whom she misses geeking out with, but she would bet all of her possessions that right now he’s out there somewhere, losing his mind over some shitty beer and more shitty pop music.  

Aleister hovered over his own desktop, furiously tapping away at the letters on his keyboard.  He was overcome with emotion, when he found out his father, his very own father, not only did not invite him to his island destination, but instead selected ten random students from his very own college.  It was sick.  His father is sick.  His island is sick.  Aleister felt sick, sick to his stomach.

Silence filled the school gym.  The only exception was the panting, which echoed along the walls each time Estela’s fists collided against the punching bag hung in front of her.  As the countdown until she sets foot on La Huerta sand comes closer by the second, there is no time to waste.  Nobody knows her plans – not even her own uncle – but what she plans to do will wreck havoc among everything remotely connected to her.

A little further away from everybody else, somewhere on the other side of town, Grace once again wrapped up another plate of dinner to be stored in the fridge. There were leftovers stacked on top of leftovers on top of leftovers…she heaved a heavy sigh and wished for the impossible: Is it too much to ask for one’s own mother to acknowledge their child for once in their life?


“Wow,” Jake snorts upon hearing the kids recalling where they all were, exactly two weeks before they trapped themselves on the island.  “Funny how that worked out, huh?  It’s almost like you’re all destined to be one big, dysfunctional family. Like ‘Friends’, except more fucked up and raging with hormones flying everywhere.”

The college students blink away from their memories, their gaze diverting from the bonfire in front of them to their fellow classmates sitting around the crackling flames. The pilot had a point:  All their ambitions, histories, and secrets tied them together, some admittedly crossing paths more often than others.  Was this really one gigantic chance encounter, bringing them all together once and for all, or are they destined for a mission, a future, grander than anything their scholarly minds can imagine?  

Chapter 23

    Dick is standing in a room full of candles and lilies, all that’s missing is you. After a short amount of time you stand at the door to the room Dick is waiting for you in. Taking a deep breath, you open the door and walk into the candle lit room. You slowly begin to turn in circles as you reach the middle of the room. “Richard? What’s going on?” You finally stop spinning landing your eyes on him.

    His breath catches when he sees you walk into the room. Your hair is curled and hanging loose around your shoulders. The dress you’re wearing is a floor length, sweetheart neckline with small crystals along the edge. This emerald green satin dress made you look, angelic. You start spinning in a circle taking in the lilies and all the candles, your dress is slowly lifting off the ground showing your matching high heels. Dick’s heart flutters as he watches you.

    He sinks down to one knee with a small box outstretched toward you, in his hand. You stop spinning and you lock eyes with him. “Lyds,” he clears his throat and tries again, “Lydia, I’ve known you since we were eight. I liked you then. I started to love you more as we grew older, hearing your thoughts helped me fall even more in love with you. Then finally finding you again and you picking me to be in your life.” Dick pauses and lets out a soft sigh, “Lydia Amy Lee Kent, would you please marry me?”

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Angel Boy

confession: I havent a clue what this is heheh

Pairing: Suga (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff but smutty intentions

Length: 926 words

Warnings: n/a

Originally posted by jinkooks

“So,” you began, pulling your seatbelt over your torso. “What did you think of the movie?” You heard the ignition start as Yoongi pulled out of the parking lot steadily, hand firmly on the gears. You couldn’t help but notice the veins pulse against his manly hands, and gulped.

“It was good,” Yoongi replied, checking his wing mirror. He turned to you. “But it was even better seeing it with you.” He flashed you a grin before returning his focus to finding the exit.

You blushed at his reply, and had to hide your smile. “Do you mind if I choose the music?” you asked, fingers hovering over the music player.

“Go ahead.” Yoongi turned onto the main road and changed gears.

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Sunshine - Theme #26 | Preview | message me for the code 


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- Cute link hovers

- Cool music posts


anonymous asked:

I can't go alone to my ex's wedding (klaine)

Klaine Bingo: Accidental marriage

available on AO3

Kurt is panicking.

It’s nothing so threatening, really : a beige square of heavy paper–a bit tacky for his taste, but it’s not over-ridiculous–, what is there to fear, right?

And yet.

Mr. Crawford and Mr. Gilbert are inviting you to their wedding on July, 30th …

Not just one, no, two of his exes getting married, and Kurt is pathetically single.


On the one hand, he can’t refuse to go, it would be rude and after all, they are friends and he is happy for them.

On the other hand, how can he go by himself?

Only one solution.


“Yes buddy?”

“I need your help.”

Kurt and Blaine have been best friend since they both auditioned for the same part and both got rejected.

There is a healthy level of attraction between them, Kurt is not afraid to acknowledge that, but for some reason, they have never done anything about it save for one kiss one drunken evening.

Though he was drunk out of his mind, the memory of this one kiss has served Kurt on more than one lonely night.

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Headcanon: Lewis’s ghost makes musical sound effects.

If he hits something with a punch, it’s a loud, ringing gong sound.  If he stamps his foot on the ground, it’s a synth beat.  A collision with his skull sounds like a low space drum hit.

His hovering makes a musical saw’s hum at various pitches depending on his altitude.  Something passing through his form makes a theremin noise.

His fire burns in violin chords when he gets angry.  Explosive rage results in that squeaking noise you get when you shred the strings.

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Admittedly, she was hovering. She loved the music playing in the background, the outfits, the henna tattoos, the freely flowing alcohol that guaranteed she would have a good time, but she was paranoid. She didn’t know any of the people around her, she hadn’t found Gideon, and she didn’t know her way around town as well as she wanted to. She had her pistol in a thigh holster under her skirt, not necessarily for protection, but for the fact that walking around without it made her feel naked. She snagged a beer from a nearby cooler, flicking the top off of it as she watched, canvassing everyone walking by. 

thelightanditsshadow  asked:

"Silas?" Aeos recorded voice asked through the omni-tool speakers. "You said you wanted to see me? It sounded important. I did as you asked, and you'll find me down in the gym. Don't expect me there for long."

“Merikh, for the last time,” the turian huffs, facing the holo-skull floating in mid-air, “Don’t think for the moment to presume I’ll agree to a sparring match with anyone.”

He turns his attention back focusing his strength and energy throwing each punches upon the punchbag. 

“A human, nonetheless.” He added with a small grunt.

The skullface drone expresses a mischieous pout, “Aw, come on. Don’t be such a spoilsport. It’ll be fun.”

Silas ceases his training with a hard punch, facing the drone again with pierced eyes. “In case you’ve forgotten, I rather not cripple a friend, let alone a friendly spar.”

“You headbutted Trygve once. A krogan.” Merikh smirk coyly.

“That was different and a long time ago.”

“Fair enough.”

“Are you done now?” Silas asked, eager to return to to training.

“Sure, broody.“ Merikh floats away to hover aimlessly. Activating music from the omnitool to bop along as if dancing letting the turian resume to boxing upon the punchbag.

girlintheshire  asked:

So I really love that little music play list icon on your theme and how it's all off to the side and only comes up if you hover on it! I was wondering if you have a code for it/know of a tutorial/are willing to give tips on something similar. I love the idea of having a playlist on my theme but haven't figured out how I want to style it yet and then I came across your lovely little blog. Also, I checked and couldn't find any like questions under your help tag. Thanks for your time! <3

I’m sorry I’m replying to this so late; I was gone away for a while and didn’t have my laptop with me so yeah I hope you haven’t been waiting long for this

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