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My name. “Ron.” And you said…something about a wand…’ Hermione turned a fiery shade of scarlet. Harry remembered: it had been the first time Ron’s name had been said aloud by either of them since the day he had left; Hermione had mentioned it when talking about repairing Harry’s wand.

‘So I took it out,’ Ron went on, looking at the Deluminator, ‘and it didn’t seem different, or anything, but I was sure I’d heard you. So I clicked it. And the light went out in my room, but another light appeared right outside the window. It was a ball of light, kind of pulsing, and bluish, like that light you get around a Portkey, you know. I knew this was it, I grabbed my stuff and packed it, then I put on my rucksack and went out into the garden. The little ball of light was hovering there, waiting for me, and when I came out it bobbed along a bit and I followed it behind the shed and then it…well, it went inside me. It sort of floated towards me,’ said Ron, illustrating the movement with his free index finger, ‘right to my chest, and then- it just went straight through. It was here.’ he touched a point close to his heart,’ I could feel it, it was hot. And once it was inside me I knew what I was supposed to do, I know it would take me where I needed to go. So I Disapparted and came out on the side of a hill. There was snow everywhere…’

i can’t forget you, i try all the time

chapter one of the peter pan au. happy belated birthday @jiilys, you are the great love of my life.

He flies in through her bedroom window, spurned by a hunger for her words. She arranges them prettily every night and he waits to hear them, dirty toes scuffing along the edge of the white-painted sill, holding his breath, the tiny ball of dark light hovering at his elbow.

Toys are strewn along the rich carpet, wooden blocks and trucks and dolls in lacy dresses. He crawls on filthy hands and knees covered in scabs, searching for the girl with her words, so he can steal them, take them home to other hungry, open mouths.

The last time he was here he stood, silhouetted against the moon, his shadow waving and winking along the floor, but before he could get close, a phantom wind snapped the latch shut, like cutting off a limb. He flew backwards into the waiting arms of the oak tree in the front yard, his shadow trapped inside, dancing with the darkness, and he could not go back in and get it, retreating into the sky with the little, dark star at his side.

Now that obsidian prince upturns jars and combs and trinkets on the vanity, wings beating heartily, a silver-tipped dragonfly. The boy presides over one of the two beds, looking for the mark. He knows her by her hair, red and true as blood pricked from his thumb. She is splayed out on a white pillow, rivulets of that hair running away from her. He can see her chest rising and falling. She is asleep.

That is when the fairy knocks over a box of beads and it tips onto the floor, and the girl bolts upright in bed, milky eyes blinking away sleep to reveal piercing green, like fresh grass in the spring. The boy shoots into the topmost corner of the room, limbs spread-eagled like a mad thing, gazing at her in wonder. She is looking around, eyes wide now, hair astray. He has never seen a creature quite like her.

‘Is someone there?’ she whispers into the darkness. He wants to tell her he is there, he wants her to see him. Instead she pulls back the covers and pads over quietly to the bed next to hers, gently shaking the lump under the covers. ‘Tuney, Tuney, wake up, I think I heard something.’

The other bed makes ungainly sound, groaning, the lump twisting over to the other side. He wonders what is in that bed. A gremlin, perhaps. A pirate.

The girl turns around, despairing, green eyes searching the shadows. And that’s when she sees him. She doesn’t scream, but her hands fly to her mouth, and her eyes grow big and round.

He’s caught, and his flighty, crooked grin takes over his mouth. He floats down slowly from the ceiling. ‘Alright?’ he asks her.

She is screaming without screaming. Her hands leave her lips, but her mouth is wide open, in wonderment, in horror.

‘What—‘ she whispers, then seems to remember herself, squaring her shoulders, like she is not afraid of him, of a boy who has snuck into her bedroom in the bare hours of the night. When she speaks again, her voice is hushed, but it does not waver. It is direct and even. ‘Who are you, and want do you want?’ she asks.

He shrugs, aimless, trying for nonchalance, swinging in a circle. But that is when he spots it. His own lithe form silhouetted against the opposite wall.

He goes berserk. He lunges for it, and the tiny obsidian ball of light tries to drag an empty jar over to him while the boy jumps and claws, the shadow evading his capture.

The girl is unimpressed. ‘What are you doing?’ she asks evenly.

‘Trying—‘ he struggles between jumps, ‘to catch—‘ another jump, ‘my shadow!’

There’s a beat, and then he hears her say, ‘Well, why didn’t you just say so? We have strange boys in here every other day trying to recapture their shadows.’ She delivers this in a deadpan snark, and he can hear her moving in the background.

‘You’re hilarious,’ he tells her, trying to hold his own hand.

‘I know,’ says the girl, then reappears at his side, holding a hairclip, some ribbon, and a bottle of craft glue.

‘What are those for?’ he asks her, scrunching his nose.

‘Isn’t it obvious?’ she replies, her tongue poking the side of her mouth as she concentrates, unclamping the hairclip as his shadow darts across the wall.

‘Not really, no.’

‘Well, then you must be impeccably stupid.’

‘Thanks for that,’ he says, but then, as his shadow makes a break for the window, she fastens the clip on its left hand, tugging back across the floor.

‘There,’ she says, turning to look at the boy, holding onto the shadow like a mother holds onto an unruly toddler in the street.

‘Thanks,’ he says, reaching out to take it from her, but she just raises an eyebrow, diverts her hold out of his grip.

‘Don’t be an idiot,’ she tells him, gesturing with her free hand to her bed. ‘Go sit down.’

He does, and she ties the shadow to him temporarily with her ribbon, then uses the craft glue to stick it down on each of his limbs, telling him to stay there while it dries.

After a while she cocks her head in silent appraisal, then moves to grab his hand to see if it’s worked, but he can see the fairy hovering at her left ear, and as she reaches for him, it tugs at a lock of her red hair, pulling her backwards.

‘Ouch!’ she shrieks, and the form in the other bed stirs somewhat, and the girl holds her tongue before the proverbial thunderclouds reassemble in front of her eyes, and she whirls in a circle, trying to spot her assailant.

‘What was that?’ she asks, rounding on the boy.

He grins knowingly at her, and it makes her scowl, so he shrugs, the fairy flying to his side. ‘This is Sirius,’ he tells her, gesturing.

The girl raises an eyebrow. ‘Like the star?’

The boy nods, proud. ‘The brightest star in the night sky.’

After a moment’s consideration, the girl glances back at the fairy. ‘Someone’s jealous,’ she says, and Sirius sticks his tongue out at her.

She makes a face back at him, then turns back to the boy, and says, ‘He’s not very bright, for a star.’

The boy narrows his eyes at her. ‘I said he was bright, I didn’t say what colour.’

And he was right. The fairy was imminently the most compelling and brightest spot in the room, and yet he glowed as dark as night, like the sky dipped in silver.

‘Anyway,’ said the boy, standing up, the fairy at his shoulder, ‘I best be off.’

‘Wait!’ she says, moving to block his path, ‘you haven’t told me why you came here in the first place.’

‘And I’m not going to,’ he tells her, touching lightly off the ground, hovering.

Her eyes narrow at him. ‘I could call the police,’ she tells him, her voice crackling with brevity.

He has no idea who the police are, but he doesn’t like the sound of them. He touches down on the carpet again.

The girl steps closer to him, pointing at his feet. ‘You’re going to tell me how you did that.’


‘How did you do that?’

He starts, like he hadn’t really thought about it. ‘Oh, well, you just sort of…’ and in explanation, his feet leave the ground, floating silently towards the ceiling.

‘Do you want me to call the police?’ she says calmly.

‘Alright, alright, I’ll teach you!’ he says, floating back down, holding his hands up, forehead scrunching as he tries to conjure up a way to explain.

‘Well?’ she asks, waiting, her hands placed on her hips.

‘I’m thinking!’

‘Then think harder.’

‘Shut up!’ he yells at her. His teeth dig into his lower lip, trying to arrive at an explanation. ‘OK, it’s like this,’ he tells her. ‘You have to believe that you can. You feel it in your chest, in your stomach, but you have to believe you can. There is something else to it, but I think that it’s mostly just…you.’

‘What do you mean?’ she says, quizzical. ‘Like this?’ He can see her tense, every muscle in her lean frame going rigid, like a bowstring pulled taught.

‘Yeah,’ he says, appraising. ‘Now for part two.’

The fairy, upon realising what he is about to do, bolts, but the boy makes a swift grab, capturing the effervescent darkness in his palm.

‘You OK?’ he whispers to the bundle in his hands. The fairy glares at him, jutting out his bottom lip, but nods slowly.

‘OK,’ he says, then tips him upside down over the girl’s head, shaking the fairy’s form until something like shards of night sky settle over her, like a fleet of stars, settling in her hair. She reaches out her hands, glancing in wonder, her lips parted in awe. He pauses to look at her, before releasing the fairy, who spins, dizzily. ‘That should do it,’ he tells her.

She concentrates, taking in a breath, tensing her muscles. And that is when her feet leave the floor, fluttering above the carpet, and she makes some small noises of delight, breathless and enthused, reaching out her arms, as graceful and lovely as though she was borne of the skies, of the stars that live there.

‘This is stupendous!’ she says, spinning in mid-air.

The boy smiles at her frivolity, rising to meet her. ’It’s neat, isn’t it?’

‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!’ she squeals.

He rolls his eyes. ‘And I did nothing at all to help?’

‘You did a little,’ she says, winking at him, and his stomach plummets, as though he is falling, but he is still hovering above the ground.

‘I have to go,’ he says, suddenly, spooked, but the red-headed girl in front of him grabs at his wrist, and he is lost.

‘Don’t go,’ she says, then seems to become aware of herself, floating back to the ground as she says, ‘where are you going, anyway?’

‘Home,’ he tells her.

‘Where is home?’

He leads her over to the window, pointing out through the glass to the stars that border the horizon. ‘Second star to the right, and straight on until morning.’

She glances at him. ‘You’re berserk.’

‘Not berserk, just wild.’


They stand beside one another for a moment, bathed in the light of the moon, watching the stars.

She looks back at him, tilting her head to the side, appraising him once more. ‘Why did you come here?’ she asks him.

He smiles, the words rising as easily as breathing, because they are the truth.

‘To hear you speak,’ he tells her, and offers her his hand.

She looks at him for a moment, thinking.

And then she takes it.


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Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 442
Request: @whatsbetterthanfantasy - Congrats on 300!! Could I have Bucky (ofc) with “I like your smile” FLUFF ALL THE WAY!! Thankyou 💕💕
Prompts: 22) ‘I like your smile.’

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It was another late night and you couldn’t sleep, so you went to the only place you did when your insomnia kicked in. The fire escape on the roof. It was your solace, your sanctuary.

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Silver Silence Part 4

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 2,066

Warnings: Fluff and slight anst, Very shy reader, swearing mentions of social anxiety.

You woke up, blinking rapidly at the hovering lights above you and letting out a groan from the sting in your head. The surface you where lying on was cold, and stiff, but there was an obvious softness propping your head up. As you turned your head to the side you noticed you where in the med bay, and naturally you assumed it was because you passed out and Bucky had brought you in. As slowly as possible you sat up, causing light whimpers to cascade from your mouth. No one was around, and the room carried with it, an eerie silence that you honestly felt the need to get away from.  So with that to motivate you, you pulled yourself off the table and began to head to the door. In the hall you where met with that same silence that you found in the lab, not a single drop of noise was forming in the air, all except your delicate footsteps.

Feeling slightly out of breath, even with the fact that you had only walked to the living room, you propped yourself up on the door frame.  There was no one in the site, not even in the kitchen, just scattered papers and game controllers on the coffee table and abandoned boxes of protein bars and plates strewn about the kitchen. Taking all this in you knew exactly where everyone had gone, they were out on a mission, and judging by your surroundings, a urgent one.

You slid your hand into the back pocket of your jeans to grab your phone and noticed it wasn’t there. Figuring it was most likely in your room you began to walk towards the elevators and pressed your floor button.

It felt weird being in your room for some reason, like you had been out of it so long that it was almost less appealing then it normally is, but none the less it was a strange sort of safety from the rest of the compound.  

You searched all around your room but there was no sign of your phone, and even more unusual no sign of its charger either. After retaining this information, and redressing yourself for the day, you ventured back into the elevator, and found your finger hovering over the button for the upper floor.

You hadn’t been out of the compound since you arrived there and it felt like you where just pretending to be a caged animal that could just as easily break if outside your padded cell. With one quick thought you pushed the button for the lobby and walked out the front doors.


Buckys POV

A commotion in the front of the helicarrier snapped me out of my exhausted daze and caused me to rise to my feet.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Steve as he made his way back to where I stood, his face slightly panicked but trying to remain calm.

“That was Helen, she can’t find (y/n)” he took a deep breath before answering the obvious question etched on my face. “She went to the lab to check on her after moving her from the bed to the table to run tests and she’s not there, she isn’t even in the compound.”

I took a long slow breath and glanced around at the faces behind him, “how long until we land?”

“About an hour” he replied, sighing as he took a seat next to me.  I could feel his eyes on me as I slowly sat next to him, carding my hands through my hair, then feeling his hand on my shoulder.

“She’ll be okay Bucky, she may have just went for a walk.” He reassured me.

I turned my head to look at him, stress already radiating from my chest. “But what if she’s not Steve, what if something bad happened? She’s the most venerable person on this team, she’s the easiest target.” I swallowed.

Steve smiled at me softly ready to reassure me even though he himself was freaking out inside. “She’s tougher then you think.”


“HEY! Watch where you’re going asshole!” You shouted as a bicyclist nearly ran you over on a cross walk.  It almost surprised you how vocal and outgoing you felt all of a sudden, but then you remembered you where always less shy when it came to the city, and especially when the people around you weren’t world renowned super heroes.

Yes, you do suppose maybe sneaking out of the compound after being hospitalized from over exertion was a bit of a risk, but on the other hand you had previously been on your own for almost 7 years.

It had been roughly 2 hours since you left the safety of the compound and so far you had walked around the park, got ice cream from a vender and even stroke up a conversation with a complete stranger on a park bench, all with only one near death experience. And by near death, of course you meant the skinny prick on his bicycle that almost broke about 5 of your bones if he had hit you.

Luckily though, everything was going according to plan, well a plan you didn’t really have but let’s call it a strategy, as in don’t break yourself.

As you rounded a corner you saw a little movie store tucked in between a boutique and a coffee shop. You didn’t necessary need any more movies, but there was someone who you knew would enjoy some of their own copies. You made your way through the plethora of bodies and pulled yourself into the store, hearing a ring of bells as the door opened and closed.  The shop keeper greeted you with a friendly smile and an almost animated “Good evening!” which he followed with the usual “Can I help you find anything?”

You thought for a moment before asking him where you could find older movies.

He pointed his finger in the direction left of you. “All the way down second to last shelf” he said.

You nodded curtly at him and made your way down the rows of shelves until you stood in front of one labeled “vintage”. You scanned the tittles until you found a copy of ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ along with ‘The Maltese Falcon” and ‘How Green Was My Valley’. Two of which you didn’t own, but were sure even if you gave them to Bucky that he would let you borrow them when ever.

After checking out you left the shop and glanced at the horizon. Noticing it was beginning to approach night fall, which meant you probably woke up in the lab around late afternoon.  Deciding it was most likely a better idea to head back to the compound now, rather than wait another hour in line for coffee and pastries like originally planned. You found where you parked the car you had conveniently borrowed from tony and began to drive back home.

You felt your bones ache with sleep as you took the last couple of steps through the doors and into the elevator. You’re sure you had a content smile on your face the whole way up that is until it was metaphorically smacked right off as the elevators doors opened to reveal all your team mates standing around the living room with their arms crossed.

“I see you had fun” tony was the first one to speak, making his way over to you. “And really? My Havana?” he asked.

You shrugged sheepishly, shrinking down and mumbling “I like vintage things”

“Where have you been all day?” you heard a voice from behind tony and glanced around him as Bucky began to walk towards you. You felt his gaze wonder down your body, checking for any sign of injury.

“i-I I just wanted some air…” he looked at you with hurt eyes and then shook his head as he passed you and walked into the elevator.  Steve pushed past tony and stood in front of you.

“You should have told us, we were all worried sick, all we had was footage of you walking out of the building.”  He said softly.

You sighed softly. “I didn’t have my phone, and you all were gone I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.”

“Anything can happen to you out there.” He replied more sternly.

That caused your blood to heat up. “Yeah well ‘out there’ is where I spent seven years of my life alone.” You seethed as you started to back up to the elevator again. “I can handle myself, just because I have you all here to help me does not suddenly make me any more fragile then I was before.”

And with that you went back to your room.  When you laid you bags down on your bed you felt an overwhelming tight sensation in your chest. They were all disappointed. They were worried about you, and as much as that filled you with warmth, it also filled you with guilt.

You knew what hurt you possibly the most was Bucky’s face when he approached you. You couldn’t really explain it, but the handsome solider admitted a feeling in you. Maybe because he didn’t treat you like glass all the time, or the fact that he made the effort to get you out of your room but he was definitely growing on you.

Taking all the courage you could muster up you grabbed the movies you had gotten for him from the bed and headed down to his room.

It took you about 10 minutes of standing at his door to finally gather enough adrenaline to actually knock and when you did all you heard was a soft “come in” from the other side.

You entered, finding Bucky sitting up against his beds headboard, with one foot draped aimlessly off the bed and a book in his hands.  His face held slight confusion but still looked at you almost disappointingly. You clutched the movies tighter to your chest, looking down to the floor in short glances.

“I’m sorry” you blurted out before you could stop yourself. “I just… I’m sorry”

He sighed, looking down at the book then closing it and laying it on the bedside table, before nodding and patting the spot beside him on the bed.  You shuffled over to him, sitting on the side near his legs carefully, facing him instead of where he pointed at.

“I was worried you know” he spoke, causing you to nod. “I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

You nodded again and then looked down at your lap. “You have reason to worry…” you started. “I know I’m the equivalent of a china doll, but I’m honestly capable of a lot more then you think.” You shifted your gaze to his eyes. “Don’t forget I was on my own for seven years before I came here.”

He let his eyes linger on you as he softened his features. “I know, I know I just have this primitive need to protect you… And I’m not even sure why, I don’t even know you all that well but…” he trailed off.

“You’re broken in mind, and I’m broken in body.” You finished for him. “We are both a little fragile. And maybe you are to me, as Steve is to you. Someone to lean on.”

He sat there with you in the silence that seemed to drag on for centuries, but it was the kind of silence you felt content in, and honestly it felt all the more peaceful knowing his energy resided in it.

“I uh… Got you something” you felt your voice become nervous as you handed him the three movies, with shaking hands.  He took them from you and looked down, reading the tittles and letting a warm smile rest on his face.

“Thank you.” He replied, looking up into your eyes in sincerity.

“I just thought you’d like to have a few movies of your own since you enjoy mine so much.” You smiled back at him.

As you made your way to leave you felt butterflies form in your stomach.

“Oh and (y/n)” he called, making you turn around. “The mission today… We went to a hydra facility for a couple of files.”

You nodded, your eyes fixed in confusion at what he was getting at.

“We know how to cure you.”

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ok, so i am about to post my first fic, be kind please.  This is how I imagine season 11, but mostly i had to get them off the damn bridge.

Part 1 

As Scully stares up at the hovering light above her on the bridge she can’t help but think; I always knew we’d die together.  It’s right somehow.  This is how it should be.  Neither of them cowering alone in some dark alley.  No, she thinks as she reaches out and takes Mulder’s hand.  We go out together, starring down the truth.  This is how it’s suppose to go. 

As she closes her eyes tilting her head back, allowing the sick light to wash over her, she squeezes Mulder’s hand takes what she believes will be her final breathe, then slowly releases it out.

Suddenly confusion hits her all at once.  She thinks she is hearing helicopter blades.  She opens her eyes and sees a black helicopter hovering 15 feet above her head.

       “oh my god.” she whispers

       “Agent Scully we don’t have much time!”  It’s Agent Doggett, and for a moment Scully thinks maybe they have died.

       “Scully we have to move!”  Agent Doggett lowers a gurney down to her, with Agent Miller’s help they get Mulder strapped in and Doggett pulls him into the chopper.

       “Climb up!”  Doggett yells as he drops down one of those terrifying fabric ladders.  As Scully starts to climb she feels the chopper begin to raise up.

      “What about Agent Miller?”

      “I’ll send Skinner back for him, but we have to go!”

Scully looks down toward Agent Miller shouting at the top of her lungs that they’ll come back for him.  Even though she’s certain he hasn’t heard a word.

Scully finally makes it into the helicopter, as she thumps to the floor she turns to see Skinner slam the door shut.

       “Here, we have to get this in him now!”  As Doggett thrust an I.V. bag at her.

       “It won’t help him.” she mutters despondently.

       “It’s from your son.”  Scully’s mouth gapes open.  A million questions fire through her mind at once.  Skinner places a hand on her shoulder.

       “It’s true Scully.  I know you have questions but we have to get this into his system now.”

Scully sets about putting in the I.V. when she is sure that a very unconscious Mulder is still alive and receiving the I.V.’s contents, she turns all her attention to Agent Doggett.

       “Start talking!  One of you better tell me what the hell is going on.  How did you get this from my son?”  Doggett and Skinner exchange an uncomfortable glance.

       “Now god damn it!”

Skinner finally speaks up,

       “I didn’t Scully.  Agent Doggett did.”  Scully turns to face Doggett.

       “How do you know where he is?”

       “I’ve known for a long time Agent Scully.”

       “I don’t understand.”  Scully puts her head in her hands, fighting back tears she licks her top lip, and looks Agent Doggett dead in the eye.

      “Are you working for The Smoking Man too?  You sell your soul just like Agent Reyes?”  Doggett shifts uncomfortably at the sound of her name.

      “No.  Monica and I parted ways a long time ago.”  Skinner puts his hand on Scully’s shoulder.

      “He’s telling the truth.  Just hear him out.”  Scully looks back at Doggett, still uncertain.

      “Explain yourself.”  Doggett rubs his forehead and releases a heavy breathe.

      “After you and Mulder left Monica and I were running The X-Files.  It went about how you’d expect, for the first year anyway.  Then slowly i started to see changes in her.  Not all at once, it was gradual I didn’t think much of it.  Monica started going through all the old case files.  She started taking them home at night, that is when she even went home.  I’d come in, in the morning find her asleep at her desk.  Files spread out everywhere, post-its with manically scribbled notes stuck on everything.  I told her i thought she was going off the deep end, taking it all to far.  She fed me some crap about doing The X-Files justice.  Doing you and Mulder proud.  She promised me she would slow down, then she took a week off.  Didn’t hear from her once.  I was getting pretty worried when she finally showed back up, sat me down and told me we had to talk.  She told me everything.  That all this (gestures wildly around him his arms circling overhead) was going to happen.  I thought she’d finally snapped.”

      “I think it’s pretty clear she had.” Scully scoffs at the understatement of Agent Doggett’s last comment.

      “Yea Agent Scully, she had.  She told me about the deal she made with Smoking Man.  Said that I could come with her.  That he could protect me too….  She broke my heart.  I told her I could never do that.  Then I begged her to change her mind.  I offered her everything, anything.  I told her we could leave The X-Files behind.  She said she had made her choice.  I told her you don’t go to the devil looking for salvation.  She just laughed at me, told me I didn’t understand.  She said ‘It’s all going to end in flames John.  Why not be the one setting the fires.  At least that way, you know which direction to run.’  Then she got up and left.  I haven’t seen her since.”

Scully shifts in her seat, shaking her head a little she reaches out to touch Doggett’s hand.

       “I’m sorry Agent Doggett, I know what she meant to you.  But you still haven’t explained how you know where my son is.”  Doggett puts his hand over Agent Scully’s,

       “Once Monica left I had a lot of time on my hands alone in that office.  After what she’d told me, after what you and I had been through, everything in The X-Files, something inside was telling me that I had to find your son.  Keep him safe.  I got a hold of one of The Lone Gunmen’s old contacts.  With this persons help, and about a year of quietly searching, I found him.  I’ve been watching over him ever since.”  Scully is crying now. Tears slowly setting tracks in her cheeks.

        “You’ve seen him?  Is he alright?”

        “He’s fine Agent Scully.  Better than fine.  Healthy, happy and loved.  His family loves him very much.”

        “Do…”  Scully is choking back sobs.  “Do they know who you are?  Have you talked to him?”

        “No.  I’ve spent the years watching from a distance.  Always there.  Just in case.”  Scully wipes the tears from her face, taking both Doggett’s hands in hers.

        “Thank you Agent Doggett, you have no idea….. Thank you.  Please don’t say anything to Mulder.  I have to be the one to tell him.  When he’s in a more stable condition.  I’ll tell him.”  Skinner leans over and pats Scully’s knee.

        “Of course Agent Scully, of course.” 

Scully takes a deep breathe holding it in as if by doing so, she can keep all this new information from seeping through her, pulling emotions from her veins that she’d long since tried to bury.  With a small shake of the head as to set her mind on track, she turns to Skinner.

        “Where are we going?”

        “We’re taking you and Agent Mulder to a secure location in West Virginia.  They’ll be looking for you both.”

         “And William?”  she can barley get the question out.

         “Agent Doggett and I are going to get him and his family.  Don’t worry Agent Scully, we’re going to keep him safe.”



Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook.

Word count: 9 060

Genre: Angst.

AU: Soulmate!au + college!au.

did you really love your ‘soulmate’ though?

or did you just love the myriad of colors.



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i dreamed that the gop was pushing for a rehaul of … like … polling station procedure, the details of which were very secret, and in retaliation some scientists were doing a study to show how the proposed changes would End Democracy

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HAH! Look at me trying to be a concept Disney artist! HAHAHA….one day…

Aaaaanny-who! It’s late here but I needed to post some shameless Bog King fanart in his “villainous” glory. Just gonna let this dork have his fun with his lighting. Also inspired by a sketchbook I bought from DisneyWorld(I HAD SO MUCH FUN!:D)that contained copies of sketches drawn by various Disney artist from past to present. Gonna post some of those next.

e1mayarah  asked:

*Pulls you into bed*

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Stretching her arms out and to the sides of her head, Kara yawned loudly as the dawn of sunlight crept itself through her thin curtains and shone lightly upon her face. And for a moment she basked in it, soaking up dim rays that would help fuel her day, until her head turned and she stared at the warm body that lay next to her. Rao, did she love Saturdays. They were carefree. Relaxed and better yet, they didn’t dawn an alarm clock that would have both parties jumping from their slumber and knocking heads. No, Saturdays, she got to lay here, and she got to stare.

Lifting a hand, light fingers hovered a few inches above Mon-El’s face, careful not to wake him until they settled upon warm skin. For a moment, Kara let them rest there before they were on the move, tracing the delicate features of the sleeping body beneath them. How had she gotten so lucky that she could have all of this? Supergirl, the perfect job, the guy. Settling for a moment, the Kryptonian leant forward to gently kiss his nose before turning her body and leaning over the edge of her bed, bare back now basking in the light that reflected through the curtains. Leaning forward, she reached for Mon-El’s discarded T-shirt on the floor before slipping it on and over her head. Pancakes sounded good right about now. 

Letting her feet settle on the wooden floor beneath them, Kara made her move to stand before two hands settled themselves on either side of her waist and she was being tugged backwards. A loud laugh manages to escape her as she feels Mon-El’s arms then move to wrap around her torso before she is being pressed into his chest. Ducking her head up, she smiles at him, placing very small kisses against the corner of his lips, “guess the pancakes won’t be a surprise anymore..”

Central Washington gothic:

  • It’s summer and the air is thick with heat. It comes off the ground in waves, making you see things. That’s what you tell yourself, at least: it’s the heat.
  • In the summer, the world around you burns, and hardly anyone even seems to notice, anymore, even when the sun darkens in the cloudless sky, the night glows red, and you can taste the smoke.
  • A thunder cloud rolls in and you wait for the rain but it doesn’t come. It never comes.
  • You know a spot just outside of town where you can sit and see the Milky Way at night, but you don’t go there anymore. That’s not the only thing you can see out there.
  • Strange lights hover over Hanford at night. Everyone knows they’re there, but no one talks about them.
  • People say that more cars go into Hanford than come out.
  • You have a jar of Mt. St. Helens ash in your house. Everyone does. You don’t remember how it got there.
  • It used to get almost unnaturally quiet during the winter, when it still snowed all the time. It hardly ever snows, anymore, but it still gets just as quiet. Too quiet.
  • The patches of wilderness that grow by the rivers make you nervous. There’s thousands of stories about the things that lurk in there. You prefer the sprawling, sagebrush covered steppe, where it’s more difficult for things to hide.
  • A tumbleweed rolls across the highway. You don’t think twice about it until you remember that there’s no wind.
  • There are hills in the distance. There are always hills in the distance, but you never seem to reach them.
  • You find yourself engulfed as a dust storm covers the highway. As you pull over and wait for it to pass, you swear you can see things moving in there.
  • The windows shake and you tell yourself that it’s just the thunder, even though the storm has all but passed.

This spooky footage of a UFO in Geneva left hundreds of people terrified and wondering if they were being watched by aliens.

The disc-shaped object had three lights and hovered over a stadium around 8:30pm last Wednesday. Dozens of people took to social media to report the sighting with pictures and video. The UFO was said to have made a “shrill noise” as it appeared over the venue in La Praille area of the city of Geneva for around 20 seconds before disappearing.

Among the witnesses was Uruguayan footballer Matias Vitkieviez who posted a video on Facebook with the caption: “Everyone sees the same thing as me? It’s completely crazy! UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of la praille 

ladies, gentlemen, & other esteemed followers: 

Today, finally, after nearly after the bedside lamp blew out – a year of using the overhead light and nearly blinding ourselves every time we sat in our own bedroom – a miracle occurred.

That miracle is that my boyfriend and I finally got our shit together and went to [UNDISCLOSED] to buy some new light bulbs. Because for some reason our local doesn’t have lightbulbs for under £12, and even then they just don’t carry the lightbulbs we need.

Rat, the loving man that he is, insisted that I change the lightbulbs while he’s in the house so that if I electrocute myself he’d be on hand to call for help.

Finally, though! We can relax without nearly blinding ourselves in our own bedroom! When we’re making out and being romatic we don’t have to choose between being in complete blackness, or having a goddamn interrogation light hovering above us! The bedroom is actually comfortable to be in!

Current Sexuality:

The hitch in Bernie’s breath at the end of the kiss, how her mouth hovers, light, over Serena’s, her lips reflexively seeking out just one last touch.

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             For a long moment, Kara has blurred out all of the sounds that go off around her and instead, she focuses on the beverage in front of her. With red raw eyes, the Kryptonian blinks as a simple bubble seems to travel from side of ceramic to the other. Tongue swipes over her bottom lip as her mind swells deeper into what had just happened. How her mind had been once again violated. Manipulated into making her doing things she didn’t want to. Or maybe she had and those were her deepest thoughts filling to the surface. A flash of red crosses her vision, then green and without thinking, light fingers hover over the faint scars that have not yet healed across her left wrist.

           A hand to her face and the other to her knee causes her to jerk her eyes up before her head is turning and she’s pulling away, “don’t touch me..” She whispered, blonde tussles shaking over her shoulder as she shifts away from Ray and places the cup onto the table in front of her. “And don’t try and make me feel better. Just, stop trying to make excuses for me..I did that. I hurt your team. And… And-” A hand lifts before a single tear trips down her cheek. 

           “I wanna go home,” she finally sniffs, licking her lips and pushing her hands into her hair, “I can’t be here.”