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What I think about their blog: posts a lot of d+p aha omg , u have that thing where when you hover over a post u like see it properly ((im not describing this properly at all)) but i like it it’s cute

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Living with Michael
  • him not calling u a cute pet name but instead calls u fuckface, etc, in an affectionate way.
  • ur home being surprisingly clean and organised bc Michael only stays in one place and he’s super anal about things being in their place.
  • you asking him if he wants something to eat and he says “Nah”. But when u finishing making food he’s hovering over you like “can I have some.”
  • him sliding over dishes when ur in the middle of washing them.
  • eating all ur sweets.
  • huddled in blankets constantly bc he’s cold yet ur not so he doesn’t want to turn off the a.c.
  • him using ur shower stuff bc “they smell pretty even though I don’t know what the fuck they do.”
  • shit ton of pillows.
  • getting items that look like cats for the house.
  • adopting a kitten and cuddling it instead of you
  • “Love me you prick.” 
  • “New phone who dis.”
  • Making him sleep on the couch when he ignores you yet he always comes crawling to the bedroom door and starts to scratch it and whines a “Let me innnnnnn. I’m sorry, I love youuu.” 
  • And you let him in bc he’s annoying and you do love him.
  • waking up next to him every morning and smiling to yourself bc ur happy and content with your life in that moment. 
  • Even if he’s drooling and snores hella loud

uaa it’s my first time doing this!!! (i hope it’s not too late?) i joined the hxh fandom this year and wowie so many of you are all such amazing people!!! truly a fortunate thing ^-^ i hope you ALL have an awesome day~ i also hope i did this right/?? anywaYS YEA

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so I decided to make a follow forever because it’s summer so it’s a good time to celebrate, and also i am VERY close to 3k and i honestly can’t believe it but i am so so thankful for every single one of you. listed here are the mutual blogs that I really love. i love you all so much, thanks for making my experience on here a good one :) feel free to message me whenever you want, or ask for my snapchat/instagram/etc if you want to connect more!!

my very best friends that i’ve known and loved for over TWO YEARS (pls hover over ur url):

shamaila // lamedesi ❤❤  elly // flusteredgansey ❤❤ helen // natashavevo ❤❤ nat // isabelleliqhtwoods

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also shoutout to the darinetwork, i love how our group chat has become a minion hate group, and loershq, my semi-famous, card game playing, skyping, shrek loving, typo making internet squad. ily.