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anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, how do you answer comments in your posts?

It’s an xkit feature, Anon! If you have xkit installed, download the “one click reply” extension, and enable it. Once you do, go to your Notifications page and hover over a comment. You’ll see a box with an arrow in it appear on the right of the comment. Click the arrow, and a new post will open with the quoted comment in the text box.

If you want, you can enable “replying to multiple notifications at once” and then, instead of clicking on the arrow, hold the “alt” button down and then click. The comment will turn green. Alt-click every comment you want to respond to in a single window, then click on any of the arrows and a new post will open with all the comments in order.

It can be a little buggy so you may need to click around a bit to get the hang of it, but it works really well most of the time!