Hey baby girl, how do you do?
Who’s hurt you, I can see it in your eyes,
they’re looking kinda blue 

I wanna touch your soul past midnight, 
I know you’ve heard it before, but I’ll treat you right 
Make you forget your blues, feel alright 

It’s January and outside it’s minus seventeen, 
the sun is hidden by the dark, not to be seen 
I have a dream of brighter days,
when the shadows are small 
and the sun is smiling in your eyes

There’s a beautiful spark in your heart,
but your past is filled with something very dark
I know life has been tough, it isn’t a walk in the park
So baby girl, take my hand, let’s go for a walk

—  Daniel Hovdahl, Bars by Dan 
If you wanna leave I won’t object,
I’m not gonna reject if you feel the need
I’ll even hold the door
I’ll try to move onto the next, so don’t come back thinking I was the best
Because if that was true, you never would’ve left
—  Daniel Hovdahl, Bars by Dan