i think i’m really lucky when it comes to driving because i’ll complain about people not signaling or being a lil bit aggressive in my mid-size towns and then i road trip out to The Big City and get cut off several times per minute and nearly sideswiped when some idiot pulls into the hov lane with no occupants and watch teenage boys text while trying to pull onto the fucking worst interchanges in human history while also slurping taco grease off their forearm and in those moments i am humbled


MTA-Slides_0106 by Metro Library and Archive


Bus & Metrolink train by Metro Library and Archive
Via Flickr:
Bus & Metrolink train in I-10 median, heading east, Bus is on the El Monte Busway while the train is on ex-Southern Pacific line. c.1992.

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Song: She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

♬ Send me a character/ship and I’ll write a fic for them inspired by whatever song I shuffle to ♬

Fame has a way to make it seem like your life is on the HOV lane - the fast lane; where you’re driving faster than anybody else on the highway and you don’t have to worry about the red lights; the bumps in the road where it can slow down your path or put a halt in your career.

At the moment, Lance wished he wasn’t in that lane. In fact, he wished he could drive off to the side, pull up to the curb, and stay there underneath the city lights with her by his side.


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heres a conspiracy theory for ya

traffic jams with seemingly no cause are actually caused by government agents planted there to manufacture desire for EZPASS-exclusive HOV lanes

♥GIRLGANG♥ - songs to kill boys to


tracklist -

1 minnie // sleigh bells 2 world town // m.i.a 3 muny // nicki minaj 4 salute // little mix 5 run devil run // girls generation 6 bang bang // jessie j, ariana grande, nicki minaj 7 i love rock and roll // joan jett 8 my friend goo // sonic youth 9 meddle // little boots 10 shame for you // lily allen 11 youth knows no pain // lykke li 12 double bubble trouble // m.i.a 13 cherry bomb // the runaways 14 shanghai // nicki minaj 15 straight a’s // sleigh bells 16 heads will roll // yeah yeah yeahs 17 hang it up // the ting tings 18 hov lane // nicki minaj 19 bo$$ // fifth harmony 20 bad reputation // joan jett


Nicki Minaj - “Did It On ‘Em”

Produced by Bangladesh, “Did It On ‘Em” is Rap Nicki firing on all cylinders. She does acrobatics with the human language, twisting and contorting words to match her rhyme schemes; I particularly love the way that “here” gets twisted into “hair” to rhyme with “nair.“

Above all, “Did It On’Em” is interesting because it introduces one of my favorite recurring Nicki Minaj bits: her sons.

Nicki Minaj + Her Sons:

“Did It On ‘Em”: “All these bitches is my sons / And I’m a go and get some bibs for 'em”; “All these bitches is my sons / And I ain’t talking 'bout Phoenix”

“Till the World Ends (Femme Fatale remix)”: “Tell 'em they my son / yup, gyal dem a mi pickney”

“Mercy (remix)”: “And all these bitches is my sons / yeah C-section”

"Stupid Hoe”: “Hoes is so crusty, these bitches is my sons / And I don’t want custody”

“Hov Lane”: “All these bitches my sons / I'ma get 'em a nanny”

“Born Stunna (remix)”: “You my son bitch, and it’s bedtime”; “Everywhere you go, they calling you Nicki’s son”

“The Boys”: “I put you bitches on to them good lace fronts / Girls is my sons, carried them for 8 months”

“I’m Legit”: “All them bitches is my sons but who’s the daddy?”; “Hoes is my sons birth control I am on the pill”

"I’m Out”:I send them on an errand then I son them like my children”

“I Endorse These Strippers”: “These hoes my sons / I’m papa though I feed them bitches with Pappadeaux”

“Hands Up”: “You my son, no daddy you a bastard”; “They talk slick and wondering why I be son'n them”

“Give It All to Me”: “These bitches is my sons, I tied my tubes up”

“Boss Ass Bitch (remix)”: “I'ma son all these n*ggas”

“Danny Glover (remix)”: “Cause these bitches my sons; yes, they was, and they still is”

“Yasss Bish”: “Bitches my sons but they not in my wiiiiiiiiiillllllllllll”; “You bitches my sons, I need a babysitter”

“No Flex Zone (remix)”: “You are my son like an episode of Maury”; “Bitches is my sons and they causing contractions”

“Only”: “These girls are my sons, Jon and Kate plus eight”

“Want Some More”: “You my son, but I’m just not showing yet”

"Four Door Aventador”: “And you my son; I don’t know, it’s just the parent in me"

things i learned on my road trip across america

from the perspective of a canadian

- miles are really long
- dennys, ihops and waffle houses are like the holy trinity of the interstates
- you guys are really good drivers on the interstates most of the time and A+++ hov lanes but you don’t signal!!! (looking at you florida)
- the further south you go, the more religious billboards with bible passages?? (never thought i’d see a garage called “tires for jesus”)
- (also lots of billboards for adult porn shops)
- in the south, cashiers/waitresses are MUCH nicer than i’ve ever experienced up north and seem to love their jobs and actually like helping people (i’ve never been called honeychild before bless)
- sweet tea is NOT the same as typical canadian iced tea and it was an experience let me tell you
- i still don’t know how to spell faranenteiht
- road trips are overrated tbh

I can’t stop looking at this photo

I want to hang it on my fucking ceiling.

I want it to be the first thing I see when I wake up every day, and the last thing I see before I go to sleep. I want to say good morning and goodnight to it.

I want to take it on a date. Buy it dinner and ask it about its life.

I want to carry it around like my newborn child, showing it off to my friends and family.

I want to put it in the passenger seat so I can ride in the HOV lane with it.

I want it plastered on my tombstone.

“Here lies Katherine. Killed by those lips and those teeth and those heavy-lidded eyes and that sexy fucking hair.”