The Purge | part eight

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The streets were filled with bloody people. Some walls broke down, glasses from stores were shattered on the floor and there were fire in some houses. The voice from the radio filled your ears as they announce that this year’s purge is more successful than last year’s.

The ride to the hospital was quiet but quick, the ambiance worried yet relieved that everything’s about to be okay. The wound on your leg is still bleeding and it added in the pain on your back. You were leaning at Calum’s side, his arms around you but not touching the wound on your back.

You arrived in the hospital and he rushed to open the car and carried you to the hospital. Nurses rushed towards you when they saw Calum approaching and placed out a wheelchair for you to sit on. “What’s the damage sir?” The nurse asked. “Bullet graze on the left of her back and she got shot on her right leg.”

She wheeled you to the emergency room while the four guys followed until they were stopped at the door. Your wound was examined, to see if you needed a surgery or not but it was proven that you needed to or it’ll cause more complications. The doctor made her way to Calum and the guys and called them.

Calum approached with the guys trailing behind him, worried at what could be the problem. “She’ll be fine.” The doctor reassured him when she saw his nervous look. “We’ll conduct a surgery to remove the bullet from her leg and we’ll treat her bullet graze.” He nodded and looked at you worryingly. You gave him a small wave to assure him you were fine and that was the last thing you remember before you were given anesthesia to start the surgery.

Your eyes fluttered and adjusted to the unfamiliar room. The white walls never seemed to give you a memory of how you got there. You looked to your right and you saw Calum sleeping, his head dipped down on your bed and his hands intertwined with yours. The three other guys were sleeping on the couch, tired at last night’s events.

You mumbled some incoherent words to try and wake him up but it didn’t work. You moved your fingers slightly and Calum stirred a bit. You moved them once again and his head shot up. He looked at you with his sleepy eyes and release a small yawn. “You okay?” you nodded for a bit. He pressed the button to call the doctors and within a minute they were already inside the room.

“How are you feeling Ms. Y/N?” the doctor asked as he checked his clipboard. “Uncomfortable.” he nodded. “Well you’re still recovering from the surgery so it’s normal. feeling any pain?” you nodded. “All you gotta do is rest for a few days here then you can go.” “Thanks doctor.” Calum said and by now the three guys are awake too.

The doctor and the nurses left the room and they all hovered on your bed. “Did you get yourselves checked too?” you asked them. “Yeah they cleaned our wounds a bit but other than that we’re okay.” Michael shrugged. “Did you guys went home already?” “I don’t think you’ve noticed but it exploded remember?” Luke joked which caused you to giggled.

“We didn’t want to leave until you woke up. We want to make sure you’re okay first.” you smiled at Ashton. “Thanks Ash, you should all go home now. I’ll be fine here. Go check your houses first.Just come back next morning.” Calum shook his head. “I won’t leave you here alone. You guys go ahead I’ll stay here, take Luke with you.” “You just want Y/N all by yourself you selfish prick.” Ashton snickered, Calum stood up and punched his friend. “Shut up Ash.” “You can punch me all you want but we all know it’s true.” and before Calum can even land a punch again, the three guys were already out the door giggling.

You ggigled at them too. He shook his head and took a seat beside your bed. “You know I’ll be fine Calum. You can go home for a while and check your houuse first. Maybe even shower, you stink! Now I’m starting to believe you really want me all by yourself.” you smirked at him and he chuckled, red tinted his cheeks. “I’ll go home after Luke goes back okay?” you nodded. “Deal!” he chuckled at you.

The next few days, you spent your time resting in the hospital. After the three guys went back, Calum did go home to check up on his house and took a shower. Fortunately, it was still in good shape and was untouched by the purgers. Calum never left your side and he took good care of you.

The past few days, you’ve grown more attached to him. You liked him more and more each day. He could say the same to you. It’s like he known you all his life. He felt so much comfortable being with you, especially now that the pressure of the purge is gone.

He was now pushing your wheelchair towards his car, even though you insisted that you were fine and you can walk now but he was stubborn. The teasing from the boys never stopped and even increased which the both of you just laugh at response or Calum just punches them again.

He placed you on the passenger’s seat and he walked around the car to go to the driver’s seat. “You good?” you nodded and he started the car. “We checked your apartment. It was trashed, we tried to save some of the clothes and the things left there and transferred it in my house. Maybe you could stay there until you can find another apartment? Or maybe you know… Don’t leave at all. Wait- no I don’t mean it that way it’s just the purge and… not that I don’t want you to stay! It’s just that-” “Calum you’re rambling.” you cut him off and laughed at him.

His cheeks turned red. “I’m sorry it’s just that… I never liked someone like you okay? God I don’t think I’ve liked anyone at all! But you’re special Y/N, I hope you give me a chance.” You smiled warmly at him. “I do like you Calum. I thought we’ve established that when you kissed me before we almost got killed?” “Hey in my defense, you kissed me too, the last time we almost got killed.” Laughter filled the car. “So what are we?” he asked at you with hope in his eyes. “Let this answer your question.” you removed your seat belt and kissed him on his lips passionately.

a/n: THE PURGE IS NOW FINISHED!!! Thank you so much to everyone who read this series. Thank you all to your kind words!! I’m gonna start a Luke series soon but I might finish some requests first!