houtong cat


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCpDVHIFe4k)

Visit with me Houtong super cute Cat Village and Jiufen, the mountain village on which was based Spirited Away’s village.


What’s up guys long time no selfie
I only have a few days left in taiwan and wanted to post a couple pics from my day trip to jiufen and houtong cat village! I got back a few hours ago and now I’m sketching in my hotel room. I can’t believe my time in Taiwan is coming to an end. Taipei has come to feel like home to me.

However, this Thursday I’ll fly to Japan to spend my entire senior year studying abroad in Nagoya, and to top off all this craziness, I just hit 7500 followers!!! Holy shit! Thanks for sticking around through all my fandom jumping, and I promise to keep working hard to make pretty art!

It’s weird to think that this time a couple months ago I was an emotional wreck who struggled to finish a single piece of art in one sitting. But now I’m so happy, full of light and love and adoring the feeling of creating again. If I could, I would share this kind of happiness with every single one of you


The Real Housecats of Houtong Cat Village.

So, Houtong is a hillside coal mining town northeast of Taipei. The mining industry tanked in the 90’s, and a lot of folks left the town - which apparently ended up with a large population of abandoned cats. (Shame on you people.) BUT - a few years ago, one of the locals posted about the place online and it went viral, so now it’s a popular tourist attraction!

Just a few of the many photos I took on a recent trip to northern Taiwan. I’ve been really enjoying street/travel photography lately - it’s a great way to explore, study lighting, people-watch, find the little details hidden in the world, and to practice composition on the fly. I’ll be posting more photosets from the trip here on my tumblr over the next two weeks!