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where did you get the brushes you use for your digital art? either its the brush or the texture of the image but something about it makes the artwork look as though it was actually painted, ;-;

Sorry it took so long to answer this! I just found the links to the brushes ^^;

I primarily use these two brushes when painting (excuse the language lol)

I think I got them from this guy named, Houstonsharp.  If I’m wrong it’s one of these people (whom I’ve also possibly downloaded over the years): Jonas De Ro, DanLuVisiArt, TheEchoDragon, AaronGriffithArt, Sakimichan, WLOP

The “AWESOME” brush is what makes the paintery textures you see in the backgrounds of my paintings while “THE SHIT” brush is for the character itself ^^;

In addition, I put a grainy filter to give it more texture (keystrokes for mac’s):

1) Cmnd+Option+Shift+E - essentially compresses all the layers of your entire painting into one separate layer

2) double click that layer and a separate window should pop up

3) click “pattern overlay” and pick the 5th pattern

4) choose “Multiply” for “blend mode”

Opacity is always 100% but I usually adjust the scale to ~70% or lower depending on the painting.

Not sure if this is what makes my stuff look “as though it was painted” but these are the biggest changes of my painting process compared to my old stuff 😬 

So i uh… Promised to make some decent fanart today since it’s a day off work so here it is… Michael mando as vaas montenegro and i was suuuuuppppeeerrrr stoked because michael mando actually took a bit of his precious time to like and thank this pic on instagram!!!!!! I almost fainted and my mom thought i was having a heart attack lol I am flexing my fingers for some vaason art soon. Photoshop CS6 + houstonsharp brushes + Wacom Intuos 4, 8+hrs