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Texas high school students throw up Nazi salute during “silly picture” for senior class photo shoot

  • Earlier this week, candid images taken during Cypress Ranch High School’s senior class photo began making the rounds on social media showing some students at the Cypress, Texas, school doing a Sieg Heil.
  • According to a tweet, the students were reacting to a couple girls in the class who threw up a black power fist during the “silly picture.”
  • In an email sent to Houston station KPRC, a student said at least 70 students made the gesture, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump." 
  • According to KPRC, the school principal sent home a letter to parents noting that the school is investigating the case of the "inappropriate gestures” and asking that parents discourage their kids from disseminating such images on social media “as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.” Read more

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@ cis women in Texas – Now is your big chance to put all those posts saying you support Trans women and hate terfs into practice. We need you all to fight against the proposed WPA, which was made to prohibit Trans women from being in women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms.

We need -your- support because this bill is being written in your name, and because both politicians and the media are more likely to listen to you all than to us. We’re framed as a bizarre fringe group, and when we speak up for ourselves it’s easy for these institutions to silence us.

Please, help us keep the public accomodations we so desperately need.


Afternoon guys!!!

Today is October 24th and we’re in Houston, Texas. Houston’s LGBTQ community took off in the ‘60s centering around the gay neighborhood of Montrose, which grew to include popular bars such as Montrose Mining Company in ‘78.

Starting in 1995, the Houston Splash event has attracted thousands as it celebrates the black and latino LGBTQ communities. With the election of Annise Parker in 2010, Houston became one of the first major cities in the U.S. to elect an openly gay mayor.

I’m so so so looking forward to seeing everyone dancing here tonight!!!

Troye x

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Women’s March, Houston City Hall, Jan. 21, 2017

Stella Link Laundry, Houston, Jan. 14, 2017