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Some pics and goodies I found at Anime Matsuri! Also got to meet @3dbillcipher and @owlapinart which was SUPER awesome!! (if anyone sees other ppl that you know don’t be shy and tag em plz)

If We Date..

•You are the only one.
•I will remind you everyday how beautiful you are and why I love you.
•I will put you first.
•I will do or say whatever to make you happy, because I want to see you smile.
•I will have the sudden urge to want to pull you closer.
•I will surprise you in the cutest ways, because I know you will like it.
• I will randomly kiss you.
• I will randomly visit you, any day at Anytime. If you are asleep, well wake up!

IF WE DATE, I will love you.

Main Street, Houston, Jan. 10, 2017