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Alright, hear me out

Camp Camp Wonderland AU.

I had this original idea, and after tossing out some more ideas with Classo (@campcamp-nerris ), here’s the general gist of it:

Harrison: Alice

While digging around in his hat for a prop needed to show off his New Cool Trick to Nerris and Preston, something grabs Harrison’s hand and pulls him into the hat.

After performing the obligatory Alice Fall™ he’s greeted by

Dolph: White Rabbit

Who looks at him awkwardly for a second before saying “Huh. You look like your brother. Weird” and running off because oh no, he’s going to be late.

Harrison is naturally shook because he just saw Dolph with rabbit ears, what the fuck, and what was that about his brother??

He goes to follow and after the obligatory Alice Food And Water Poisoning™ he’s found by

Nerris: Cheshire Cat

Who may be a cat, but doesn’t stop being a bitch. She ends up promising to help Harrison find his way out– and also maybe his brother. Harrison would rather not stake such a large promise on his rival’s shoulders, but hey, what can ya do.

Shenanigans then ensure, ft.

Ered: Mad Hatter

Nurf: March Hare

Space Kid: Dormouse

Neil: Caterpillar

(And boy does it piss Harrison off that the one time in his life he could use Neil’s straight-forward answers, he’s met with this mysterious fucker)

Max and Nikki: Tweedledee and Tweedledum

(Nikki is happy to accept her position as quirky quirkmaster. Max doesn’t get paid enough to bother)

Preston: Red Queen

(If you think your life is strange, try going up against your best friend who insists on cutting your head off and whose volume control is worse than ever)

And the mysterious Red King, who is only encountered at the very end of Harrison’s fairly fucked up adventure although he’s been providing aid since the beginning.

It turns out the Red King is not from Wonderland originally and is slowly dying from all the magical exposure. Some of his (maybe last) royal commands were to help Harrison: he assigned Cat!Nerris to guide him, he told Red Queen Preston not to hurt him, etc.

Harrison, confused and heartbroken, asks to see him, so he’s lead to the royal chamber… And finds himself faced with a slowly dying

Harrison’s Brother: Red King

Just for a moment before Real Nerris and Preston manage to pull him back out of the hat.

So yeah!

Camp Camp Wonderland AU.

Good shit.


1 Question for Taylor Swift 13 Times

So @taylorswift performed at in Houston Feb 4th for Super Saturday Night!! One of my best friends Alexis and I were dying to go!! We made this video of us spelling out “Houston?” in 13 different unique, crazy, outrageous, hilarious, creative, and awesome ways! We’re really proud of this video! It took A LOT of work! We did some things that were nerve racking, but it was soo much fun!! Although we didn’t get the exclusive invite we would LOVE for Taylor to see our video!! 

Here’s the 13 different things we did…

1. Used my sisters cat food to spell out Houston and then had her cats eat it!
2. Bought white flowers and put glitter foam letters on them. Then handed them out to strangers at the mall.
3. Made a poster then went Indoor Skydiving at iFly! (It was like in Willy Wonka hahha)
4. Used Red Lipstick to spell out “Houston?” (Like on the Speak Now Cd!)
5. Went to the woods and used leaves to spell out “Houston?”
6. Made a sign of each letter with index cards and held them up at by Lake Michigan in Chicago
7. Used 1989 Polaroids to spell out “Houston?”
8. Went to the AT&T store and spelled out “Houston?” on the devices.
9. Made coffee with whipped cream and spells out “Houston?” with chocolate syrup.
10. Had a MASSIVE BAKING NIGHT! Made 100 football shaped cookies and used them to spell out “Houston?”
11. Got heart shaped balloons and put letters on each one and let them go on the dock by a lake
12. Spelled out “Houston?” on my dogs sweater and he did his begging trick.
13. Spelled out “Houston?” with tealights on my staircase.


Sayaka’s blog post on 6 Oct 2017:

Good Evening.

I’m late to update my blog….

On October 1st, Sailor Moon Musical has ended.

For me, it was 3 years.

3 years ago
When it was decided that I would play this role,
My feeling was that I can be a Sailor Senshi 💕
However, I was full of anxiety on how I can play this role.

I was feeling anxious all the time.

Even after the first opening day, the uneasiness and anxiety continued
After reading the letters from everyone, my anxiety started to reduce bit by bit
It feels like yesterday.

Above all of these, Shuu-san who plays Uranus always takes care of me

We have talked about these episodes in many interviews….

I’m so grateful towards Shuu-san, so grateful.

Only with Shuu-san, can my Neptune and my Michiru exists.
I’m very blessed that we can do this together.

We had plenty of uneasiness and nervousness together in the closest proximity.
All of these have become my happy memories.

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, Houston, Aichi
I have made memories at all these places.

In these 3 years, I am grateful to many people whom I have met.

My childhood dream has been fulfilled
Sailor Moon Musical.

Thank you to everybody whom I have met.

For the many letters, presents, comments on social media
These are my life treasure.

I am very blessed.

From now on, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi will be my aspiration.