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It’s been a good day.

I ughhhh… I don’t know how to start this. About the time that Candice quoted my tweet, I started balling in the grocery store. I am so grateful right now. To some people, they will just see a girl jumping up and down cause a celebrity noticed her and some of my joy comes from that cause…Candice Patton! But it just brings back all of the reasons that I created the video in the first place.  I had a lot of pain in my heart and that is why I was so affected when I discovered Candice Patton but the pain was still there. The story needed to be shared. I created that video from the old pain of low self-esteem and lack of purpose but recently, that pain was replaced with the pain of my dad being sick and me feeling the full weight of his illness for the first time and realizing how much he did for our family. Not going to Houston made me feel broken because of the reason. I hope this video helped someone. I hope it made Candice feel loved. But I am so thankful that I was hollowed out enough to post my story on the internet because it freed me from the pain. I’m just grateful… Every bad moment eventually led me to the peace I’m feeling right now. :)

Top 10: Relationship Soundtrack

Recently, I posted a top 10 list of songs that check you directly into Heartbreak Hotel. If you haven’t checked that list, I don’t blame because you pretty much live there since the How I Met Your Mother writers killed our beloved Tracy McConnell. Moving on! Tonight, I’m feeling slightly lovey-dovey and it’s not because my current crush gave me a hug that made me feel, the exact same way I felt, the first time that I had a McFlurry. It’s not! I swear Marie has nothing to do with this list.

Now, my list of 10 songs that should be the soundtrack to any relationship kinda like the imaginary 10-month relationship that I have been having with the girl whose hug didn’t inspire this list (the lesser known Stieg Larsson book). As usual, these songs are in no particular order and quite frankly, I’m just jotting down the first 10 songs that came to my mind when I was walking away from Marie after the hug that we shared which has nothing to do with this list. Let’s get this started…

1.     Westlife featuring Diana Ross – When You Tell Me That You Love Me

2.     Teddy Pendergrass featuring Whitney Houston – Hold Me

3.     Gerald Levert – Made To Love You

4.     Temptations – My Girl

5.     Mariah Carey – Thank God I Found You

6.     Kenny Lattimore – If You Could See You (Through My Eyes)

7.     Justin Timberlake featuring Beyonce – Until The End of Time REMIX

8.     Jennifer Hudson – Giving Myself

9.     Babyface – Everytime I Close My Eyes

10.  Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

I’m gonna answer all of these together.  Firstable, thank you so much!!! I drew it because I had a mighty need for it. Now I guess I get to make headcannons for it, so I’ve truly won on this night.

Saddle up kiddos, we’re going to the Upside Down:

  • Lance gets lifted by the demogorgon (which I’ve been spelling way wrong btw) after walking home from school and getting a nosebleed.
  • It’s a weak reason to be kidnapped so when he’s rescued he tells everyone he was in a fight.
  • Hunk and Pidge refuse to believe he’s dead, they skip class to look for him constantly.
  • Literally the town intervenes, because, “He’s gone, you have to move on.  He would want you to move on.” 
  • Keith Kogane of all people is like “That’s a whole load of shit, he’s still alive”
  • Pidge and Hunk are like ????? because they’re pretty sure Keith hates Lance.
  • So the three of them squad up and go to Keith’s shack (lol it follows him in every universe) and he’s like “He called me!!!” He has christmas lights and telephones everywhere.  Hunk on the low is like “Does he have a thing for Lance, is this a crush?” And Pidge is like “Yeah, hella.” 
  • Hunk is the most skeptical.  He loves Lance, that’s his bro, his ride or die, but oh my god he might really be dead and they might really be crazy with grief.
  • But then Keith is like “Houston, we’ve made contact.” And Hunk practically DESECRATES the wall bare handed because LANCE IS IN THERE AND HE IS GOING TO GET HIM.
  • In the end it’s Pidge that goes into the Upside Down, because the only opportunity they have to get there is through a hole in a tree the size of a basketball.
  • Lance is suspiciously slimy and greyish and smells like ash and Keith kisses him so hard like never mind the boy can barely breathe right now. Lance wants to say something slick but he’s just so tired and Keith is so warm so he falls asleep instead.  
  • He considers tattooing Pidge’s face on himself as his lord and savior.
  • Pidge thinks he should too.

That’s all I have without turning this into a fic