houston intercontinental airport

Cash-Landrum incident- A UFO case that went to court:

“The object, intensely bright and a dull metallic silver, was shaped like a huge upright diamond, about the size of the Dayton water tower, with its top and bottom cut off so that they were flat rather than pointed. Small blue lights ringed the center, and periodically over the next few minutes flames shot out of the bottom, flaring outward, creating the effect of a large cone. Every time the fire dissipated, the UFO floated a few feet downwards toward the road. But when the flames blasted out again, the object rose about the same distance.“

In 1980,  Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were returning to Dayton, Texas after a family meal, when they saw a brilliant orange light above some trees. The time was around 9:00 P.M and the family initially thought it was a plane coming in to land at Houston Intercontinental Airport, so they paid it little attention.

Some moments later, they began journeying down a long road and witnessed the same light as before. This time, it was a lot brighter and bigger. They reported that it appeared to be coming from a huge diamond-shaped object, which hovered at about treetop level. The object’s base was expelling large flames and Cash had to stop the car, fearing they might get burned if they drove any closer. However, Vickie was a born-again Christian and believed it was the second-coming of Jesus Christ. They walked closer to the object by foot but turned back, as they noticed the car’s metal began to heat up and the UFO was getting closer. Suddenly, a group of CH47Chinook helicopters (specialized choppers used by the military) approached the object and surrounded it in tight formation. With the road now clear, Cash drove on, claiming to see glimpses of the object and the helicopters receding into the distance. 

After their ordeal, Betty, Vickie, and Colby returned home safely. That night, they all suffered from a mystery illness: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, generalized weakness, and a burning sensation in their eyes. A professional radiologist later confirmed that they had all suffered from ionizing radiation and had severe burns from an ultraviolet component.

Eventually, Cash and Landrum contacted their lawyers and decided to take legal action to seek compensation. The case continued to occupy the U.S. Courts for several years. Cash and Landrum sued the U.S government for $20 million. On August 21, 1986, their case was quickly dismissed. The U.S. Government, and top military officials had testified that the United States Armed Forces did not have a large, diamond-shaped aircraft in their possession and presented several pieces of “evidence”. This case is certainly weird, and it may be surprising to learn that Betty died exactly 18 years to the day of the incident. The Cash-Landrum incident also happened one day after The Rendlesham Forest Incident, an eerily similar UFO case from the UK.