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College AU: Artist Kara and her journalist girlfriend Cat

“What do you want to be?” I asked her on a day when she wore red and the rain outside hung on the tips of her hair.

She strayed her eyes from the window and looked at me with those eyes that always reminded me of summer. Green. Warm. Bright.

“A lot.”


She smiled devilishly and took a sip from her coffee, making me wait as if she didn’t know I loved watching the stain of coffee on her red lips or the mark she left behind on the rim of the cup.

“I want people to look at me and say, ‘She’s just too much.’ Too smart. Too pretty. Too successful. A lot.” She quirked an eyebrow and challenged me with her mouth, twisting it to the side and making me forget the day was cold and rainy and dark.

She always made me forget the world was anything but warm.

“And you? What does Kara Danvers want to be? To do?”

“I want to be the person to document you. I’m going to show the world how big you are.” I didn’t hesitate in my answer.

My fingers were stained with charcoal as I drummed them against the table to keep from touching her. She hated when I got her hands dirty.

“What if I don’t know you by then?” Her eyes shone brighter and she leaned forward, her blonde hair falling gently from her shoulders.

“You will.” I nodded, smiling widely when she rolled her eyes.

“But how do you know?” She kept asking me questions she already knew the answer to.

“I just do,” I said, committing to memory how she looked down to my hands and reached to tangle her fingers with mine.

Our hands were stained and her hair was long and I had a class in twenty minutes when she said, “I’ll hold you to that, Danvers,” and promised me forever.