houston anime matsuri


Some pics and goodies I found at Anime Matsuri! Also got to meet @3dbillcipher and @owlapinart which was SUPER awesome!! (if anyone sees other ppl that you know don’t be shy and tag em plz)

I can’t wait to get pictures from the con :’) second cosplay I made by myself.

Photo by Decavolty (Facebook and Instagram)


I’m going as vaughn from tales from the borderlands this weekend at Anime Matsuri Houston !

heres some attempt at a sort of casual photo shoot eheh..

im only going as vaughn on saturday and sunday, but ill still be going as.. myself on friday (it would be so rad to see anyone there !!!! )


Anime Matsuri has been so so soooo much fun so far!! Yesterday was my first time cosplaying and I had a blast! My girlfriends brother made all our props and they turned out ahhh-mazing 😁👌


Hi hi everyone!

In case i haven’t said it enough, i’ll be tabling at Anime Matsuri X! I’ll be @ T66

This will be the stuff i’ll have up in there, im v excited!! If you happen to come by AMatsuri stop by my table and say hi ; v ;!! (it would make my day)