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Look who came with me to Houston! 😁 I’ve been working on my axolotl painting a little more and brought it with me so I can do another live painting at Comicpalooza!😊🖌  Join me today in room 371C from 4:30pm to 5:30pm to watch me paint live and answer some Q&A! 😀🎨 It’s been so much fun getting to do these types of events with everyone! ☺ I love getting together to talk about art! 😄🎨🖌💕 I hope you’ll be able to make it! ☺ If you can’t, you can come see me at my booth #41! 😉 I’ll be there all weekend! 🙋See you soon cuties! 😙💕

I can’t wait to get pictures from the con :’) second cosplay I made by myself.

Photo by Decavolty (Facebook and Instagram)

Here’s something cute to start your morning! 😘 Everything is better as chibi babies! 😆👶💕 Including Chewbacca and Yoda lol 😝😆 I thought this would be a fun new print, so I made “Baby Rebellion” my Comicpalooza exclusive! 😁🎉🎉 These little cuties are a limited colorway specially for the show this weekend, May 12th-14th! 💙✨ If you’re going to the convention here in Houston, make sure you stop by my booth #42 to grab one because once the run is sold out, this print design won’t be remade! 😉 Plus if you stop by and see me, I can sign it for you too! 😘 I’ll be here all weekend! 💕


Some pics and goodies I found at Anime Matsuri! Also got to meet @3dbillcipher and @owlapinart which was SUPER awesome!! (if anyone sees other ppl that you know don’t be shy and tag em plz)


I’m going as vaughn from tales from the borderlands this weekend at Anime Matsuri Houston !

heres some attempt at a sort of casual photo shoot eheh..

im only going as vaughn on saturday and sunday, but ill still be going as.. myself on friday (it would be so rad to see anyone there !!!! )

Farewell Houston! 🤗 I’m so thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to be here! 🙇❤ A big thanks to Comicpalooza and all the team members that helped make this possible! 💞 Biggest of hugs to you lovelies who came to see me and bought my prints and merch! 😄💖 Without you I couldn’t do what I do! You are all the best! 😙😊 Now to unwind with a little drawing at the airport before I’m back home in beautiful Vancouver! 😀✏ Which is where my next show is! 😆 I’ll be at Vancaf comic arts festival table J1 in the Yaletown Roundhouse center May 20-21 with books, prints, pins, goodies and more. 😁✨ So mark your calendars for Vancaf May 20-21 and I’ll see you there soon! 🤓❤


Anime Matsuri has been so so soooo much fun so far!! Yesterday was my first time cosplaying and I had a blast! My girlfriends brother made all our props and they turned out ahhh-mazing 😁👌

Comicpalooza is this weekend, May 12th-14th! 😆 I’m trying to get organized because I fly out tomorrow! 🛫😊 But check this out! I’ve got a handy new tote for Houston that’s perfect for traveling! 👜✨ Hee hee 😄 Like what you see? 😉 You’ll be able to pick up your own this weekend at booth #42! 😊 I’ll be there all weekend so stop by and check out the new goodies!🙋💕 But if you’re not able to make it to Texas for the show, I left a few for Etsy after the madness of my May the 4th release! ☺💖 I’ll try to make them available on Friday! 😁 But now I’m off to pack up for the show! 😊🛍Have a good evening lovelies! 😙💗

OH MY GOSH!!!!! 😲😲😲 Look you guys!👆 My art is on the badges for Comicpalooza!!! 😆😍💖💖💖 This is so amazing!😄💕 I’m a thousand times more excited for this weekend now! 😀 I can’t wait for it to be Friday already! 😊 Please stop by and say hi at show! 🤗 I’ll be at booth #41 all weekend. 😊 I brought a lot of fun goodies so stop by early to check it out! 😁 Now I’m off to settle in for the night so I can get a jump start on set up tomorrow. 😉 Have a great evening lovelies! 😙❤❤❤