Built in the 13th century, Houska Castle in Prague, Czech Republic is one of the country’s most haunted landmarks. It was built with no fortifications, no water, no kitchen, away from major trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because a large hole, nicknamed “The Gateway to Hell” needed to be covered up. People believe that, by building this huge castle, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level and they built the thickest walls closest to the hole to keep the supposed demons at bay, away from nearby villages. Spooky tales of humanoid creatures and dark-winged creatures flying out of this hole have been reported for centuries, and the ominous castle is host to further paranormal occurrences.


Standing Rock protesters plan next fights after victory over Dakota Access pipeline

  • Many of the demonstrators gathered at Standing Rock protests are planning on taking the fight elsewhere.
  • (Even though many believe the pipeline project will eventually be reinstated by Donald Trump’s administration.)
  • One organizer, Honor the Earth national campaigns director Tara Houska, left for Minnesota to testify against Enbridge’s Line 3, a proposed pipeline which would cross northern Minnesota
  • Houska said the project, which would cut through Anishinaabe hunting and fishing grounds, “threaten[s] the survival of our most important cultural identifier.”
  • Other destinations for some of the protesters included the site of a proposed telescope in Hawaii, demonstrations in Wyoming against killings of the Yellowstone Buffalo and the Sabal Trail pipeline in Florida.
  • Meanwhile, numerous members of the protest group have chosen to stay behind. Read more

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Chelsea: "Don't show any pubes." (While Cole squirts the jelly/lube? on her belly to hear baby's heart) Cole: "They gotta be careful what they show here. It's my wife! I'll fight some fools." OMG!!!!! Also, he kinda talks in a baby voice, and I love it!!!

lol Cole is such a gem and I think he and Chelsea were absolutely made for each other.