realistically scott will probably base most of the fna/f movie on the book but that means the most godawful forced boring hetero scenes that almost made me skip ahead/stop reading and id rathwr the movie be 2 hours of youtuber gameplay than have The Straights shoehorned into a fucking movie about killer animatronics GOD

Why Trump’s Use of the Words ‘Urban Renewal’ Is Scary for Cities - NYTimes.com

If Mr. Trump was reaching for a broadly uplifting concept — renewal — he landed instead on a term with very specific, and very negative, connotations for the population he says he aims to help.

Among scholars and many city dwellers, urban renewal is remembered for its vast destruction of minority communities, when entire neighborhoods were razed for housing, highways and civic projects.

“This is a loaded phrase,” said Mary Pattillo, a sociologist at Northwestern University. She suspects that many of Mr. Trump’s comments during the campaign about “inner cities” and African-Americans were in fact aimed at white listeners. But it seems unlikely he’s doing the same here and subtly telegraphing that his urban agenda will not actually benefit poor minorities.


Artist Kat O'Sullivan, aka Katwise, (along with help from her partner Mason Brown and their friends) transformed a dilapidated 19th century farmhouse in the woods near the hamlet of High Falls, New York into a technicolor dream house. Both inside and out, the dwelling is an awesome rainbow of colors and textures that still somehow looks right at home in the middle what we suspect to be an enchanted forest.

Colorful and filled with personality on both the interior and the exterior, the house was renovated according to O'Sullivan’s philosophy of “artistic upcycling,” which she explains as breathing new life into castaway objects. The final result, called Calico, is a gorgeous and unique house that is a perfect match for the artist’s dynamic lifestyle.

Head over to the Shawangunk Journal to read an interview with Katwise about her sensational home renovation. Then visit Katwise’s website to check out her other artistic endeavors.

[via My Modern Metropolis]

well im not old enough to vote yet so i guess my only choice is to shove 13 american flags up my ass and fucking pray