housing works book store

Good times at Housing Works Book Store’s MFA vs. NYC event tonight! The readings by Emily Gould and Eli S. Evans’ readings were great. I found it interesting that even though it it was “MFA vs. NYC”, Evans and Gould both poignantly depicted the struggles associated with each, respectively. I think the takeaway was that even though getting your MFA or being a writer in NYC may seem like ideals, it doesn’t matter what your deal is–being a successful writer is really really hard! I really appreciated that even though Gould and Evans have had success in their own ways, they were willing to share how much of their writing careers have ultimately been struggles. We’re often exposed to authors once they’re successful and accomplished, but I think that more often than not, their backstories are probably really relatable!


the Arcs | nyc at the housing works showcase, hosted by npr
1. photo from Brooklyn vegan of me and my friend,
2. my brothers and I with Dan Auerbach’s guitar tech from Akron Ohio, ¾. D.A.,
5. Richards swifts stick and set list,
6. My friend and I with their mariachi trumpet player,
7. The sets,
8. D.A.,
9. Me and my friends casually running into Matt Schultz of Cage the Elephant and hanging out