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Never mind structural unemployment: if you don’t have a job it’s because you are unenterprising. Never mind the impossible costs of housing: if your credit card is maxed out, you’re feckless and improvident. Never mind that your children no longer have a school playing field: if they get fat, it’s your fault. In a world governed by competition, those who fall behind become defined and self-defined as losers.
—  George Monbiot, ‘Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems’, The Guardian
Another one about my store manager

Today as I left the store I said to my store manager “see you after Christmas because this is my last shift when you’re in before I go home” and she honestly looked like she was about to cry.
She then goes “come here and give me a cuddle”.
Whilst hugging her she then says “thank you so much for your help over the last two months. I can’t wait until you’re back.
She honestly does not realise how much I appreciate this. It makes me so warm and fuzzy inside. And it’s one of the reasons I travel a good 30 mins by bus to work instead of working in the store 10 mins walk from my house.
It doesn’t cost much to be nice to your employees and maybe they’ll actually want to come to work if you treat them nicely.

Colorado Ballet accepted me, and is offering me $1,250 to cover tuition. ivi

anonymous asked:

how do you colour manga so well? i have been trying for weeks and everything looks like complete trash. i want to be like you and everyone else but i suck at it i don't know what to do. this is so frustrating i want to make colourings as good as yours some day but i will not from comparing mine to others. i want to be good but nothing comes out the way i want it.

Hey friend, your colorings are not trash, you have just started making them!! A few weeks in with coloring stuff that don’t leave you content isn’t strange, it’s apart of learning and making!! Every second you color, you get better, you just don’t see it right now, but you will soon!!

Viewing tutorials, using your own imagination, and patience is key to doing graphics, art, writing, etc.

You will be frustrated, you will be upset, you will be impatient, but that comes with creating things!! You’ll start warming up to everything you create and become more skilled than before!!

I’ll show you the difference in my coloring with no experience vs. my coloring,,,done like 15 minutes ago ahaha

^ I didn’t even know layers existed and I spent like 4 hours just coloring in between the lines and yelling


Once in a while, compare your latest coloring with your first one, you’ll be proud, just keep experimenting and practicing, you’re gonna be a god(dess)!!

Honestly I can’t wait to start this new job 

living 40 miles away from anybody I’d consider a friend with barely anybody to talk to and no place to go is seriously starting to take a toll on my mental well being

It's 2017

If you’re still house bashing: kindly escort yourself out of the fandom.

There’s A Universe The Size Of You And Me

Tavros’ new house is not so much a house but a home.

There isn’t really another way to put it.

His new house is big, large rooms with ample spaces and windows that take up the whole wall, illuminating the house but mostly decorating it with the picturesque, real-life painting of the forest that lays on the other side. It isn’t really tall, though, only two stories high, but the shortage of stairs might be more of a reminiscence of his past life and struggles - and a caution, should it happen again- than lack of money.

Because, all in all, the house probably costs more than someone of his caste could realistically afford, back in Alternia. But creating the new Universe comes with certain perks, after all.

Even though the living room is massive, and there’s an impressive distance between one wall and the opposite, the space isn’t cluttered. In fact, it’s almost minimalistic, the fireplace being the only thing that might catch the eye, and only because of the flickering orange-white light the fire casts. The personal belongings are kept to a bare minimum: a few books on the shelves, pristine-clean and untouched (the books he really likes have their place in his night stand - the chipped, dog-eared copy of Pupa Pan presiding the pile), clothes that are not yet in place, and not much more. There’s a striking lack of photos on the walls, but the world is still new, so is this life, and the new memories will surely come in due time.

Despite all this, the house doesn’t feel naked, or deserted, even when he’s not around.

There’s the soft, chirping sound of the birds outside, probably their thank-you note for the food Tavros left for them in the backyard. There’s also the echo of those chirps coming from inside, half a beat later, from the ample cage that stands next to the TV. It is soon followed by the fluttering of wings, but one of them still doesn’t work quite well, so it is short-lived, and soon continued by tweets of distress, half due to the pain and half due to the loss of freedom. It’s a temporary arrangement, though, and at soon as the wing heals its owner will be able to abandon the house and join the choir outside, so the song will be sung in one voice rather than two. There’s also the soft pitter-patter of clawed paws against the wooden floor, in a staccato that increases in frequency before abruptly coming to a halt and being substituted with a soft ‘thud’, as the sofa cushion compresses with the added weight. There’s a song, there’s a beat, and then there’s…

… there’s you.

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Czech architect Vojtech Valda designs flat-pack house in Trebesice

A Czech architect has invented a tiny, flat-pack house that costs less than £1,000 and can be built in just a few hours.

Vojtech Valda built the miniature home in the village of Trebesice, south of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague.

The experimental accommodation features tiny areas for sleeping, living, cooking and storage - and it costs just 30,000 CZK (£987).

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Egg: (Baby) Okanya Egg

Bait: Cozy Stocking

Hatching: 240 minutes

Energy before evolution: 90

Have reached level 8
Have a Level of Affection of at least 75%
Baby Okanya must be at least 30 days old

Energy after evolution: ?

Food: Iced Pudding

Okanya’s egg costs 350 Gold Coins in Companion Shop. Also can be found at Toy Factory.
Okanya’s bait costs 450 Maanas or 75 Gold Coins in Companion Shop. Also can be found at Snowstorm, Gingerbread House.
Okanya’s food costs 24 Maanas or 4 Gold Coins in Companion Shop.  Also can be found at Frozen Lake.

How to prepare for a new semester
  1. Scheduling– Ensure you have enough time to get to your next class, eat, and any other obligation you might have throughout the day. Think about the future, too. If you know you’re going to have a build-up of difficult classes, consider taking one of those classes now and saving an easier class (like a gen ed!) for that later semester.
  2. Make a brief financial plan (or a detailed financial plan if you’re that kind of guy). Know what money you’re going to have coming in, and what money you project you will have coming out (for instance, you know how much your tuition is, how much housing costs). Outline what money you will use where (for instance, half of your monthly paycheck to tuition, the other half to groceries, or a quarter to groceries and a quarter to savings). If you want to plan a spring break trip with your friends, brainstorm some ideas of how you will save for it, so you aren’t hit with that problem suddenly in the middle of the semester.
  3. Attend the involvement fair (even if you went last semester). Who knows, maybe there’s a new club that formed, or you missed something last time. Maybe your major changed and you need new connections in your new one, or you were too overwhelmed and scared as a tiny little freshman that you couldn’t go up and talk to anybody (@me). Meet some new people, spark a new interest. At the very least you were social for an hour.
  4. Start thinking about your next year living options early–  I know you don’t want more things to worry about, but if you think of it early, it doesn’t become a sudden stressor in the middle of your semester, and you won’t have to pick up the slack and settle for things you’re not too satisfied with. If your uni is anything like mine, off campus housing is a must, and it is a blood bath this late in the year. 
  5. Meet with your advisor before midterms/before scheduling period so you can have a plan and know what to do before the opening of enrollment– you’ll once again reduce sudden unneeded stress, and you’ll (hopefully) have a better chance of scheduling the classes you want, when you want them.
  6. Think about future semesters– this is difficult, you don’t know the future and its not fun to think about, but do you know that you need to take five 200 level courses to get a degree in your major? Consider taking an extra one early and save that general ed art class for that sixth semester when you have to take really demanding courses.
  7. Consider your past semesters if you can– did you have a hard time keeping up with your coursework? Ask older friends and/or your advisor what they think you should do, maybe you should consider removing one course, or there is a way to rearrange your schedule to allow for better time management. This may take some finagling and a little bit of extra stress for a few days, but you’ll be glad you took the time once you find a fitting solution. Likewise, did you feel like you had too much time on your hands? This could be a sign to change your schedule as well. If your schedule doesn’t seem too packed or demanding, add on that extra 200 level you’ll need to take somewhere along the way, or add another gen ed (don’t worry if you’ve already got the maximum number of credits for this semester, email or meet with your advisor and they should be able to allow you to take on more, as well as give their opinion on what to do). If you don’t think taking another course is quite the answer, this could be an opportunity for a part time job or to find another club/organization to get involved in. If you’re anything like me, if i have too much time on my hands, rather than taking the opportunity to devote more time to homework and studying, i just lay around because “i have plenty of time”.

My second semester will be starting soon, so here’s some reflections from my personal experience to help you with yours. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season (if you celebrated and if not, I hope it was still wonderful) and look forward to another year! Good luck in 2017!

You know what I just realized that bothers me about Lilo and Stitch? Where the  are the parents’ family???? In Hawaii, most people have HUGE families (especially if they’re presumably Hawaiian) and unlike the mainland… most families (even if they’re your 2nd or 3rd cousins or aunts and uncles) still get together and relatively actively see each other and we take care of each other. If the parents die and/or they are just absent parents, many grandparents take care of their grandchildren. This has to do with how much housing costs but just different family values.. and Hawaii while having somewhat of the “nuclear family” is typically not often that.

But I mean, I understand for the plot (otherwise it wouldn’t have happened) but it’s just a little weird now that I think about it.

ELI5: Where do internet providers get their internet from and why can't we make our own?

Answer #1

You can make your own. Go run some fiber from your house to mine.

It costs about $50,000/mile.

We can add others to our network as you get the money.

Answer #2

The Internet is the colloquial term for Interconnected Networks. Your ISP has an arrangement with one or more other companies, who in turn have agreements with yet more companies.

Some of these organizations spend lots of money to run physical cables across the planet in the expectation that their cables will be used to transport information between the two or more points that they connected together.

You can form an organization that connects to existing infrastructure and if you’d on-sell it, your organization is an ISP. You could also set up actual infrastructure, but that’s much more costly and risky.

Different countries have rules about this mainly to do with illegal use that you’ll need to abide by and since this is big business, many roadblocks exist to prevent your little organization from competing with the incumbent.

Some towns and cities, disenchanted with incumbent providers, have started their own networks and succeed in larger and smaller degree in providing their citizens with Internet connectivity. Various freenets also exist which allow information to travel within the group but not to the wider Internet. This often bypasses legal impediments to creating an ISP.

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