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hi, my name is Lovi and I’m a 15 year old nonbinary poc teen who is currently being kicked out by their mother!!!!

My mom has been verbally and emotionally abusive towards me for years, and as of late she has been physically abusive as well. According to her, I’m just a rotten child who should go to hell so she’s finally deciding to kick me out so I need somewhere to stay ASAP!!!

The good thing is, I can stay with my aunt, but I have to pay rent which is about $150 a month for me, which is very very much considering my mom will not let me get a job!

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Dani is a 20 year old trans woman living with her abusive, fundamentalist christian family. She is being subjected to abusive, coercive “ex-gay” therapy and needs immediate shelter in the Portland, Oregon area. I recently relocated to Seattle and can’t help her in person, but I’m begging anyone who knows me in the area to PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN PROVIDE HER SHELTER. I honestly don’t know how much longer she’ll be able to endure this kind of abuse. Absolutely anything you can offer helps: a bedroom, a futon, anyplace she can go, and if you don’t have a place for her, please ask people you trust if they can help.
I can be reached here on Tumblr through the link above, or by email at

Marriage equality may be legal, but in much of the country, so is discrimination against LGBT people. In too many states, you can legally be fired, kicked out of your home, or removed from a public place because of who you are or who you love. This New York Times piece explains why we have to tackle employment, housing and public accommodations discrimination – now.

Okay guys. I really hate asking this of people. But I’ve tried searching and I’m still searching for a room. Finding a place to live in Santa Cruz is really difficult.

I have a job and money. I could pay rent or food money or whatever.

I won’t have a place to go come Tuesday night.

Does anyone in Santa Cruz County have a place I could either temporarily crash or more permanently rent from?

I’m 21yo and nonbinary. I work at the Boardwalk full time.

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While I strongly dislike that some people aren’t moved by the troubles of others until it effects them directly, here’s a very small way that the restrictions placed on and directly intended for undocumented immigrants  will interrupt your day, American Citizen!

As my PA ID expires tomorrow, I’m switching my legal residency to DC. Surprisingly, it’s *not* procrastination that’s made me wait until the literal last possible day, it’s the REAL ID Act. As DC is in compliance with this, I’m required to provide a current unexpired government ID, my Social Security card, birth certificate, current lease, and a utility bill in order to get an ID card in the District - this is all before even taking a driver’s test. Sending away for a copy of my birth certificate took me a month and cost about $40. The Real ID will cost me $20, and about half a day away from work. While this is a minor annoyance to me, imagine how much of a bigger issue this would be for people who don’t have access to these things (i.e.: your name isn’t on your lease/utilities). And yes, you need all of them, or equivalents (a recent W-2 can substitute for a Social Security card, for example).
“Well I live in [not DC], and that place is a bureaucratic nightmare! I’m unbothered.” As of January 1, 2016 you’ll need on too in order to open a bank account, board an airplane or enter a federal building, or use your ID for any other federal purpose (FASFA, Section 8/HUD rental assistance spring to mind immediately).