housewives on fire

Thee look.  Housewives On Fire signature circle skirt with inseam pockets and couture tailored waistband paired up with one of the new graphic housewives print crop top. 


☀️ A few days ago I came across a Daiya no Ace parody of the Free! ED Future Fish (link) with police officer Eijun and it exploded into a hundred little ideas. Then I also thought of Honto Yajuu and how cute a policeman/yakuza misawa AU would be. Thanks to people on twitter who bounced ideas with me!

He and Haruichi work together, though it’s mostly Haruichi because Eijun’s usually distracted by the kids who like to visit him (and also like to take advantage of him spoiling them). His patrol route is also part of the Miyuki yakuza group’s territory so he runs into them a lot and now also thinks it’s standard for all yakuza to have mullets.

Another AU that I’m not sure what I’ll do with, but it’s a lot of fun to draw and come up with ideas for!


Getting fitted for that perfect birthday dress by #marionnyc.

I’ll have more time, I tell myself, to sit and compose a proper post on my thoughts about all this later this weekend. But for now, I’ll share that I’ve been entertaining throwing myself a birthday party for months, and the fact that I still haven’t given up on the idea has me astonished at myself. Anyone who’s kept on my personal posts might have an inkling as to why I have, maybe; I guess I shouldn’t linger on it any more than anyone else would. For now, it would be best for me to thank Melissa Marion for giving me my first real reason to get excited about the big occasion. The pressure is on now to put on a show befitting a dress as spectacular as she’s about to make me.

Fuck, I guess I have my work cut out for me. Luckily as of tonight, so is my dress.


A sneak peak at the Housewives On Fire growing collection!  The new strapless novelty dress is darling in Alexander Henry Frida print.  This gorgeous print pairs nicely with the graphic housewives one size fits all tee collection.  Smack dab in the middle of all this fabulousness is the latest and greatest structured denim dress.  A dress that can take you from punk show to the rockabilly runway!  Soon available for sale on my etsy store as well as  If you need something now… don’t be shy, send me a message!