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1910 … RMS Lusitania 

by James Vaughan


… push-button transmission! by James Vaughan


1957 … in the future! by James Vaughan


1923 … Santa And Boy- JC Leyendecker by James Vaughan


1960 … ghost cop! by James Vaughan
Via Flickr:
artist- Charles Sarnoff


1947… three-decker stratosphere! by James Vaughan

artist- Arthur Radebaugh

Green Eyes

Anon Request: AU!They live. Harry is about 8 y-old and the Potters are at a family outing in the muggle world. they meet the Dursleys and friends. Petunia complained a lot about her whore sister and the wastrel that she married. The Potters were clothed casually, but clearly a lot of money was expended there. They have 6 y-old twins Daisy and Sam (Dearborn-Potter) and Lily is pregnant. 

“What are they doing here?”

Petunia Dursley should’ve known who it was the moment her husband Vernon questioned their arrival with such disparagement.

“I thought you said they were poor, Vernon.”

Vernon’s question almost didn’t register in Petunia’s brain but Shannon Dursley’s suspicious inquiry made Petunia blink out from her reverie. Petunia looked over at her sister-in-law and saw that Shannon’s beady blue eyes were fixated on someone behind Petunia. Petunia placed her cup of lemonade down on the park picnic table and turned to see what Vernon and Shannon were looking at with disdain.

Petunia’s heart dropped when she saw the familiar flash of auburn hair and the perfect white smile.

“That’s your sister Lily, right?” Shannon said to Petunia, “And her husband?”

Petunia’s eyes flashed dangerously.

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