All week, we’ve celebrated 26 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act working to make the country more accessible to everyone—and today White House staffers with disabilities are taking over the White House Instagram to tell their stories. Check the stories out here, and follow the White House on Instagram.

Pictured here: My name’s James Dennehy, and I’m a college student from Virginia studying at Christopher Newport University to pursue a career in public policy. Being a person with a disability, it’s been an honor to serve as the intern for the White House liaison to the disability community. That’s because the work we do here at the White House to advance President Obama and his Administration’s work for Americans with disabilities has a direct impact on my life. This Administration is working to help the United States to truly be a nation of opportunity for all. #ADA26

(Image description: Three photos show James standing on the steps outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C.; sitting in the Office of Public Engagement using his feet to file papers; and writing with his feet on a folder marked “LGBT + Disability” to file papers about his work with this community.)

Astrology Physiology

Every planet, sign and house have physiological correspondences which would explain a lot as we don’t always look like our ascendant. The Houses each rule a different part of our bodies, the planets affect how they appear and the signs give them a certain vibe, note that the houses and signs correspond with each other so they usually rule the same things (E.g Jupiter in the 9th House which is in Libra, Big (Jupiter) hips/thighs (9th House) that may be very feminine (Libra).)

*This is strictly appearance wise, if people would like a full, medical astrology post, let me know*


1st House/Aries: Head, Face, Physicality, Brain, Blood Vessels to the Brain and Facial bones

2nd House/Taurus: Voice Teeth, Throat, Neck and Bones

3rd House/Gemini: Shoulders, Collar bones and Hands

4th House/Cancer: Chest, Breasts, Ribs and Stomach

5th House/Leo: Spinal Chord and Back

6th House/Virgo: Abdomen and Stomach

7th House/Libra: Waist and skin

8th House/Scorpio:  Anus, Buttocks, Sexual Organs and pelvic bones

9th House/Sagittarius: Hips and Thighs

10th House/Capricorn: Knees and Joints

11th House/Aquarius: Ankles and Legs

12th House/Pisces: Feet and Toes


Sun: Provides health and vitality, generally is a bright, positive attribute

Moon: Fluctuation and instability in appearance is common here, warm and comforting features

Mercury: Sharp and clean-cut type of appearance

Venus: Feminine, aesthetically pleasing attributes

Mars: Rough, prominent, masculine attributes

Jupiter: Expansion, growth and largeness in the appearance

Saturn: Restriction, bony appearance

Uranus: Radical, uneven attributes

Neptune: Subtle, enchanting attributes

Pluto: Sexy, empowering attributes