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The Sand Snakes
Obara Sand
Obara was the eldest Sand Snake, a big-boned woman near to thirty, with the close-set eyes and rat-brown hair of the Oldtown whore who’d birthed her. Beneath a mottled sandsilk cloak of dun and gold, her riding clothes were old brown leather, worn and supple. They were the softest things about her. On one hip she wore a coiled whip, across her back a round shield of steel and copper.

Nymeria Sand
Nymeria Sand was five-and-twenty, and slender as a willow. Her straight black hair, worn in a long braid bound up with red-gold wire, made a widow’s peak above her dark eyes, just as her father’s had. With her high cheekbones, full lips, and milk-pale skin, she had all the beauty that her elder sister lacked.

Tyene Sand
She was sitting cross-legged on a pillow beneath the raised dais where the high seats stood, but she rose as they entered, dressed in a clinging gown of pale blue samite with sleeves of Myrish lace that made her look as innocent as the Maid herself. In one hand was a piece of embroidery she had been working on, in the other a pair of golden needles. Her hair was gold as well, and her eyes were deep blue pools .

Sarella Sand
“Throw the apple,” Alleras urged again. He was a comely youth, their Sphinx. All the serving wenches doted on him.

Elia Sand
Elia Sand led the way, her black braid flying behind her as she raced across the dry, cracked plains and up into the hills.  The girl was mad for horses, which might be why she often smelled like one, to the despair of her mother.  Sometimes Arianne felt sorry for Ellaria.  Four girls, and every one of them her father’s daughter.  

Obella Sand
“Elia and Obella have become the terror of the pools.”

Dorea Sand
“Dorea stalks about knocking oranges off the trees with her morningstar…”

Loreza Sand
… little Loreza, the youngest, only six years old.

Hey you guys! My dash has barely any of the shows on it that I currently watch, so I wanna follow a bunch of new people!

Reblog if you post any of these:

  • Steven Universe
  • Supergirl
  • Grey’s Anatomy (although I’m only in season 10)
  • Friends
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  • Free!
  • House MD (because I wanna start rewatching it mabye soon)
  • How I met your mother (same reason as House)
  • and also if you post about movies (because I like movies)

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Character aesthetic ➤  Newt Scamander.

“We’re going to recapture my creatures before they get hurt. They’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet; humans.”

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #2
  • My Christmas list is short this year:
  • 1) $1,000,000 in cash
  • 2) The souls of all who have displeased me
  • 3) A kitten

Newt Scamander aesthetic 💛


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

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The 25 days of Shit Slytherins Say: #15
  • Hufflepuff: "What are you giving people for Christmas this year?"
  • Slytherin: "This year for Christmas Instead of gifts I'm giving everyone my opinions."
Okay, Netflix. Now, I want Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderwick Chronicles, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and Hannibal Season 4.
—  my greedy ass after finishing the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events