The Moon & Self-Care🍼

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🌙Aries Moon, Moon in 1st, Moon aspect Mars

  • let yourself vent, blow off steam
  • give yourself “me” time
  • find an outlet for your energy
  • do things that calm you down
  • (s)exercise

🌙Taurus Moon, Moon in 2nd, Moon aspect Venus

  • indulge a little, treat yourself
  • spend time in nature, beuatiful surroundings
  • listen to your favorite music
  • cuddle or have sex
  • take a nap
  • wear your favorite outfit or scent

🌙Gemini Moon, Moon in 3rd, Moon aspect Mercury

  • write in a journal, keep a blog
  • learn a new hobby
  • express yourself creatively
  • explore a new nearby area with friends
  • start a new book

🌙Cancer Moon, Moon in 4th 

  • call your parents, spend time with family
  • build a blanket fort and take a nap inside
  • look at old pictures, letters, or scrapbook
  • stay home and make your favorite food, get cozy
  • be alone and self-reflect, near water if possible

🌙Leo Moon, Moon in 5th, Moon aspect Sun

  • be loud, sing, dance, perform
  • express yourself creatively
  • go out and paint the town red
  • dress up and feel flawless, even with nowhere to go
  • treat yourself, get pampered

🌙Virgo Moon, Moon in 6th

  • organize, de-clutter
  • journal, write out your feelings
  • take on a new project, work hard at it
  • volunteer or help someone in need
  • adopt or take care of a pet
  • improve your health, exercise

🌙Libra Moon, Moon in 7th, Moon aspect Venus

  • spend time with your partner or best friend
  • get pampered, change up your appearance
  • go to a party, expand your network
  • take in sappy romantic movies, songs, or books 
  • work on a piece of art

🌙Scorpio Moon, Moon in 8th, Moon aspect Pluto

  • meditate
  • sit in the dark or with a lit candle
  • write your feelings down and burn the paper
  • share your feelings with someone you trust
  • sit in a bath
  • (s)exercise

🌙Sagittarius Moon, Moon in 9th, Moon aspect Jupiter

  • read a new book
  • explore a new area
  • get active
  • blog or write in a journal
  • meditate

🌙Capricorn Moon, Moon in 10th, Moon aspect Saturn

  • be productive, get some work done
  • speak to a parent or someone you trust
  • meditate, spend time alone
  • get immersed in a book 
  • organize your space

🌙Aquarius Moon, Moon in 11th, Moon aspect Uranus

  • volunteer for a non-profit group or cause
  • research a new craft, skill, or hobby
  • explore some place new
  • meet with friends or make new ones

🌙Pisces Moon, Moon in 12th, Moon aspect Neptune

  • spend some time alone, reflecting
  • get lost in “altered states”
  • find inspiration and create art, music, or poetry
  • be moved by music you love
  • write in a journal
  • spend time near water
  • Hufflepuff: How are you feeling?
  • Slytherin, shrugging: Fine, I suppose. I have a headache that comes and goes.
  • Gryffindor, walking in: Hey, guys!
  • Slytherin: There it is again.

Hufflepuff: hey do you want to hear a chemistry joke?


Hufflepuff:…do you?

Slytherin: I’m sorry did you want a reaction?