The Houses

1st house, the persona, the self, the glasses you view the world through 
7th house, the persona and self in cooperation and in relation to others, the mirror that reveals the self 

2nd house, physical intimacy, money and values, the material plane
8th house, soulful intimacy, money through inheritance and secrets, the world unknown 

3rd house, lower mind, communication, knowledge gained in the early life and from the immediate environment, knowing through logic
9th house, higher mind, knowledge gained through continuous experience, morals, communication to the universe, beliefs and inner philosophies from what was learned in the early life and ongoing experience, the act of understanding

4th house, the psychological tap root, private life, protection through inner security, the inner child, archetypal mother, family and past 
10th house, the reputation sought out for oneself, the public life, security sought from the outer world, archetypal father, the adult that one becomes, the future 

5th house, the creative expression of the self, love received, romance and pleasure, inner warmth and the urge to radiate 
11th house, the self in comparison with humanity, love given, warmth that is spread throughout, love of friends, community, society and humanity, pleasure through humanitarian pursuits

6th house, health, hard work, routine and order, helpfulness and service to the mundane, mental growth and self improvement, structure
12th house, inner workings of the subconscious, chaos, sacrifice to the universe, soul and spiritual growth, self undoing, dissolving and dispersing  

Houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.


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