What is the first impression you give off?

If you don’t have any planets in the first house, look at the ruling planet of your Ascendant sign (e.g. Aries ascendant: Mars, Taurus ascendant: Venus, etc)

Sun in 1st House: charismatic, warm, generous, proud

Moon in 1st House: sensitive, moody, emotional, nurturing

Mercury in 1st House: witty, clever, talkative, funny

Venus in 1st House: charming, relatable, nice, polite, sweet

Mars in 1st House: aggressive, pushy, direct, impatient

Jupiter in 1st House: confident, overbearing, arrogant, experienced

Saturn in 1st House: serious, scared, diligent, uptight, conservative

Uranus in 1st House: nervous, fidgety, eccentric, weird, alienated, a lone wolf

Neptune in 1st House: dreamy, spacey, confused, quiet

Pluto in 1st House: mysterious, scary, magnetic, intense


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Honestly all the house hate within the fandom is so irritating. Each house is unique and special in its own way and we should all be proud of them! I'm a ravenclaw and ecstatic to be one, but I love all cunning slytherins, each loyal hufflepuff, and every daring gryffindor. No matter what house or hybrid house we identify with, we should all appreciate each other and the different skills we bring to the table.

You are very right, Anon. All of the houses are equally as awesome, all equally important and valuable . As the Sorting Hat said:  “We must unite inside her [Hogwarts], Or we’ll crumble from within.”

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