It’s RUDY, our Bunny of the Week! He’s so cute, you’ll pass out when he looks at you. He’s so sweet, you’ll melt into a puddle the moment you start to pet him. He’s so friendly, you’ll ask him to be your best friend the second you meet him. He’s perfect.

It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe that he hasn’t been adopted yet! He’s been waiting for TWO LONG YEARS for a home! Help us find him one! If you or someone you know would like to fall in love- and who wouldn’t- you can take the first step here:

Many rabbits are bought as Christmas presents for children and then dumped in the streets at the realization of how much attention they require. Please consider purchasing one of my screen prints to benefit the NYC chapter of #HouseRabbitSociety. Head over to #followtheblackrabbit on esty and click on the Rabbit Rescue Fundraiser section. Help some buns out of the cold winter and into warm, loving homes. #rabbitrescue #fundraiser #silkscreens #rabbits

Please help!  The bunnies at the House Rabbit Society in Miami, Florida need your love and support.  From the chapter:

“The dumped rabbits rescued in Hialeah need your financial support! Spay/neuter costs us ~$150-$200 each, and we rescued nearly a dozen sad little buns!

Donate here. 

It hurts just to look at them—imagine if this were *your* face! This deplorable condition didn’t happen overnight, nor will it be cured overnight. Your tax-deductible donation will contribute to their recovery and help cover the cost of their spay/neuter when they’re strong enough for it. Any little bit helps!”


Oh hai! My name is Pancakes and I love banana, carrots, cilantro, and anything my brother Chance is eating. But he never shares. I run crazy sprints around the apartment & then flop over with my belly in the air. Sometimes I eat mom’s expensive cords, to test her love & loyalty. I’m adopted from #HouseRabbitSociety and they are an awesome rescue group. Check them out! 🐰 (at Pancakes’ Palace)

My little princess. She’s a model. #princesssheeba #princesssheebabunny #princesssheebarabbit #bunny #bunnies #showbunny #bunnydaddy #proudbunnydaddy #bunnyslave #bunniesworldwide #rabbit #rabbits #rabbitsofig #lapin #obeythebunny #obeytherabbit #housebunny #houserabbit #houserabbitsociety #realmenhavebunnies #realmenlovebunnies #jerseywooly #jerseywoolyrabbit #jerseywoolybunny

Please, think before you buy a rabbit. Rabbits are NOT suitable pets for children. They require a lot of work, time, and money. If you’ve done your research and think you can care for a bun, please adopt right after Easter, as shelters are overflowing with rabbits that have been carelessly discarded. If you’d like to donate to the NYC chapter of #HouseRabbitSociety, I still have #fundraiser #screenprints available at #followtheblackrabbit on etsy. #easter #adopt #rabbitrescue