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House Party

*Mentions of underage sex..with other underage people.
Eren returns home early from a business trip only to find that his house has been turned into party central.  The kids outside urinating and/or puking in his perfectly (well they were perfect) maintained hedges take notice of him and scatter.  Which he is glad for.  Upon walking into the house he’s met with a disaster.  Tipped red solo cups soaking beer into his once spot free white carpet, random holes punched into the wall and teenagers making out everywhere.  He continues walking through his house at a loss for words, looking for the mastermind of this atrocious party.  He finds Levi first.  The boy is wasted.  Standing in the hallway with another chanting “DILF” at a photo of him.  The look on Levi’s face is priceless when Eren gets his attention.  Blush quickly spreading across his face.  The moment is practically sobering for the teen.

“Kitchen.  Now.”  Eren says it so calmly that it scares Levi that much more.  As he complies to the demand, he hears the booming music cut off and Eren’s calm voice stating loud and clear for everyone to leave.  Eren really wants to make these little shits stay while he calls the cops but he remembers what it’s like being young.  Besides, he’s on a mission to find a certain little green eyed girl.

His daughter is nowhere amongst the clearing throngs.  He checks her room first and then moves on to every other closed door in search of her.  There’s more teens running out of rooms barely clothed if at all.  Eren smirks at their embarrassment.  Glad that it’s not him in these situations anymore.

When he gets to his bedroom he grabs the knob and prays to fuck that his only child hadn’t decided on doing the very cliched act of banging on their parent’s bed.  Of course praying never helped him much before so why would it now?

The sight before him, simply put, is unbearable.  The contents of his toy drawer are dumped on the bed and a girl is using said objects on some prick who is currently on top of his precious little girl.  If Eren was angry before, well he’s absolutely lost his shit now.

“OUT!”  Is all he says in a loud, booming tone.  The girls squeaks in terror, grabs what she can find of her clothes and scurries away.  Isabel scrambles to get away from the boy on top of her.  Her face quickly turning a deep red.

“You get out, asshole.  I have first dibs.”  It takes every fiber of Eren’s being to not throw this piece of shit through his window.

“Dad I-”  Isabel doesn’t even know why she attempted to explain.  There’s no explaining out of this situation.  The boy who remained in the room was quickly making an exit at his sudden realization of ‘Oh shit, it’s her dad!’.

“I’ll be waiting in the kitchen.”

The walk down to the kitchen feel like the longest yet shortest trip of her entire life.  Isabel is pretty sure she’s never been more terrified than the moment right before she crosses the threshold into the area.  She sees a very pissed of father seated next to a very red faced Levi.  

Ten minutes ago Isabel and Levi could have sworn they’d never been drunker.  Now, they wished they’d drank more because fuck, was this sobering as all hell.  Eren layed out what the punishment was and the two teens got to work on cleaning the house.  Hours of endless messes later, Isabel was sent to her room while Levi waited in the car for Eren to bring him home.

At this point, Levi preferred nothing more than to walk home but Eren refused him on that.  Of all the times he hoped to be alone with his best friend’s dad, now was not one of those times.  What’s the worst that could happen anyway?  Everything that had to be said was done so in the kitchen hours ago.  Levi was gearing up for a quietly awkward ride.  Seeing the expression on Eren’s face as he slid into the driver’s seat reaffirmed that.  Or at least that’s what he thought.

“So, dilf, eh?”  Eren asked with a menacing smirk.  Levi was right back to being red in the face.

I see the DILF Eren thing kind of got fired up again.  So this happened.  Went on too freakin long.  I intended to stop after Levi was caught worshiping the photo.  I got carried away. 

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