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can americans stop calling the hatchbacks wagons pleaseee for the love of god, the only wagons subaru make are the liberty/legacy and the outback (not impreza outback/xv). They are not wagons, just like VW golfs/Audi A3s etc. aren’t. please stop…

personally i call them hatchbacks or something of that nature because when i think of wagon, i think of the term ‘estate car’ or whatever the british use and the impreza is not an estate car hahaha

houseofsugar replied to your post: what’s your favorite production year of 911’s?

nooooooooooooooooooo any year in the 60’s are you crazy, have you not seen Magnus Walker’s 911s…!

I’ve seen Magnus’ cars and met him.  He’s a nice guy and I love his cars, but long hoods aren’t my passion.  There is nothing I want more than GT2 Evo (excluding a 917).  Seeing 964 3.8 RSR’s and GT2’s as a kid is what sparked my love for Porsche, so naturally those would be the cars I love.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love an pristine Eggplant narrow body long hood to drive on the weekends though.

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1. Describe a typical day in the life of YOU. 

Well, when I’m not working I wake up, maybe go into the town to run some errands, chill out, take some photographs, etc. then if people are back from university then I’ll go and hang out and catch up with them. Other than that I’m always working quite unsociable hours so those days are kinda taken up with that.

2. What excites you? What are you passionate about?

Photography. I just love the fact that something can be captured forever even if it escapes your mind. I make it a priority to ensure that my photographs are tangible, so I get them all printed when using any type of camera. I think that’s quite important. I’ve gotten into film photography more in the past year purely because I got lazy with taking photographs on my digital camera (although, since the weathers been horrible & my film camera doesn’t have a flash I’ve been using it again). I thought that by actually spending money, the film would be more precious and so I would have to take care and really think about shots.

3. Movie/show that you constantly quote. Come on, everybody has one. Or at least they should. 

Um… this is hard because I know I do quote films but when the question is put to me I find it hard to answer. However, my brother and I tend to sing ‘Boats ‘n’ hoes’ from Step Brothers so much for no reason whatsoever and actually we tend to quote that film a lot in general.

4. Favorite thing about yourself. Don’t be modest, love yourself!

Okay, I like my hair. It’s kind of mental and has a mind of its own because it’s so curly but I like that I don’t really have to bother with it because even when its super messy, I can luckily get away with it.

5. First thing you notice in somebody you’re attracted to. Why do you think that is?

To be perfectly honest, I feel as though the person that you’re attracted to just draws you in. The guy I like at the moment isn’t the guy I would usually go for and I couldn’t explain why. Imagine a typical teenage girl with a mad crush and that’s me rn. I like tallness also.

6. Name a song to soundtrack your life when you’re: sad, happy, dancing, feelin’ badass, & in love

Sad: London Grammar kinda makes me go into a trance where I think about a lot of things.

Dancing: MGMT - Electric Feel makes me feel good / Foals - My Number / The Vaccines / Vampire Weekend / 2DCC / the Dirty Dancing 
soundtrack / Beyoncethere are some things you can’t help / Ellie Goulding / anything from my childhood and growing up.

Feelin’ badass: I like to pretend I’m cool, which I’m not so Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl. it taught me how many a’s and n’s there were in bananas which even when spelling it just now I had to sing. If that’s not badass spelling then I don’t know what is.

In love: Birdy - You Light Me Up

7.Rate the importance of music in your life on a scale of 1 being “I’m just not into music meaning YOU”RE NOT A REAL HUMAN” or 10 being “I hear music even when I’m not listening to music. It’s possible that I have a stereo in my brain and it’s necessary to function through life”. 


8. Favorite book you have ever read, it could literally be a Dr. Seuss, no need to impress with your literary-ness. Why?

I should do more reading than I actually do but I can’t pass up mentioning the HP books as that would be sacrilege. I got a National Geographic book for xmas last year which was fascinating and I thoughly enjoyed the photography in it.

9.Are you a morning person, or a night owl, or the third species who just enjoys being awake? Why?

Night owl, I like spending my evenings chilling and editing photographs and just generally trying to keep creative.

10. Name five things/people/whatever that are necessary to your existence. AKA cannot live without. 

Camera, my driving license just so I can escape places when I need to, vanilla lattes, cats, my thoughts

11. What’s a reoccurring dream you have? Or the last dream you remember?

I seriously don’t think I have one. I did when I was little though, I used to sink through my bed and come up again through a pub garden table where there were all these people that were tickling children who all hated it because they weren’t tickling them properly, and it was that painful kind of tickle that was not pleasurable. Yeah I didn’t like that one.

My Questions for you:

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you eat? 
  2. If you sat down and really thought about your dreams and aspirations, do you think you could actually make them happen?
  3. Which book is really worth the read but hasn’t had the publicity you think it deserves?
  4. If the place you live in didn’t exist, where else would you love to live?
  5. If you were writing an online dating profile, what would your ‘about me’ say? Be honest!
  6. Who is the most influential person in your life? why?
  7. If you came across a well known person who you have admired career wise for a long time and only had one question to ask, what would it be?
  8. What is your favorite way to spend time with your friends? 
  9. What’s the wildest and most rebelish thing you have ever done?
  10. If there were one law that you could break, what would it be?
  11. What is your opinion on the education system where you live?