houseofsugar said: 

can americans stop calling the hatchbacks wagons pleaseee for the love of god, the only wagons subaru make are the liberty/legacy and the outback (not impreza outback/xv). They are not wagons, just like VW golfs/Audi A3s etc. aren’t. please stop…

personally i call them hatchbacks or something of that nature because when i think of wagon, i think of the term ‘estate car’ or whatever the british use and the impreza is not an estate car hahaha

houseofsugar replied to your post: what’s your favorite production year of 911’s?

nooooooooooooooooooo any year in the 60’s are you crazy, have you not seen Magnus Walker’s 911s…!

I’ve seen Magnus’ cars and met him.  He’s a nice guy and I love his cars, but long hoods aren’t my passion.  There is nothing I want more than GT2 Evo (excluding a 917).  Seeing 964 3.8 RSR’s and GT2’s as a kid is what sparked my love for Porsche, so naturally those would be the cars I love.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love an pristine Eggplant narrow body long hood to drive on the weekends though.