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what is this miracusims deal?? who are louis, piper, lotte, and emma??? i'm so lost someone pls explain

Oh man. Sit down and buckle up friend because I’m about to EXPLAIN to you a THING. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Miracusims is bullysquadess’s genius playthrough of the Sims that initially started with the Core Four: Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Nino. The playthrough consisted of housemate antics and general shenanigans but it did not end there. The sims eventually grew up and had children most which are based off of toriitorii’s ML Next Gen story. The exceptions are Bridgette (Adrien and Marinette’s youngest), Felix (who isn’t actually the child of Adrien but was made to be Bridgette’s companion), and I believe Dominique (Alya and Nino’s youngest) who weren’t in the original concept but sorta just happened, I think? :’D Marinette and Adrien’s older children: Emma, Hugo, and Louis are a part of the ML Next Gen series and are Chat Noir, Paon, and Papillon respectively while Alya and Nino’s oldest daughter Piper is Volpina. Then there’s Lotte who isn’t related to the Core Four but is Ladybug and Emma’s lovely girlfriend. Those two are currently roommates with the sinmother™ herself and they are generally cute af all the damn time.

I also wanna go into detail about how much I love Louis and Piper but neighslayer and I make up all sorts of stuff for the two of them all the time I’ve lost track of what actually happened in miracusims and what we made up lmaoooo.

Me: I’ll make tea cookies tomo—

Housemates: [unrestrained noises of delight]


2: why aren’t you always making them

Me: hey, I asked you both what kind of cookies you want.  You wanted oatmeal and then chocolate.


1: really, that’s all on you, Bluebell.  You should’ve told us then they would have been the ONLY OPTION.

Signs you're living in a house full of nerds

Me: “I will whip out my lightsaber and cut you from stem to stern, then crawl inside your body to keep warm as though you were a Taun Taun.”

Seb: “Han Solo doesn’t have a lightsaber.”

Me: “Yeah, but he uses Luke’s at the start of Empire Strikes Back, though.”

Seb: “But it’s not actually his.”

Me: “I will whip out Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and cut you from stem to stern, then crawl inside your body to keep warm as though you were a Taun Taun.

Charlotte: "What the fuck is going on?”


I do not know why strategically placed eggs with sharpie faces is so damn funny to me, but it IS (I might be able to blame geekstarcostuming for getting me into the egg-face habit during our busking days). Beloved housemate and I cooked up a wild traditional Polish Easter feast most of the day, then she took off for fire conclave practice, leaving me alone with this hardboiled half dozen. The rest was quick work with a sharpie, resulting in COMEDY GOLD.

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To Hawker-Rawr: Will we see more of Sans and Papyrus?

Certainly! But not as often, remember this is ask drunk CHARA, with Frisk and Asriel as their housemates with shenanigans and probably future story arcs. We gotta keep the focus here XD;, trying so hard to add as many characters as possible all at the same time will make the entire thing a mess. (naruto anyone?) But I do have some ideas in mind to include the rest of the gang, they’ll just be secondary characters. The main focus are these three, just keep it in mind.


So I helped my housemate Bex record a video for her YouTube collab channel. ouo Check her out, she’s super awesome. <3