Imagine meeting Fred Weasley

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Imagine meeting Fred Weasley
Couple: Fred and Reader

You walked around the joke shop with a vacant expression on your face. This was boring. Your housemates had dragged you from your room to here in order to uplift your spirits but nothing worked.

“Bertie Botts Surprise” You heard a male voice from behind. It was deep and strong. You were so engrossed in different kinds of jelly beans that his voice took you by surprise.

So you turned around.

The red hair long and straight came to his neck as he wore a pristine white dress shirt with black slacks. His face long and round as he grinned at you.

You knew who he was.

Fred Weasley.

Your long time crush.

“I was just looking.” You smiled awkwardly.

Fred Weasley offered that familiar smirk as he nodded.

“Yes well. Bertie Botts surprise is a different from their common brand. It’s a prank candy. Go on. Open it.” He laughed and so you did open it.

Streamers and firecrackers came out. Flying around before disappearing.

“That was fun! Wasn’t it? I’m Fred by the way. Fred Weasley.”

“ (y/n) (l/n)”

The End.

“What?” Brielle asked, bitter tone, not letting her eyes lift from the phone in her hands. It was the weekend and she was lapping up the opportunity to be back on the beloved device. Only this time the comments she was reading were not ones of praise and love, this was what she saw coming…she was the boring housemate. The one that no one wanted to see on their screens..she was what she made fun of only seasons ago…
“No I really don’t wanna fucking talk right now, okay?”