Imagine meeting Fred Weasley

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Imagine meeting Fred Weasley
Couple: Fred and Reader

You walked around the joke shop with a vacant expression on your face. This was boring. Your housemates had dragged you from your room to here in order to uplift your spirits but nothing worked.

“Bertie Botts Surprise” You heard a male voice from behind. It was deep and strong. You were so engrossed in different kinds of jelly beans that his voice took you by surprise.

So you turned around.

The red hair long and straight came to his neck as he wore a pristine white dress shirt with black slacks. His face long and round as he grinned at you.

You knew who he was.

Fred Weasley.

Your long time crush.

“I was just looking.” You smiled awkwardly.

Fred Weasley offered that familiar smirk as he nodded.

“Yes well. Bertie Botts surprise is a different from their common brand. It’s a prank candy. Go on. Open it.” He laughed and so you did open it.

Streamers and firecrackers came out. Flying around before disappearing.

“That was fun! Wasn’t it? I’m Fred by the way. Fred Weasley.”

“ (y/n) (l/n)”

The End.

“What?” Brielle asked, bitter tone, not letting her eyes lift from the phone in her hands. It was the weekend and she was lapping up the opportunity to be back on the beloved device. Only this time the comments she was reading were not ones of praise and love, this was what she saw coming…she was the boring housemate. The one that no one wanted to see on their screens..she was what she made fun of only seasons ago…
“No I really don’t wanna fucking talk right now, okay?”

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Hi Ivory, I’m looking for a bit if help. If it’s a topic you don’t feel comfortable discussing, you don’t have to answer this though! I think I remember you mentioning that you used to smoke but you’ve quit now. How did you quit? I really want to quit, but every time I try I end up giving in

I only smoked full-time for about a year when I was living out of home with my pals and even then, it never felt much like an addiction to me. It was more of something to do while I thought, while I had my morning coffee with my housemate, while I was bored, etc. I can only think of three or four times where I thought to myself: “God, I need a cigarette,” and they were only after really gruelling days at work. So for me, quitting was quite an easy thing to do even though I still have a cigarette every now and then if I am offered one from my pals (which I usually end up regretting because the smell of it on my fingers makes me feel ill gfhfghfg). Smoking was never something that I considered doing for the rest of my life, it was just a temporary blip that came about because my pals were doing it and so I thought I may as well do it too since I was constantly breathing in their secondhand smoke.

The main reasons I quit was because I had moved back home again and my parents knew about it, specifically my mum who used to smoke and struggled very hard to quit and only did so once she fell pregnant with me. By smoking, it felt like I was rubbing the fact that she struggled to quit eleven times in her face and the only way she could do so was by becoming pregnant with me, only for me to start smoking later on. I was also at a point where I was finding no enjoyment in it anymore and the smell was beginning to make me feel gross. I started to picture tar filling my lungs every time I inhaled, I imagined going to the doctor and being given a lung cancer diagnosis, I greatly focused on how this was a big stepping stone towards an early and painful death. And sure, a very small minority of people get lucky and smoke for all their lives and die of old age, but I cannot think of a single smoker I have known that has not died of cancer.

Every time you go to have a cigarette, think about the outcome. Think about the fact that one cigarette is the equivalent of one day of your life and by having it you are stripping yourself of that one extra day of living. Think about how blackened and disgusting your lungs must be, how you are making your body sicker and sicker, that there is not a single health benefit from doing this. Think about the fact that in ten or fifteen years time, you could be laying in a hospital bed with six weeks to live, staring at that sterile white ceiling and thinking to yourself: “None of this would’ve happened had I not committed myself to quitting all that time ago.” It sounds horrible and harsh, but that is the reality of smoking. Channel all of your focus onto how awful doing it is and use that energy to no longer waste your money on buying packets, no longer taking a cigarette if somebody offers one to you and distancing yourself for the time being from people around you who also smoke. If they offer you one, do not cave and lose all of your progress and throw yourself back to step one because that is such a fucking waste, it really is.

I wish you the best of luck. I know you can do it, so don’t give up!

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I personally think people loved Scotty T because of the massive personality change from being on Geordie Shore. The UK public love to see the real side to people. Which is exactly why Vicky also won I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this year too. I highly disagree that he was a boring housemate, somebody being loveable and friendly does not automatically make them boring and unworthy of winning. The same way, causing drama doesn't automatically make them a winner.

From what I’ve heard of him he was known as a charismatic party boy who fucks a lot of girls on Geordie Shore, which is exactly what I saw on CBB. He didn’t show a different side of him at all. He was completely one-dimensional as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, we saw ALL sides of Tiffany. We saw her anger, warmth, funniness, frustration, and empathy. She was multi-dimensional on the show. We saw her at her worst and we saw her at her best and people STILL loved her which is EXACTLY why she should have won the show.