Tempting (newt Scamander x reader)

My first fic here ayyyyayya (slight nsfw i guess? not really, just newt and you being perv and you just rly like scars) 

 Newt slowly opened the door to Tina and Queenies apartment, trying to be wary of the late hour and houselady on the next floor. He looked around, seeing no dishware moving around or brooms sweeping the floor, and he guessed that the sisters were asleep. His intrusion was rather unannounced, but he knew they wouldn’t mind. Newt always came when his hammock in his case wasn’t quite enough and he just needed a nice bed to sleep in, because the sisters simply invited him to (Tina more insisted). 

 Newt set the case down on the floor next to the coat rack before slipping off his dress shoes, coat and scarf and putting the clothes on top of the rack. The wizard decided before he went off to bed to make a cup of hot cocoa. Though he didn’t get to try theirs the first time, he knew from the smell it would be rather delicious and something hot to drink would be good before bed after his stressful day. 

 The water didn’t take too long to boil and he knew where the supplies for cocoa were, so making the drink was quick and simple. He stirred in the powder to his water before picking up his case and heading to the guest bedroom sliding doors. Putting the case down again, Newt slid the door open a smudge before quickly seeing someone in his bed. 

 You in his bed, to be exact. 

 Now, there were two beds in this room so it shouldn’t be a bother other than he absolutely always slept in the one on the left and you were a huge distraction in general because oh my Merlin you were only in underwear.

 Newts face turned hot as he gripped his cup a little tighter as to not drop it while he stared at you, completely baffled and shocked. The noise of the door opening must have woken you up, or just stirred you a little, because soon you began to stretch and move around on the bed, your eyes still closed. Your tank top slipped up as you arched your back and put your hands over your head, revealing your smooth belly. Your legs went up and pressed against the mattress, your toes curling as you groaned from the stretch and continued to arch and lift yourself only inches off the bed before dropping yourself and sighing, going back to sleep, an arm draped across your naked stomach and hair in your face and all around the pillow beneath you. 

 Bloody hell. 

 Newt continued to gape and stare at you, his body hot and a familiar feeling of desire swirling around in his stomach. He knew he wasn’t supposed to see you reveal yourself in such a way. Then again, it was just a simple stretch. But oh, Merlin, how tempting you were… No, no, he will not have those impure thoughts. 

The wizard shook his head, scolding himself quietly as he picked up the case again and slowly made his way into the room. Though you weren’t even conscious, Newt himself was able to make the air around you both incredibly awkward. He placed the case at the foot of the bed and sat down stiffly on the mattress, staring at his feet and grabbing at his knees. One breath in, one breath out. Okay. just. Don’t look at them and you’ll be fine. 

 Newt fumbled with his vest, undoing the buttons quickly and with a few mishaps before folding it and putting it on the floor beside the bed. He’d pick it up tomorrow, he thought, beginning to untuck his shirt and unbutton that too, not noticing you turning on your side and looking at him. You stared as he removed his white shirt, revealing scars at every nook and cranny you could think of. Some were small, and barely noticeable, but others were big and long, resembling claw marks. You subconsciously touched at your bare leg, feeling at the scars there of your own. 

 You sighed, relaxing and shuffling a bit to get comfortable on the bed as you continued to look at Newt, shamelessly drinking his form in. The wizard was shy and awkward, you doubt you’ll ever get to see him like this again, which is a shame. No, you weren’t staring to be a pervert (though, boy, he was more toned than you thought he would be), you were just… curious. His whole body resembled a puzzle, a picture, a story. His whole life was written on him and you just wanted to see it up close, analyze them, take them in and trace them with your fingertips gently. 

 Maybe you were perverted.

 You turned on your other side, facing the wall so maybe you could get some more sleep. 


 The next day rolled by and you yawned, the sun blinding you slightly through the window. You groaned, moving your hand in front of your face and twitching your lips a little. What was the time exactly? Surely it was too early to get up. You turned your head to the side, looking at the man sleeping soundly across from you. 

His hair was all over, cutely in front of his face and tickling his cheeks when he breathed enough to make him smile a little. You sat up as you looked at him, his blankets not covering his torso. Slowly, you looked around to make sure the door was closed and Newt really was asleep, before you crept out of bed and toward his. 

 You sat right in front of him on the cold wood floor, the feeling on your bare legs sending chills. Your face was right in front of his, enough to feel his breath on your nose. You admired all of his freckles across his face and his lips, before looking down his neck then to his chest. You shuffled on the floor before sitting on your calves, and raising a hand up to touch. You really, really shouldn’t. But it was just so… tempting. 

 You’re middle fingertip grazed at a big scar, and you could feel the man shudder slightly from your cold touch, but he remained asleep. Slowly you placed on more fingers, before your whole hand was on his stomach and traveling from scar to scar. You sat there mesmerized, knowing that this was probably very wrong, but being this close, getting this far so rewarding that you didn’t feel as bad as you could. You had reached Newt’s belly button when you heard him gasp under his breath, making your head snap up and meet his green eyes. Horrified, you sat there with wide eyes, your hand still lingering on his body, before you pulled back completely like he was on fire. 

 You quickly scrambled back before your back hit your own bed frame, preventing you from crawling in a hole and dying slowly like you had wanted. Your eyes never left his though, like if you looked away, that’s when the situation would be real and you would have actually touched Newt and got caught in the act.

 "__-_____..?“ Newt practically squeaked, and you had to stop your shiver because Merlin was his voice deep and low in the morning. 

 "Yes?” You whispered, eyes finally drifting and settling on staring at your guilty hands in your lap. Nothing was said, but the question lingered in the room. 

 "I,“ You blushed hard, the feeling creeping around your neck and ears. "I just… I admire it.”

 "Ad- admire it?“ 

 "Yes. Your, your scars. They… they are just so interesting. They hold stories. Stories about you. And, and I don’t really know what made me do such a thing and I am so, so sorry-" 

 "It’s okay.” Newt interrupted, and your head snapped back up. 

 "It’s… okay?“ How on earth was it okay?! You screamed in your head.

 "If I had your courage, I would have nearly done the same,” Newt chuckled to himself, like it wasn’t meant for you to hear, but oh, you heard it. “What I meant to say is,” Newt quickly backtracked, “I didn’t mind it." 

 "You… you didn’t?”

 "Oh, uh, oh goodness,“ Newt’s eyes snapped all around the room, his hands going down for his blanket and slowly pulling it up. "I’ve said too much, I’m sor-”

 "Let me touch you, again." 

You blurted, and it was his turn to stare at you wide eyed. 



 Your fingertips slowly dragged down his chest and stomach, making the man under you shiver and sputter under his breath. You softly smiled at him, your legs straddling him and Newt laying flat against the bed. The man too shy to touch you was tugging harshly at the sheets underneath, biting his lip as you traveled around, innocent and pure. It looked like he was holding something back from you. 

 His eyes soon fluttered shut, and that just wouldn’t do. 

 You lifted your hips and pressed a soft kiss on Newt’s shoulder, your hands stroking his belly. “Newt, look at me.” You asked, adding another kiss. Slowly, hesitantly he did. His green ones met yours and you smiled brightly, bringing a hand to his face. “Are you okay?" 

 "Is this a dream?” He whispered to you, his hand going up and meeting yours, his cheek nuzzling into your palm. You felt a shy hand meet your thigh and travel to your waist, holding there tightly. 

 "No, Newt.“ You laugh softly, leaning down and pressing a kiss against his freckled forehead. "This is as awake as you could get." 

 He hummed, and the hand on your waist hooked around you and brought you down next to him, startling you enough to make you squeal a bit. Newt laughed, bringing you two chest to chest, and it took you a second to realize he was cuddling you. You quickly reciprocated, your hand going back to his chest and the other linking and holding his free one. 

 "We should sleep, love,” Newt mumbled, his chin resting on your head. “Surely it’s too early to be awake." 

 "You might be right, Newt.” You nodded. “Just… promise to be here when I wake up?"