Nouns in Italian are either masculine or feminine. Usually, you can guess the gender and number of a noun based on the ending it takes. Here’s how to guess most of them based on their endings.

masculines in -o and femenines in -a

Generally, nouns ending in -o are masculine and those ending in -a or -tà are feminine. Usually, masculine nouns end in -o in the singular and -i in the plural, whereas femenine nouns end in -a in the singular and -e in the plural, e.g.

  • il libro - book
  • i libri - books
  • la casa - house
  • le case - houses
  • la lealtà - loyalty
  • la bontà - goodness

Note: nouns ending in -tà have no plural form.

There are, however, some feminine nouns ending in -o, e.g.

  • la mano - hand
  • l’auto - car
  • la libido - libido
  • la radio - radio
  • la moto - motorcycle
  • la metro - underground, subway
  • l’eco - echo

and some masculine nouns ending in -a, e.g.

  • l’aldilà - afterlife
  • il lama - llama
  • il duca - duke
  • il gorilla - gorilla
  • il pigiama - pyjamas, pajamas (US)
  • il sofà - sofa

nouns ending in -e

Most nouns ending in -e can be either masculine or feminine, e.g.

  • l’arte (f.) - art
  • l’amore (m.) - love
  • il cuore - heart
  • il re - king
  • il mese - month
  • il sole - sun
  • il mare - sea
  • il latte - milk
  • il giudice - judge
  • la croce - cross
  • la fede - faith
  • la luce - light
  • la pace - peace

-e / -a pairs

  • signore, signora - lord, lady
  • padrone, padrona - master/owner

nouns ending in -(is)ma, -(e)ma, -(o)ma, -ta and -arca 

Nouns ending in one of these endings are masculine nouns of Greek origin and change to -i for the plural, e.g.

  • l’aforisma - aphorism
  • il carisma - charisma
  • il cinema - cinema (UK), movie theatre (US)
  • il poema - poem
  • il clima - climate
  • il dramma - play, drama
  • il problema - problem
  • il programma - programme (UK), program (US)
  • l’idioma - language
  • il pirata - pirate
  • l’asceta - ascetic
  • il pilota - pilote
  • il poeta - poet
  • il monarca - monarch
  • il patriarca - patriarch

nouns ending in -ore, -one

Generally, nouns ending in one of these endings are masculine, e.g.

  • l’errore - error
  • genitore - parent
  • il fiore - flower
  • il calore - heat
  • l’autore - author
  • il colore - colour (UK), color (US)

nouns ending in -tudine, -zione, -sione, -gione and -tù

Nouns ending in one of these endings are feminine, e.g.

  • la solitudine - solitude, loneliness
  • la nazione - nation
  • la definizione - definition
  • la visione - vision
  • la ragione - reason
  • la virtù - virtue
  • la gioventù - youth
  • la tribù - tribe

nouns that can be both masculine and feminine

Words that refer to people can be either masculine or feminine, e.g.

  • amico, amica - friend
  • bambino, bambina - child
  • figlio, figlia - son, daughter
  • maestro, maestra - teacher, master
  • orso, orsa - bear
  • gatto, gatta - cat

Note: a lot of animals only have a masculine or feminine form, e.g. l’uccello (bird), il serpente (snake), la lucertola (lizard), la volpe (fox), etc.

nouns ending in -essa, -ina, -trice

Nouns ending in one of these endings are feminine

  • poeta, poetessa - poet, poetess
  • principe, principessa - prince, princess
  • elefante, elefantessa - elephant
  • dottore, dottoressa - doctor
  • leone, leonessa - lion, lioness
  • campione, campionessa - champion
  • eroe, eroina - hero, heroine
  • re, regina - king, queen
  • imperatore, imperatrice - emperor, empress

nouns ending in -ista and -ante

Nouns ending in -ista can be either masculine or feminine. To form their plural an -i or an -e is added.

  • il giornalista, i giornalisti - the journalist (m. s.), the journalist (m. pl.)
  • la giornalista, le giornaliste - the journalist (f. s.), the journalist (f. pl.)

Nouns ending in -ante can be either masculine or feminine. To form their plural an -i is added.

  • il cantante, i cantanti - the singer (m. s.), the singer (m. pl.)
  • la cantante, le cantanti - the singer (f. s.), the singer (f. pl.)

nouns ending in -ente

Nouns ending in -ente are usually masculine (but not always), e.g.

  • lo studente (studentessa) - student (female student)
  • il presidente (la presidentessa) - president (female president)
  • il paziente - patient

nouns ending in -iere

Nouns ending in -iere are always masculine, but a feminine noun can sometimes be obtained by changing the final vowel if the word refers to people, e.g.

  • il paniere - basket
  • il panettiere, la panettiera - male baker, female baker
  • l’infermiere, l’infermiera - male nurse, female nurse
  • il parrucchiere, la parrucchiera - male hairdresser, female hairdresser

irregular plurals

§1 a lot of nouns describing people present a distinct form depending on the natural gender of the person, e.g.

  • uomo, donna - man, woman
  • fratello, sorella - brother, sister
  • padre, madre - father, mother
  • mamma, papà - mum, dad
  • dio, dea - god, goddess

§2 a lot of nouns are masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural, e.g.

  • l’uovo, le uova - egg, eggs
  • il dito, le dita - finger, fingers
  • braccio, braccia - arm, arms
  • riso, risa - laugh, laughs

You can read about it here and here.

Leave Her Alone (Draco x Reader)

Originally posted by the-goblet-of-slytherin

Request:   Hi could u write a Draco x reader where the reader is shy and keeps to herself. Draco always watches her and makes sure no one bother her.  - Anon

H/H: Hogwarts house

L/N: Last Name

You were a shy but smart H/H.  You kept to yourself, and only spoke when spoken to, but only by a professor or someone close to you.  People liked to tease you, sure.  But it lessened when a certain Slytherin named Draco Malfoy stepped in.

Whenever someone stopped you in a corridor, knocked over the stack of books you were holding, or shouted at you intentionally, Draco seemed to always be there.  He would yell at them, and if they said anything back he would whip out his wand and point it at their throats.  Once they left, he would pick up your books for you and ask you if you were alright.

You would quickly nod and then continue walking, head down.  You didn’t know why Draco was so nice to you, but he had saved you from embarrassment multiple times.  Each day you told yourself you were going to thank him, but at the end of each day you said to yourself: Tomorrow.

One day as you were walking outside to the Quidditch Pitch to attend a Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff game, you were stopped by a girl in your house who had a reputation of being a jerk to other girls who weren’t at her so-called “standard.”

“L/N!” she called, two of her friends walking up behind her.  You looked up hesitantly.  “What’s going on between you and that Malfoy boy?  It’s obvious you’ve taken a liking to him.  You know, the way you blush the color of a tomato when he’s around.  Well, I’ve got news for you.  He doesn’t love you.  Never has, never wi–”

“What’s going on here, ladies?” a voice said from behind you.  You turned around, and there was Draco.  He walked up behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder.

“Oh–uh–we were just telling Y/N here how lovely her outfit is,” the girl replied, fear evident in her voice.  She faked a smile.

Draco raised an eyebrow.  “Really?  Because I heard you telling Y/N that I don’t love her.”

The girl’s eyes widened, and her friends took a few steps back.  “Well, I, uh–you see–”

“I’ve heard enough.  Now be on your way.  And if I ever see you speaking like that to Y/N again there will be consequences.”

All three girls nodded scaredly and rushed away.

“Are you okay?” Draco asked.

You nodded.  Draco was used to this being your only response, and he began to walk away, but you grabbed his wrist.  “Why are you so nice to me?” you asked.

He looked at you a bit surprised.   “Nobody deserves to be treated that way.  I’ve been there, and it doesn’t feel good.  Plus, I like you.  You’re different.  A good different.”

You blushed.  “Th-thanks… for everything you’ve ever helped me with.”

He smiled.  “Anytime.”

“Well–uh–I suppose I should get to the game now…,” you said quietly.

Draco held out a hand to you.  “How would you like to be my date?”

You smiled and blushed even more.  “I’d love to.”

At the Quidditch game, Draco had you by his side the entire time, and even gave you his scarf to wear because you forgot yours.  It was January after all, so everyone was bundled up in warm coats and scarves, and the couples were snuggled close.  You talked to Draco more than anyone you’d ever had at Hogwarts.  You enjoyed each other’s company, and once the game was over, he invited you to go to Hogsmeade with him over the weekend.  You gladly accepted, and went back to your dorm room happy as ever.

Part 2?  Idk.  Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

shklance at the carnival
  • lance and shiro are banned from several booths
    • not because they cheat but because the booths are obviously rigged and they still manage to win a lot
  • keith is actually so bad at carnival games but mostly cause he’s got bad luck and is easily frustrated
  • but he’s the best of all of them at not falling on his ass inside those fun houses with moving floors and rotating rooms he’s got that shit on lock
  • lance wins them prizes at the aiming/shooter games
  • shiro wins them prizes at the strength testing games
    • every time shiro is looking cool af after winning a strength testing game lance squeals and jumps into his arms dramatically proclaiming “MY HERO <3”
    • keith rolls his eyes at them but snaps a photo because he’s a cheese like that
  • cotton candy kisses
    • lance loves the sweet taste
    • keith doesn’t like the stickiness on his cheeks but he tolerates it cause he loves them
    • plus they litter his cheeks with kisses and it tickles so it makes him giggle
  • keith and lance use roller coasters and rides for competition
    • first to say uncle has to wear the silly hat
    • said hat is the only prize keith managed to win by randomly picking a rubber duck with a star on the bottom (only luck he had all day)
    • shiro likes roller coasters but there’s no Thrill in them for him
    • but it’s cute to see lance and keith scream-laughing and having fun
  • lance names a cute little black dog plushie keith and keith blushes
  • shiro names this cute little smug looking tabby cat plushie lance and lance dIES
  • lance and keith holding shiro’s hands and guiding him to open spaces when he’s feeling too claustrophobic cause of crowds
  • lance taking so many selfies with them both
  • so many
  • they all have things theyre bad and good at but they all have fun
  • until the haunted house
    • lance is super superstitious, and only agreed to go in cause he KNOWS it’s all people in costumes that aren’t actually messing with some bruja bullshit
    • keith squints suspiciously at everything but is otherwise oddly calm
    • shiro has died, his soul has left the building, his skin has gone  clammy and pale, he’s constantly stopping himself from making a tea kettle noise
      • lance, clinging to shiro: youll protect me right babe
      • shiro, edging further away: i cant read suddenly i dont know 
      • keith: this is…a verbal conversation??? 
      • [some noise sounds in the distance]
      • shiro: [makes a tea kettle noise and fuckn bOLTS]
      • lance: bABE NOOOOOO
      • keith: don’t worry i can handle this
      • [someone pops out at them]
    • they arrive at the jump scare
    • shiro: gone
    • keith: handling
    • knife: out
    • they are forcefully removed from the haunted house
  • in the end they have to leave a bit before the carnival closes or else the cops risk getting involved aka: best carnival date EVER

thank you to @noiitamina from the shklance discord for the initial idea you truly #blessed us all

1950′s Keith and Lance

Here’s some HCs I have for a Klance 1950′s (minus the homophobia) AU that no one wants but I made anyways

Will I write a full-length fic for this?  Maybe, probably, but not anytime soon

  • Keith goes to help out his uncle’s farm for a summer
  • He did that bc the uncle he lives with said he needed to get out more
  • So he works collecting eggs and tending to their livestock and eventually gets to drive the machinery to harvest crops
  • Well one day there is a cow in one of the fields and Keith is just “uuhhhh that’s not ours”
  • It ends up it belongs to the neighboring farm so Keith has to go find the owner so the cow can be returned
  • Que Keith meeting a wonderful woman hanging laundry to dry with her little children
  • He tells her one of her cows in loose and she calls one of her sons
  • Cue Lance entering the yard
  • Cue Keith’s vision only being able to focus on that beautiful boy in front of him
  • So Keith leads Lance to the cow and they get her home
  • Lance has worked on that dairy farm with his family ever since he could remember and a cow had never wondered that far
  • Thus starts a bit of a summer romance for Keith and Lance
  • They don’t see each other often, but when they do, they try their best to make their flirting subtle
  • Then Keith has to go back into town bc school is starting and Lance realizes he never actually got anywhere with him
  • So Lance invites Keith out to his church’s end of summer ice cream social and Keith agrees, though he had never been to an ice cream social of any kind
  • Keith brings his cousin Shiro as support, and so he would have someone to talk to
  • Shiro and Keith are the only two there who don’t live in the area
  • All the kids go to their opposite high school and it’s obvious everyone lives on some sort of farm
  • Lots of eyes are on Shiro bc 1) he drives a sports car, 2) he’s missing an arm, and 3) he’s sexy af
  • Lance finds Keith and hands him a Root Beer float and they find a table to sit and chat at
  • All the girls are surrounding Shiro bc he’s older and so handsome in leather and his car is expensive and he used to be the captain of his high school’s football team
  • Little they know he’s dating Allura, the mayor’s daughter
  • Keith and Lance hit it off and after that Keith come to pick Lance up about once a week for a date
  • Sometimes it’s rollerskating or the movies of local events near Lance’s house
  • Lance is blown away when Keith takes him to dances and little concerts at Keith’s favorite diner bc he never gets to go to things like that
  • Lance takes Keith to secret hang out spots near his property as sort of “dates”
  • There’s a lake with a rope swing they go swimming in and place in the woods with wild raspberries growing
  • Lance takes Keith to the county fair and Keith wins Lance big stuffed bears but also gets sick on roller coasters
  • They make out in the back of Keith’s (Shiro’s) car as much as possible so if someone sees that car parked off the road in the dark, there is a 99% chance Keith has Lance pinned down in the back seat and each has at least their shirts off
  • Pretty much Lance falls head over heels in love with a boy he thought was just going to be a summer fling, and Keith gets soft for the farm boy he thought he wouldn’t see after that summer
New Russian Holmes Watch Party v6.0

Episode 6: Halifax

Get ready because this episode is fucking awesome

Featuring such Classic Moments as:

  • Holmes & Watson on a tandem bike
  • Lestrade being a total BAMF
  • News of Watson’s Hot Fanfics starts to spread
  • Lestrade taking a piss saves the UK economy
  • Sherlock cries, literally sobs
  • Pike Crab Octopus man is in the house
  • L E S T R A D E
  • Literally I cry at Lestrade every time look at this precious angry man who is done with Holmes’ shit

When: Friday 9th June, 11pm BST/GMT+1 (6pm EDT/ 3pm PDT)

Where: - I’ll post a link on my blog to my room before the start of the stream.

Please reblog and spread the word if you’re interested!

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P.S. if you’re not tagged above & you want me to tag you before the stream starts then reply to this post or send me a message, ta!

sisterofiris  asked:

Hi! How are you? :) I was wondering if you could help me out with something? I'm researching religious vocabulary in Indo-European languages for a uni project and I was wondering if you knew of any Slavic/Slovenian religious terms (god, sacred, altar, offering...) that come from PIE? I've mainly got Greek, Latin, Sanskrit and Germanic words at the moment and it would be awesome if I could bring in another perspective. I hope you don't mind me asking, I thought it might be your kind of thing :)

Hi! I’m doing great, especially now that I got this very stimulating question :D I hope you don’t mind if I answer this publicly, since I figure this might be interesting to others as well (and to spite that anon from ages ago who complained about the lack of Proto-Indo-European content on this blog lol).

First of all, I don’t know if you’ve already been using it, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: the general and most comprehensive work (that I know of) that tries to reconstruct as much as possible about Proto-Indo-European culture (material and otherwise), society, environment etc. based on reconstructible vocabulary is The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World by Mallory and Adams (which I’m sure you could find somewhere here, if your nearest library doesn’t have it :P). Admittedly it only has a small section devoted to exclusively religious vocabulary (6 pages or so), but it’s quite dense and you can find religious aspects in other sections as well (which does (unfortunately) mean you’ve got to look through basically all of it, but there is stuff like that there too).

Now to turn to Slavic, there’s Proto-Slavic *bȍgъ ”god”, with descendants in Belarusian, Russian, Rusyn, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian бог, BCSM (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrin) бо̑г/bȏg, Slovene bọ̑g, Lower Sorbian bog, Upper Sorbian bóh, Slovak boh, Czech bůh, Silesian bůg, Polabian büg, Kashubian, Polish bóg.†

If the reconstruction from the PIE root *bheh2g- “to apportion, to give a part, to distribute a share” (also reconstructed as *bhag-, though that might be controversial, as many believe that *a did not exist as a phoneme in PIE) is correct (the form we’re discussing is then ultimately a formation like *bhh2g-o-s), then it has cognates in Avestan and Old Persian baγa “god, (the) lord” (some also propose it was actually borrowed from the latter into Slavic), from the same root also Sanskrit bhāgá- “a part, a share, an inheritance, Vedic also lot → fortunate lot, good fortune, luck, destiny” along with the verbal root bhaj- with the same meanings as the PIE root, Ancient Greek ἔφαγον “I ate” < *“I received a share”. So “god” in this view is something like “the one who bestows things upon you” (be it material goods or good fortune/luck).

The word has a wide family, to give examples from Slovene: bogínja “a goddess”, bóžji “related to god”, božȃnstvo “a divinity”, božȃnski “divine, god-like”, pobọ́žen [ə] “devout, pious, godly”, pobọ́žnost “devotion, piety, godliness”, brezbọ́žen [ɛ-ə] “godless” etc.; capitalized Bog means the Christian “God”.
—{LIV, NIL, Fran, Wikt}

Because this is long, the rest will be under the cut. Words featured below are: *svę̑tъ “holy, saint”, *žь̋rtva “an offering (to the gods), praising of gods”, *žьrьcь̍ “a (pagan) priest”, *dȗxъ “a breath, a spirit, a ghost, secondarily a demon, as well as mind (=mental ability, mentality)”, *duša̍ “a soul”, *bě̑sъ “a demon, an evil spirit”, *čűdo “a miracle, a wonder”, *vȏrgъ “an enemy, a foe, a murderer”, *vorža̍ “divination”, *vě̋ra “faith”.

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The Case of Erwin Smith Disappearance

Finally I finished this translation, hope you all enjoy it.

Introduction about SL being last hope of mankind by Armin

Levi (L): Finally….finally… it’s over…. finally… (snore)

Sasha (S) : (knock) Pardon my intrusion! 104th batch of Survey Legion, Sasha Braus! (informing one’s presence)

Connie ( C ): Similarly, Connie Springer

S: We are delivering documents those requiring your attention!

S & C: (tired breathing)

L: (still sleeping, snoring)

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Dating Alex Standall Would Include....
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Being like the only one who can make him smile
  • Dates at Monet’s
  • Study dates at either his or your house that usually turn R rated
  • Teasing him at school, knowing he’ll be sexually frustrated all day because that means irritated Alex which leads to rough sex.
  • Him keeping you away from Bryce
  • Him also keeping you from attacking Courtney because lets be real, she’s annoying as fuck.
  • Monty flirting with you just to annoy Alex.
  • PDA
  • His dad loving you
  • Being on the tapes as well and the two of you helping each other through it.
  • Him helping you through Jeff’s death because he was your best friend other than Jessica and you were in the car with him when it happened (#JeffDeservedBetter)
  • Sheri avoiding you as much as possible because you blame her for Jeff dying (#JeffDeservedBetter)
  • Being a cheerleader with Jessica
  • Having weekly movie nights
  • Practically living at his house
  • Good morning and goodnight texts when you’re actually at your house
  • Late night phone calls
  • Sharing a locker at school
  • Having your own space in his closet and drawer in his bureau/dresser
  • Stealing his shirts a lot
    • “Is that my shirt?”
    • “….No?”
  • Video game wars which usually end in you tackling him in protest because he wins every time.
  • Tickle fights
  • Pillow fights
  • Sarcastic, playful banters
  • Purposely annoying each other
  • Being pretty much inseparable

All rights reserved @dragmedowntobeaconhills2017

Thank you for reading!

Masterlist | Fandom List

Ok here is my idea for a Lilo and Stitch-esque AU (I wanted to post this with a bunch of drawings but I’m too excited to share this now hfjdgk)

  •  Hunk and Lance are roommates and besties. Hunk is a dance teacher and Lance is a waiter at a restaurant. both of them make an ok amount of money but things are still pretty tight bc rent ain’t cheap
  • Pidge, Matt, and their father live on the other side of the world and were all kidnapped by the Galra bc they’re mean aliens and while trying to escape, Matt and their father got recaptured and only Pidge made it out. Her escape pod crashed back on Earth (completely on the other side of the globe to where her home is) and now she has no money, no transportation, no friends, and her family is still being held captive by aliens
  • Hunk finds her trying to convince somebody that aliens took her brother and dad and she needs their help
  • the random person does not believe her
  • but Hunk does!
  • and he takes her back to his and Lance’s house
  • Lance is like wtf have you done, we can barely afford to pay our own rent and now we’ve adopted a child??
  • Shiro is friends with Lance and Hunk and is a social worker. he finds out that they’re suddenly taking care of a kid and is like “ok…are you guys sure you can handle this or can I do my job and deal with her”
  • Lance & Hunk are like “nope we got this THANKS THO”
  • Shiro has his Dad Eye on them though
  • anyway, on the alien side
  • Allura is the leader of the Alteans who are, of course, against the Galra
  • they found out that the Galra took two humans prisoner and decided to stage a rescue mission
  • they simultaneously plan to rescue the Holts from the Galra while sending another team to recover Pidge on Earth
  • Allura sends out Coran
  • incredibly, Coran is both Jumba and Pleakley at the same time
  • on the Galra side of things, Zarkon has realized that the Alteans are trying to rescue Pidge and sends out Sendak to capture her first
  • imagine Sendak trying to blend in with the locals with sunglasses and a big floppy hat
  • anyway, Pidge, Hunk, and Lance are discussing who the Galra are and how they can possibly get her family back
  • discussion takes place at the restaurant where Lance works
  • coincidentally Keith works there too…as a performer…yes I made him David bc it’s cute and he uses fire ok
  • Lance likes Keith’s butt and fancy hair
  • ANYWAY Coran finds Pidge there but so does Sendak and Pidge recognizes Sendak and in her panic mistakes Coran for another Galra agent and a fight happens in the middle of the restaurant that does not put Pidge or Lance in a favourable light and Lance ends up getting fired. Sendak retreats and Coran decides to wait a bit before trying to talk to Pidge again
  • Lance tries to find a new job while Hunk & Pidge try to gather parts to build a spaceship that can get them to the Galra ship & back bc they’re both VERY CLEVER and good at techy things like that
  • Coran is awkwardly following them around town trying to catch Pidge alone so they can talk but he keeps getting distracted by all the tourist attractions
  • Lance isn’t having any luck job hunting
  • Hunk and Pidge aren’t having much better luck building the spaceship because they can’t find several of the parts they need
  • they’re kinda bummed out :/
  • Keith sees everyone being all bummed out & comes to the rescue w surfboards bc he’s nice and wants to cheer them up
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride montage happens where everyone’s happy and just having fun and Pidge is kind of happy for the first time since her family was taken
  • it doesn’t make sense for Coran to almost drown Pidge here so it’s Sendak who shows up and causes trouble again
  • Shiro shows up at the end of everything and doesn’t see Sendak, he only sees Hunk & Lance doing a bad job of taking care of their newly acquired 14-year old
  • Shiro: :(
  • Lance thinks that maybe Shiro should take Pidge. Hunk insists that Shiro won’t believe her about the aliens and won’t even be able to help anyway?? Lance doesn’t really want Pidge to leave, he’s just upset because he’s jobless and they won’t be able to pay next month’s rent with Hunk’s money alone, especially since their landlord knows that they’ve got a third person living with them now
  • it’s not their decision to make anymore though because Shiro (very gently) tells them that he’s taking Pidge the next morning
  • Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are all sitting miserably in the kitchen waiting for Shiro to arrive
  • but Keith arrives first
  • “Lance! I think I found you a job!!”
  • Lance tells Hunk to not let Shiro leave with Pidge and runs off with Keith
  • Hunk & Pidge are just chillin alone hoping that Lance & Keith will come back before Shiro gets here
  • only Sendak shows up before any of them do
  • Coran decides it’s best to forgo waiting and leap in to save Hunk & Pidge
  • Sendak is facing off against Pidge while Hunk frantically calls Shiro and Coran is just yelling in the background cuz he can’t get in the house
  • “Shiro? Aliens are attacking our house……oh good, Pidge found the chainsaw” *hangs up*
  • Shiro: WHAT
  • anyway you know how the scene plays out…there’s explosions and half their house is blown up
  • Lance gets back to the house but the house is pretty much wrecked and Sendak and Coran are nowhere to be seen
  • there’s a firetruck & firepeople taking care of the damage while Shiro stands there with his arms crossed looking disappointed
  • Hunk and Pidge are beside him looking upset
  • Lance furiously argues with Shiro about taking Pidge and while he’s distracted, Pidge sneaks off and Hunk nervously follows them and both of them take off
  • Pidge says that she should leave and try to finish the spaceship by herself in secret so that Hunk can go back to his normal life. Hunk refuses to let her go off on her own and says that he’ll leave with her so they can finish the ship and rescue Matt and her dad together. Pidge is incredibly touched and is about to accept this when Sendak ambushes them and captures them both
  • Lance has abandoned Shiro at this point and is frantically looking for Hunk and Pidge and sees them being taken by Sendak and he’s too shocked to make a move to try and save them
  • Sendak locks them in his own ship and is about to take off back to Zarkon
  • Pidge manages to squeeze through a small opening and leap out before Sendak takes off but Hunk is still trapped inside and he and Sendak disappear into the sky
  • once again Pidge has escaped but left someone she cared about behind…
  • Lance recovers from being frozen in shock and is absolutely livid
  • because WHERE IS HUNK??
  • Lance is so upset, he’s never been this upset before, his best friend has been taken by aliens and in his eyes it’s all Pidge’s fault because Sendak wouldn’t even be here if not for her
  • Pidge can’t even blame him, she knows how painful it is to lose family
  • do they cry together?? yeah
  • Coran appears and interjects and is like “guys…hold on maybe we can stop Sendak and rescue Hunk before he makes it back to Zarkon” because surprise surprise, Coran has his own ship that he’s been hiding all this time
  • Pidge is a reckless daredevil and somehow makes it onto Sendak’s ship and frees Hunk
  • “You came back!” “Nobody gets left behind again on my watch >:T ”
  • they sabotage Sendak’s ship and it begins to nosedive and the two of them fuckin leap out of the ship and Coran & Lance catch them in Coran’s ship and everyone’s safe
  • except for Sendak. he crashes in the ocean
  • he doesn’t die I just want him to be stranded on Earth and living in the forest and spying on society because he has nothing else to do
  • Sendak becomes a cryptid
  • I digress back to the actual story
  • I’m giggling so much thinking about Keith just out in the ocean on his surfboard and suddenly Coran’s ship lands and knocks him over with a wave
  • “Keith!” “hey, Hunk” “can you give us a ride back to shore?” “uh–” *looks at giant ship with Coran, Lance, Hunk, and Pidge perched on top* “sure! but I’ll have to make two trips…”
  • they all make it back to dry land and Shiro is there like wtf I leave you alone for five minutes and you burn down your house and THEN GET KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS??
  • Pidge is like excuse YOU my brother and dad are the ones who got kidnapped by aliens and I STILL HAVE TO RESCUE THEM
  • Shiro is like wtf why didn’t you just tell me
  • Pidge is like “?? you mean you would have believed me??”
  • Shiro is like “yeah um…about that…”
  • at this point Allura descends from the heavens in her fancy dancey spaceship and she’s bringing with her, drumroll PLEASE:
  • MATT AND COMMANDER HOLT!! BC ALTEANS GET SHIT DONE and also I didn’t feel like dragging Zarkon into this
  • what happened to Zarkon? who knows and who cares, sure not me
  • Shiro used to be a CIA agent and met the Alteans before ages ago before becoming a social worker
  • bc Shiro’s cool like that
  • Pidge is reunited with her brother and her dad
  • Allura, and Coran agree to bring Pidge and her family back home to where her poor mother has been left all alone this whole time
  • or maybe they do the reverse and pick up Pidge’s mom and bring her over to Hawaii bc then everybody is together and I want everybody to end up together because Hunk & Lance (and Keith & Shiro too, to a lesser extent) are part of Pidge’s family now too
  • can Pidge’s family move so they stay together? I bet Commander Holt would love to live in Hawaii for science reasons
  • this ending is messy but I just want everybody to be a family together ok
  • ending montage where they rebuild their house/apartment/wherever the fuck they live and Lance has a new job and Coran and Allura visit them sometimes and everybody is happy
  • and nobody gets left behind
  • or forgotten
  • (except Sendak)
  • (he’s a cryptid now)

Queen Guinevere’s journey to Almesbury; 
- Idylls of the King: Guinevere, Lord Alfred Tennyson

So Lancelot got her horse, set her thereon, and mounted on his own, and then they rode to the divided way, there kissed, and parted weeping: for he past, love-loyal to the least wish of the Queen, back to his land; but she to Almesbury

And when she came to Almesbury she spake there to the nuns, and said, “Mine enemies pursue me, but, O peaceful Sisterhood, receive, and yield me sanctuary, nor ask her name to whom ye yield it, till her time to tell you:” and her beauty, grace and power, wrought as a charm upon them, and they spared to ask it.
So the stately Queen abode for many a week, unknown, among the nuns; nor with them mixed, nor told her name, nor sought, wrapt in her grief, for housel or for shrift, nut communed only with the little maid, who pleased her with a babbling heedlessness.

“[..]As even here they talk at Almesbury about the good King and his wicked Queen, and were I such a King with such a Queen, well might I wish to veil her wickedness, but were I such a King, it could not be.” Then to her own sad heart muttered the Queen, “Will the child kill me with her innocent talk?”

Dominican Rite Requiem: Third Mass of All Souls

Once a semester the friars at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC celebrate a ‘Missa Maior’ with three ranks of sacred ministers - priest, deacon, sub-deacon, and at least two acolytes. A small Schola of friars sang from the Dominican Gradual, and over sifty lay women and men – predominantly University-aged – were present to join the friars in this Liturgy. 

That this Mass drew such a number of the laity is remarkable because at the same time there were at least two other Solemn Masses in the Extraordinary Form (Roman rite) taking place in Washington DC.

As the Order approaches its 800th Jubilee Year, a Mass such as this is especially fitting. It is part of our common heritage that unites us to our great Saints, and the vast multitude of our Dominican brothers and sisters over the past eight centuries; it is part of a living Tradition that continues to this day. As Dom Guéranger said: “Liturgy is tradition itself at its highest degree of power and solemnity” (cited in Congar, ‘The Meaning of Tradition’).

If you like this, and want to join us in our 800th ‘birthday’ celebrations, be sure to follow us on Twitter <@Dominican_Order> and on Facebook <>! Thanks.

The chapel before Mass begins: the stalls for our lay guests are filled up, and the space outside the choir screen too

Brothers in choir

Introit & Kyrie: all the ministers stand in a row

As the Epistle is chanted by the sub-deacon, the deacon unfolds the corporal on the Altar

Preparation of the chalice at the sedilia

Sub-deacon receives the folded humeral veil from the acolyte; the chalice is prepared so this is placed under the veiled chalice.

The ministers seated at the sedilia: priest closest the Altar, then the deacon holding the Gospels, then the sub-deacon. A gremial is unfolded over their laps.

Chanting of the Gospel from a lectern and attended by cross and acolytes

The Homily was preached by fr Anthony Giambrone OP

After the Homily, the five ministers fan out for the reading of the Offertorium

The Gifts are offered, and the priest washes his hands

Orate fratres: notice the priest stands to the side so as not to have his back to Our Lord in the Tabernacle

The Sanctus

Elevation of the Most Holy Eucharist: my Lord and my God!

“Prostration on the forms” performed by the brothers in choir during the Canon

Before receiving Communion, the brothers perform the ‘venia’, a prostration on the side. This act of self-abasement before receiving the sublime Gift of Our Lord’s Body and Blood is a moving sign that we truly “are not worthy” to receive Him

Holy Communion with the houseling cloth to catch any crumbs

After Communion on solemn occasions, the brothers purify their mouths with unconsecrated wine, sometimes called ‘houseling wine’ (in the Sarum rite).

Formation at the end of Mass

Prayer sung around the Catafalque which is sprinkled with holy water, the ministers circumnavigating the Catafalque three times

The same with incense

Prayers of absolution at the Catafalque

The ministers depart 

yoongi as an author

requested by @nctutvs

  • the hermit type that never fucking leaves the house
  • lives in this small studio apartment that he RARELY lets anyone into because its always a mess and he’s too exhausted to clean it
  • like literally his underwear is in the kitchen he doesn’t know how all he knows that it is and it will stay there
  • literally screaming 90% of the time because he gets writers block WAY TOO OFTEN to be an author
  • his sleep schedule is completely fucked up like one day he’ll sleep for 28 hours and the next he’ll be up at 3am eating half of a refridgerated burrito and crying
  • is lowkey in love with his manager but refuses to admit it so instead he acts like an asshole
  • but his manager totally sees through it
  • only wears sweaters no matter what time of year
  • but it’s not like the weather really matters because he never leaves the house and keeps the temperature at 66 degrees so he waddles around the house in a cocoon of blankets and sadness
  • the type to listen to music that matches the mood of the scene
  • which means when he’s writing something sad he listens to the most depressing music and tries his hardest not to cry his eyes out
  • his writing is brunt but effective, it tells the story so realistically and he’s proud that he can call it his own style of writing
  • only goes out for book signings and even then he’s being dragged outside by his manager
  • he sets up a blog so he can talk to the fans because he honestly wants their feedback and wants to be able to take their opinions into consideration
  • but gets really pissed when someone leaves a dumbass comment
  • “yoongi calm down it’s just their opinion”
  • writes the more raw stories that are super realistic and super depressing that you can’t help but wonder if it’s based on real life (it’s not but he really likes it when people ask him that)
  • honestly wouldn’t trade his career for anything else, even though he screams a lot and has the weirdest sleep schedule, it’s something he’s passionate about
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grantaire being really open with affection, and just holding hands when he’s walking down the street with someone, or just slinging an arm around their waist and dropping a kiss on their forehead.

grantaire cooking breakfast whenever he spends the night at someone’s house

les amis realizing one day that they’re all kind of in a relationship with grantaire.

les amis starting a weekly date night where they just turn up at grantaire’s and start a massive puppy pile

at least three people leaving said puppy pile with hickies

grantaire getting keys made so they can just climb into his bed in the middle of the night without him having to wake up

grantaire being les amis’ boyfriend

Hanukkah Project For Zach

“As a Hanukkah/Holiday present for Zach, the fanbase is going to send him a collective present of 8 videos.  On each night of Hanukkah, a video will be released.  Each video will consist of a different theme or message.  We would love everyone to participate in as many of the videos as they choose, so please spread the word to help get as many fans involved as possible.” - gatorboyzach

Days 1 & 7 will be similar to the Franksgiving video that was made for Frankie. Details for submitting to those videos can be found in THIS POST. Those videos are going to take the largest about of work and probably be the most popular submission-wise.

Please keep in mind that you can submit for as many or as few of the videos as you wish. Each one has slightly different guidelines. Please read over this information and decide which video(s) you’d like to submit for and do so as directed. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via ask/fanmail on tumblr ( all-the-ships-are-sailing ) or via DM or tweet on twitter @cassiebrown91.


Day 2 - Our Favorite BB16 Moments

This video will be formatted as a countdown of the most submitted/voted for moments of BB16. Please follow these guidelines for submission:

  1. Include a link to a youtube video of the moment if available. Preferred sources are ZankieMoments or ZankieBirdsNest. If you can’t find a link please include a TIME STAMP!
  2. All moments MUST include Zach (obviously). Zankie is FINE (since everything you’d be submitting actually happened)! Moments can be funny or serious. If you’re questioning the appropriateness of your submission don’t hesitate to ask!
  3. You can include livefeed moments, BBAD, or CBS aired clips.
  4. Email submissions to with the subject line ‘BB16 MOMENTS’
  5. ONE submission per email address only.
  6. All submissions must be received by 11:00 AM EST on December 10, 2014.

Day 3 - We Love the Rance Family (and so does Zach)

We’ve seen that Zach’s family means a lot to him and this video will showcase that love. Please follow these guidelines for submissions:

  1. This is to include his ACTUAL family not the Grandes. #SorryNotSorry
  2. Still Photos and Videos will be accepted - including edits, fanart, and originals. You can submit the originals or links to where I can find them online, whichever is easier for you.
  3. I’m looking for things that include Zach with his family (especially his parents, Peyton, and Tiger).
  4. Email submissions to with the subject line 'RANCE FAMILY’
  5. You may submit multiple times for this video.
  6. All submissions must be received by 11:00 AM EST on December 11, 2014.
  7. If submitting an original piece (edit or fanart) please include a twitter handle, instagram username, or tumblr URL so I can credit you!

As a final note: If ANYONE reading this has any pull with the Rance Family, please let me know. I’d love to actually have them involved on this one if at all possible.

Day 4 - SUPER SPECIAL SECRET DAY OF AWESOME! (This one’s for the project crew only. Sorry!)

Day 5 - Recreating Zach Rance

This one is all about having fun. The main idea is that I want you to find a picture or video of Zach (with or without other people involved) and recreate it, then send me the results. Please follow these guidelines for submission:

  1. Submit both your recreation and the original. Original may be in the form of a link.
  2. Cosplay (get out your gator shirts and pink hats!), and Fan Art talents will be showcased! If you have any other creative ideas, please send them in as well.
  3. Email submissions to with the subject line 'RECREATING ZACH’
  4. You may submit multiple times for this video, but please don’t go super overboard. I want everyone’s work to shine! And I’m sure Zach would prefer the video not be hours long!
  5. All submissions must be received by 11:00 AM EST on December 13, 2014.
  6. Include a twitter, instagram, or tumblr username so I can credit you in the video for all your hard work!

Day 6 - Ashley & Samantha

This one will be going out on the 21st which is the day of Zach’s charity appearance with Victoria and Caleb for the Housel twins, so I wanted to make it all about the girls! 

The introduction of the video is going to explain that we’re incredibly proud of him for stepping up to help the girls and bringing light to their situation and that we just wanted to say thank you then the fun part: the thank you videos will roll. Followed by a few slides of photos/screenshots and one final slide with the information to donate. 

What I’m looking for you to submit (and I would really love EVERYONE to take part in this one) is a very short video clip of you saying 'Thank you’. It would be amazing if we could get it in various languages, too! Please follow these guidelines for submission:

  1. Film yourself saying 'Thank you,’ in whatever language you wish and submit the video file.
  2. If you speak a language other than English in your video please include in your email which language you spoke and the correct spelling of the words.
  3. Email submissions to with the subject line 'ASHLEY AND SAMANTHA’
  4. ONE submission per email address, please.
  5. All submissions must be received by 11:00 AM EST on December 14, 2014.
  6. Include a twitter, instagram, or tumblr username so I can credit you in the video!


Okay, so I couldn’t leave Frankie out of such a huge project. Most of it has been just about Zach, but the final day is the day before Christmas Eve and i wanted to do something special for BOTH of the boys.

There are TWO umbrella options for submissions here:

  1. Holiday FanArt and Edits - Think Zankie and think holidays and show me what you can do!
  2. Video Clips of YOU - Send them your holiday greetings in whatever language you choose. If you’re not sure what to say don’t hesitate to ask! If you chose this option and use a language other than English please include in your email what language you spoke and an English translation!

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Please keep in mind this video is being created for BOTH of them. Include them BOTH in whatever you submit and make sure it’s appropriate for BOTH of them.
  2. Email submissions to with the subject line 'ZANKIEMAS’
  3. ONE submission of each umbrella option per email address, please.
  4. All submissions must be received by 11:00 AM EST on December 16, 2014.
  5. Include a twitter, instagram, or tumblr username so I can credit you in the video!

And that’s the end of the project. If you have any questions at all please contact me (Cassie), here on tumblr ( all-the-ships-are-sailing ) or on twitter @cassiebrown91. I hope you all are as excited about this as I am and I can’t wait to see your submissions!