Well this sim!week was pretty crazy to say the least, but we still have alot to take care of! From here, I think it’s time the crew moves into better housing, seeing as though they’ve been living in the loft for like six years. I have the duplex all built (not the same one they lived in before, I designed a new one), now it’s just a matter of moving them in. 

After that, it’s mostly going to be more “Project Adult” stuff. Alya and Nino are close to branching in their career tracks, so I’m going to keep and eye on that. They aren’t engaged yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if that proposal wasn’t too far behind. And of course we have the Adrienette wedding to plan! I’ll probably set up a poll for venue/color schemes so we can all collaborate, and gosh it’s gunna be fun!

From there… who knows?? 

Normally, I keep about 7-9 posts in my drafts folder and 10-12 in my queue.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m switching my degree program to a master’s, and starting today I have until the end of August to defend and revise a thesis.

In the short term, that means I’ll be super busy with finishing School Things, which is why I’ve made a bunch of content to post ahead of time. In the only slightly longer term, I’ll be able to be done with school and focus on what I really love, which is communicating science. Looking forward to it!

To all my followers:

I’m genuinely sorry you were subjected to this gross drama circus this morning.

On the other hand I hope you understand why I stand up for myself. For future reference, (if you haven’t already) blacklist “fandom wank” so that this bullshit won’t clog your dashes when another person decides to have a go at me and my big mouth refuses to stay shut.

La mayoría de veces la gente no elimina sus problemas; los esconde.
Esto me trasmite este #grafitti
¿Y a tí, qué te sugiere?
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