hey friends. sorry to be so abrupt about this, but i’m gonna come off tumblr for Lent. my head is too full and noisy, which is doing me no good. and God and i need some space to talk. 

i am going to miss it a lot. i am going to miss you, a lot. i know i will think of you very often. i do feel really attached to this blue trash site and the connections i’ve made here, so it’s a wrench to leave (which is kind of the point lol).

anyway i send you all my love. i’ll keep you in my prayers.

think of me ‘cos i’m gonna be SO F*CKING LONELY LOL

(like i hope it will be a good opportunity to deepen my interpersonal relationships and also to make peace with my own self so hopefully there will be a payoff but still)

so much love so so much of it xxxxxxxxxxx