At any given moment I have at least 3 sketchbooks with me. The only thing I love more than using them is putting stickers on them. It’s not officially “mine” until it has at least one sticker.

The red one is my planner, the small black one is a journal and the large black one is for sketching, work notes and ideas.

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Font Friday - No. 92

On every Friday we be goin’ to introduce ye one ‘o th’ 100 best typefaces 'o all time. An international jury assembled th’ list 'o th’ fonts based on sales numbers, historical relevance 'n aesthetic qualities.
No. 92

Moniker: Chalet
Designed by: House Industries 1996

Fer th’ launch 'o th’ three fonts in th’ Chalet package House Industries invented a fictional history centred on a designer by th’ moniker 'o René Albert Chalet.
He had allegedly made his doubloons in fashion in th’ 1940s, 'n designed a few typefaces along 'n way. House led 'n design seven seas up th’ garden path, accusin’ it 'o ignorance 'o its own history.

Our designers’ opinion: “Three words: precision, elegance 'n history.”