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Former food bank employee. Food banks are full of the worse entitled clients on the planet. Clients there treat the employees like garbage alot. When I was working at this place, I worked two spots. Breads/misc items and receptionist. So my fuck customers story is this one day we were short staffed on a Friday morning week before Thanksgiving. Had one client come in, I was on breads. I was told by supervisor/boss “get the line moving” so this one woman is browsing our misc items. Now these are everyday household items. From laundry soap to toothbrushes.

Only one item per client from that. So I tell this woman “you need to hurry up and choose something. We’re getting backed up.” She retorts with this “I need time to browse through things. When you get to be my age at 50+ years. You demand patience.” “That’s nice, age doesn’t mean anything to me, one item now please move quickly. There are alot of people behind you.” When she ignored me is when I got a co-worker to move her along. This woman called being at a food bank “shopping.”  Co-worker stated “grocery store is down the road, you shop there not here. What do you need most in your house." 

Apparently I was "rude” for following bosses words to get the line moving. My co-workers were all laughing at this because they know me for my zero tolerance and lack of empathy for rude people. All I got told was to be a “tad” nicer.

Other stories I have.

Every Friday there is this one woman who came in and would constantly ask for things that belonged to a bigger family size. We went by family sizes so if you have a household of 5-7 you got more stuff compared to someone that was single or a couple. This woman like clockwork would want croissants or rolls meant for 5+ households. Boldly she asks me “why can’t I have more stuff.” “You’re not a big house number and there are many people behind you who need these things too. Don’t be so greedy.”

I am not at the food bank as a willful volunteer. I was there to work for my state benefits. So I was one of the few actually “paid” employees. 

The only other story is also a Friday story. Every time there was this woman who came in, and hogged our only bathroom till opening. Brushing her teeth… Like seriously do that at home. Or demanded to know our wifi password. “I am not authorized to give out our password.” “Well get me someone who can.” “Do you see all these other people I am dealing with right now. Go away and wait your turn.”

I was not the best with customer service.. but I didn’t let people walk over me either.

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i wanna be vegan when i move out from my parents place into my apartment, are there any vegan options? like cleaning supplies, and good foods to always have on hand.

vegan options? you’ll have SOOO many once you move out of your folk’s place. Even before you do that though, try to make as many positive steps towards veganism that you can in your current situation. I understand if you can’t go fully vegan right now because you live with your parents, but do your best. Next time you buy skin care/shampoo/conditioner/makeup etc, make sure you buy a vegan brand! I’m not saying throw away what you have now bc that’s still wasteful, but just make sure to buy a vegan brand when it comes time to buy some new products. Also make sure you aren’t buying any clothing made with animal products, such as leather, wool, down feathers, silk, etc.

For makeup, I love Tarte, Urban Decay, and NYX. NYX and ELF are fantastic and cheap vegan makeup brands that you can find everywhere. I get all of my skincare and haircare items from Lush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their rose scented products like Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner or their Rose Argan solid shampoo bar. I smell of roses all the time and it’s so beautifully romantic and sexy ;)

I use Meyer’s brand for household cleaning products (dish soap, air freshener, etc). I like the lavender scented stuff. I use Dr. Bronner’s (rose) for a general soap and also I love their peppermint toothpaste and mouthwash.

Food to always have on hand? I always keep some jars full of brown rice, black beans, chickpeas, nutritional yeast, and steel cut oats. Boring but staple items to keep in your pantry! I also have little jars filled with spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, garlic powder, ginger powder, salt, and pepper. I fill up my jars at my local bulk grocery store to help reduce my trash. I always keep nori sheets in my cupboard for vegan sushi. I keep salt-free ketchup, soy sauce, oil free roasted red pepper hummus, and sriracha in my fridge at all times. Dijon mustard is also great to have on hand for a quick salad dressing (dijon, ACV, w/ a splash of water and you’re good to go). And I always have a bar of vegan dark chocolate in the fridge for bad days. Most of the food I buy is fresh fruits and veggies such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, limes, lemons, baby carrots, lettuce, spinach, kale, onions, bell peppers, apples, avocados, blood oranges, bananas, and mushrooms. These are weekly staples for me. I also grow my own herbs (cilantro and basil mostly) and I am working on growing some more plants since spring is rolling around here in the pacific northwest! 

Hope all of this helps. Sorry it was just a dump of information haha, good luck with your vegan journey and please message me if you have any additional questions at any time. I am SO happy to help! 

Choromatsu’s ‘Rising’ into Episode 24

Being completely honest, I never understood what was meant by ‘Rising’ when it came to Choromatsu?

All throughout I wondered… is this a concept used in Japan, to mean something specific that doesn’t translate well into English? Does anybody even understand what it means? I saw a lot of people asking, ‘what is “Rising” about??’ but comparatively, saw very few answers to the question itself.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and the more I think about it, the more I… feel as though ‘Rising’ refers to Choromatsu’s self-awareness outgrowing that of his brothers’ to the point where he transcends their version of reality, and enters into the actual reality.

Real life, as it were, so, getting a job, finding a partner, marriage, etc…

If you look at the ‘world’ around the Matsunos, it’s brightly coloured, very centric around the Matsuno household in a typical soap opera-type style. We see all of the same places, all of the same faces, and things happen almost in a ‘routine’ way.

In the episode where the sextuplets present their ‘self-awareness’ orbs, I - and a lot of people - assumed they were reflective of their personality, of how they viewed themselves, relative to their self-esteem.

And I’m not about to say that is wrong… I just think there is another aspect to it that was kind of easy to miss until the events of episode 24 were revealed to us. More under the cut!

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middle school is more hardcore than high school because middle school was a bunch of 12-year-olds trying to get high off of common household objects like hand soap and potato chips while talking about smash bros melee where as high school was just boring ass kids getting high with the weed cigarettes 


Hi !! I’m finishing up my first year of college, and am in a bit of a tight spot right now.
I’m currently hunting for a job, but until I find one and get my first paycheck, I only have about $10 in my bank account.
 I need to buy food, household necessities like soap and trash bags, and my glasses are broken but I don’t have the money to get new ones.  

I’d really like to use the skills I’ve learned in my first year of school to make some art for people - I’m willing to draw pretty much anything. Please message me if you have any questions ! Even if you aren’t interested, I’d really appreciate a signal boost. 

help needed to pay for prescriptions.

my necessary prescriptions this month are going to cost $226.63 because i made a mistake and allowed the “extra help” that social security offers to help pay for prescriptions, since medicare prescription plans do not cover much of anything, to lapse because i have been very ill, and i have not been able to get a caseworker to help with my paperwork - none of them are taking new clients.

there’s another prescription that i can do without for a bit because i have some extra saved, that would add $44.36 to that total. even if i did not have some extra saved, it really isn’t as crucial as the two which cost the aforementioned $226. 

i filed a new application for the extra help this morning, but i am out of those meds, and processing for those things tends to take somewhere in the neighbourhood of a month.

in case you don’t know me: i am a disabled adult and i receive social security. after i pay my rent, bills, and utilities each month, i have about $50 left each month to try to cover my prescriptions, transportation, incidentals, household supplies like soap and toilet paper, etc. it is always very tight and cut extremely close, and i can never save money for emergencies. i am not able to do freelance work on the side anymore because i am too ill.

please do not feel bad if you can’t help - i know money is tight for everyone, and a lot of people have been giving their spare money to others in need already. reblogging often seems to be very helpful for other people when they’ve needed help, because more people see it, if that’s something you’re comfortable with.

my paypal address is kareashi at gmail dot com. if paypal isn’t viable for you, send me an ask and i will try to figure out a different method. 

Your offerings and devotions 'aren't good enough.'

The shitstorm in December really bothered my spouse when he found out about it last month. December was such a bad month for me that I wasn’t keeping up with more than a couple of blogs and I wasn’t reading the comments. The comments section of someone whom I’ve liked for years was astonishingly (truly - I was astonished) nasty.

It’s put me in an awkward position; I own several things they made, but ultimately I am someone that they would aggressively hate, given opportunity to know how I feel and how I do things. They were meant to be ritual wear items for Shannon. I bought them after the shitstorm, but before I had been told to look at the comments. The post itself wasn’t horrible, though it had ableist assumptions and a lack of understanding of how severe poverty (I live below the poverty line. most people who talk about being poor are not that poor: a fact for which I am truly infinitely grateful. but it does mean that many people assume things about poverty based on their own experiences and not people who are in significantly worse situations) affects people, which was pretty common across the board of shitstormy posts.

I have not been well enough to try to collate my thoughts into a post, but as I’ve been reading a lot about offerings and daily rites and thinking about what I can and cannot literally do, it seems to be coming together, despite the brain fog and the desperate wish of my fingers to avoid typing because it hurts.

Being a family on food stamps, which the government dramatically cut in two slices between November and the beginning of the year (over $100/mo per person cut – I used to get around $200 for food each month), I never offer any food that I’m not actually eating. I invite them, the land spirits, ancestors, various others, etc, to share it with me. 

We typically offer water, candlelight, and incense a few times a week. Incense gets offered the most, because I prefer to only sit at the shrine if I’m relatively clean and since I am disabled and suffer severe chronic pain, I cannot shower every day or even every other day. I like to do the candles and the water when I can sit down and pray for a while.

I’ve never been told that what I do is not enough or not good enough, except by other pagans.

There is so much bullshit elitism and ‘ur doin it wrong’ that goes on that really is nothing but shit. They are not gods. They have no idea what the gods want from other people. They only know what they want from other people. They have a notion of what a “good x” is (themselves, their friends) and anyone who falls short of it is a “bad x.”

There is often no understanding, acceptance, or realistic advice for people who are disabled, or who have severe food shortage issues. Angry assertions that it is wrong to eat the food one gives to the gods (regardless of historical precedent) do not take into account any of the following:

  • it may be perfectly valid and correct in your religion.
  • your religion may come from a time or place where the 'waste’ of food was appalling and wrong.
  • historically, in your religion, offerings were what fed the priests after they fed the gods the same food, and food was always consumed by a person.
  • you may really and truly need every bite you can get from the food you can buy or get from a food pantry. 
  • you might have an eating disorder and having a 'valid’ excuse to not eat the food you prepare is extremely bad for you.
  • your gods may have told you to eat/share offerings (this explicitly happened to Shannon, for example. he is not allowed to not share things except in rare circumstances, such as certain holidays, on which he feeds the landspirits a bottle of mead that he’s already had a small amount from (Freyr’s portion)).
  • you may be incapable of disposing of offerings outside, due to where you live, the people you live with, or by being too disabled to do so.

There is so much ableism involved in the holier-than-thou bullshit.

Guess what? I’ve spent the last two months being too sick and in too much pain to regularly eat anything except instant mashed potatoes and tuna with mayo, till my gout flared, then it was solidly mashed potatoes. I shared my mashed potatoes, but,

There’s always this insistence that anyone and everyone can cook lavishly for their gods, and it is heavily implied that if you were a real devotee, or if you actually loved your gods, you would find the time and ensure that you had the money by going without some things because the gods deserve things far more than you do.

I’ve heard (hela give me strength) that you should “skip your daily Starbucks” in order to have this money. I think the last time I had something from Starbucks was… close to three years ago (V.’s parents wanted Starbucks when they were driving me home and asked if I wanted something), and before that, it was… pre-2007.

Also “stop eating out/eating fast food.”

I usually go to a restaurant for my anniversary, which coincides with V’s and my birthdays (they’re three days in a row), and have one dinner for everything. I refuse to stop celebrating my birthday, the continued existence of my spouse, and the years we have spent together. This is wildly selfish and dickish of me, I know.

My favourite, though, is “if you’re that poor, why do you have internet access?” I’ll tell you.

Since I can’t go to the store very often and anything non-food has to be bought with cash, anyway, I order things like toilet paper in bulk from Amazon, and I order cat food and cat litter. I also order things like incense for the shrine, and herbs and tea blends that make me a little less sick. 

Since I cannot go to the library (it is much too far for me to walk in my current condition), I cannot “just go there” to do my online ordering. Also, I either buy books online or read things online if they’re available. I also read the blogs of well-educated pagans who are further along their paths than I am, or whose insights I find invaluable.

I have Zero friends that I can see face to face.

Cancelling our internet access would give us $45 extra dollars each month, but if we still had a car, we would spend it in gas going places for what we need, and without a car, I just can’t get this shit done any other way.

Having a severe disability, I am already incredibly isolated. I never see anyone except my landlords, V.’s family (who can be extremely terrible people and who abused him extensively), and, obviously, the people I live with.

I don’t see anything good at all about not having internet access at home.

When I spend money on things that aren’t bills, or related to household needs, such as soap and toilet paper, or health things (I had to buy crutch pads for V., a heating pad, and a reusable ice pack last month, and we also drink herbal tea for health (if you have a chronic illness that causes fatigue and general malaise, look into Holy Basil, or tulsi. You can get it in bags and food stamp-covered from a Whole Foods, but we ultimately decided to start buying bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs)), it is to buy a book related to my religion, or something for the shrine, or I donate $5 or $10 to a charity related to one of my gods’ spheres. What more can I do?

Yet everything I do is unworthy of my gods and I do not really love them.

Before you presume to speak for my gods, live a month on my social security cheque ($830), with all my illnesses and severity of disability, my bills, and everything else.

While you’re at it, enlighten me about how you manage to even go to the store without a car, with two bad knees, and no bus. I’d love to know. I have to bum rides off V’s family, deal with being in a car with an abuser when I have severe PTSD (on top of a lot of other shit that caused my PTSD, I was raped by someone who drove me far away from home), and it has to coincide with a time that I feel physically well enough and someone is willing to drive me. This occurs rarely.

Then we can talk about what I’m doing wrong.