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Hey Poole, what's it like in the Jekyll household?

Poole: *Holding shotgun* Others, on the other hand, are not.

(Poole has a tendency to try to shoot Hyde with his trusty shotgun constantly- I mean, who wouldn’t?)

I saw something on Facebook where a woman was talking about buying something kind of expensive and mentioned making sure her husband was cool with it first, and a bunch of people showed up in the comments section to accuse this woman’s husband of being abusive.

All those people either have never been in a serious relationship or really shouldn’t be because, like, here’s the thing about married couples. They often have a joint bank account. When you have a joint bank account with somebody, all your money is now shared. When you have a single bank account where all the money in the household is now pooled together and you decide to go ahead and spend a lot of money on something for yourself without consulting your partner, you’re kind of an inconsiderate dick. 

Financial abuse is a thing that deserves to be taken seriously. Checking with your partner before spending a substantial amount of money is not financial abuse. Please don’t trivialize it with that knee jerk bullshit. 

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I'm very new at school, have a pretty questionable backstory and become quick friends with the Sakamaki's. I don't have a listed address, and avoid the pool water and deep water with a vengeance. All this raises eyebrows in the Sakamaki household. One day I come over, and one of the brothers corners me near the household pool and pushes me in, causing me to take my true form. I am a mermaid who lost my pod in a territorial fight and had to escape to land. How does everyone react?

[Mun] マリ: I hope I got the idea right! I wildly imagined that the blood of other supernatural races is like a gold mine for vampires. Enjoy! 💕

“H-holy… what the everliving fuck are you? A fucking mermaid? Dude! Fucking hell! Dude… I didn’t even know mermaids were a… real thing, you know? I knew you were special, but this… Do you have, like… blood too? Do mermaids bleed? You damn well better, I really gotta know what you taste like now, fuck…”

“O-oh my, Bitch-chan… I knew it! I knew you were more than a mere human from the moment I first came in your vicinity, heh. I could smell it. You look so beautiful though, all wet and with that beautiful tail of yours. I won’t tell anyone a thing, okay? Just let me sample your blood… I’m so curious… Come here, I’ll get you out of there and warm you up.”

“Hah? A creature… no, a woman of the sea. So that’s why you’re so salty all the time. Hm, fair enough. Hey… did you know that mermaid and fairy blood are the most valued in this world? Those two races are extremely rare, and their blood happens to be exquisite, so it’s highly sought after… Boy, am I glad I’ve got a mermaid of my own at my fingertips right now. You’re not going anywhere, woman…”

“Well, well. A mermaid, I see? Interesting. That gives me quite the bit of certainty regarding what to do with you. We considered keeping you around the house for the purpose of feeding and housekeeping anyway, but this definitely makes it a slightly different situation. Oh, dear. Get out of the water. I need you in my lab for vital testing right away as your blood must be protected at all costs. However, I am certain it would do no harm to taste a drop or two for myself…”

“Heh… a mermaid. Endearing. You look like one of those girls from the television programme from the early zeroes… Like a doll with a pretty gleaming tail. Even prettier than before. So playful. Do you want to play with me? I can show you how keen vampires are on supernatural races like you… what they do to you… because, well, I suppose mermaids would make great blood banks. Won’t you come with me and satisfy my curiosity, little mermaid?” 

“W-what? Hey… hey, what the hell are you doing? Where the hell are your legs? Holy fucking shit… you’re a mermaid, aren’t you? D-don’t cry, stupid woman! Why are you even around us if your blood is one of the most special kinds to a vampire? You should have known and stayed away! Fuck… what are we going to do with you now? Nobody should see you like this. Ah, well… just for now… let’s get you out of there. Come on, it’s okay… I won’t tell…”

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hi :) my friend and i got super curious and wondered if there's any reason the three are wearing the dutch olympic 2012 suits? nice pic, btw.

ive been working on a project that has me cataloguing olympic outfits (im chinese/kiwi/australian/canadian/american – thats a damn mouthful – so we get hype for the olympics big time in my household. our betting pools on medal counts are taken very seriously). so now in my free time, ive been preoccupied with doodling my personal wardrobe of must-haves. here are some other nominees:

so no real reason! it just happened to be one of the outfits pulled up in my reference folder at the time