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Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, What a heck of a season they’ve had!

anonymous asked:

Which do you like better, 1995 Pride and Prejudice or 2005 Pride and Prejudice? And why? PS This blog is amazing! :)

Thank you anon *hugs* 

2005 all the way!! I watched it in the cinemas 4 times, GOOD LAWD! Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Cinematography porn. Dayum son, all the colors! 

2. The double-whammy sexual tension is off the roof! *fans self*

3. The Bennets’ real AF household: the dirt, peeling paint, wrinkled clothing, disheveled hair, clutter everywhere… It’s just as I imagined when I first read the book!

4. Attractive cast OMGGG! Even Mr. Collins made me want to set myself on fire.

5. A+ acting, holla!

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VERSION IS AWESOME, ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE CAN FIGHT ME! lol joke, no, but seriously I also love the 1995 version that I even scoured the streets and back-alleys of Quiapo just to get a VHS tape copy cuz back then there were no iTunes or Amazon to buy it from! Where I come from, if you want something that bad, the black market is the only answer especially if you’re broke af haha ( i was in high school when that happened, ssshhhhh don't count the years) 

P.S. The only thing i did not like about the 2005 adaptation was the american version with the alternative ending. Even I have my limits when it comes to cheesiness lmao!