household activities

  • Moon-Sun aspects: Childhood of encouragement and validation if favourably aspected; a childhood of harsh expectation or expectancy if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Mercury aspects: Childhood where education was encouraged, a communicatively active household; a childhood of emotional disconnect from mother if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Venus aspects: Childhood full of affection and the teaching of a peaceful, beautiful life if positively aspected; a childhood of being validated based on appearances and superficial achievement if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Mars aspects: Liberal and competitive childhood full of challenges and play; a childhood full of conflict and intimidation if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Jupiter aspects: A liberal household full of love, celebration, and learning if positively aspected; a childhood of severe conservatism, judgement or restriction if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Saturn aspects: Childhood of positive guidance and inspiring parents to look up to if favourably aspected; a childhood of loneliness, fear, and feelings of suffocation if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Uranus aspects: Liberal childhood with plenty of change, stimulation, and strange characters at home; a childhood of loneliness or literal,symbolic disconnect from parents if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Neptune aspects: Childhood full of inspiration, protection, compassion, and emotional validation if positively aspected; a childhood of sacrifice, loss, duty to the mother, or exposure to illness if poorly aspected
  • Moon-Pluto aspects: Childhood where powerful, century long bonds are developed with the parents, the experience of profound dream and wisdom if positively aspected; a childhood of loneliness, loss, fear, betrayal, or exposure to age inappropriate circumstances (such as being told of divorce or parental issues as a child) if poorly aspected
How to make a functional school without mod (V2.0.)

A few months ago I’ve made an article about how to have a functional school without mod. I’ll do it again with more indications and tips from my gameplay experience. While you’re reading this, keep in mind the game has an usual limitation of 20 sims per community lot for performance purpose. If you want more students in your school, you’ll need mods. As a cc-free player, I don’t use these so I’ll just show you my way.

First of all, you’ll need to create groups of pupils with an age restriction (>> for kids only). The best option is to create up to 4 groups with 6 kids in each. I encourage you to pick group leaders from different households. If you don’t, you decrease your chance to have groups showing up while you’re playing… Except if all the leaders are in the household you want to play with. But when kids turn into teens, the leadership goes most likely to a younger relative (siblings, cousins…), so please don’t forget that.

The reason why you better chose leaders from different households is because the game system works on rotation : not the same households are “active” during your game. Also, do not put all the siblings in the same group if you’re not controling it. There’s high chance none of them show up to make room for others. So if you have triplets, place them in 2 or 3 differents groups ! Same for twins or cousins who live at the same place :)

When you’ve chose the leaders, add 5 kids in their group. You must pick for them a favorite location : chose the school you’ve downloaded.

Now, time to assign them tasks. Pick wisely: you only have 5 options. Know that the order you put them is important ! First task is the one they’ll do automatically ; Second task is the one they’ll most likely do ; Third task is the one they’ll do during breaks ; Fourth task is the one they’ll do if there’s too much other sims somewhere ; Fifth task is what they’ll do if they do not have other choices. And last but not least, the group will behave the way the community lot is set up if they don’t have any options left.

For example, if in your school there’s no jungle gym and your first task is to play with playground equipements, the kids group will try to play with toys (if it’s your task number 2). If there’s no toys left, they’ll try to chose option 3, and then option 4 etc. The group system works like a staircases.

Because you’ve made 4 groups and there’s 4 aspirations for kids (now), chose tasks according to this. Make a “creativity” group, a “social” group, a “motor” group and a “mental” group. In my game, all the groups have something in common (task 2 : do their homework). And the other tasks are “custom” for each. This way, kids won’t go in the same room instantly but walk around and do different stuff.

Task suggestions :

  • Mental group : 1. Play with computer. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Social group : 1. Be nice to… 2. Do homework. 3…
  • Creativity group : 1. Paint. 2. Do homework. 3….
  • Motor group : 1. Play with playground equipements. 2. Do homework….

Because my school is set as a library, all the groups can possibly chose to read and browse the web. The option 5 can be a task opposite to their trait, for example the creativity group can play basketball. There’s multiple way to do it so go with your flow !

You can also set up group for teachers (up to 3, max). Assign them the school as their favorite location and tasks. If you have City Living EP, chose “make speech” as an option. A few kids will actuall listen to them ;)

If you want to go extra, you can also make a cook group (up to 2, max), assigned them uniforms, the school as favorite location and task (cook / clean). Chose sims with low cooking skill so they can do basic reciepes and not gourmet meals. ;) Same for a janitor (you can make a group of only 1 sims !). 

With all that, everytime you load your game you’ve really high chances to meet pupils, teachers and cooks, janitor. Since I’ve create this system I always have people in my school and everything works smooth ! Keep in mind that random townies can still show up in your school (because it’s a library, you know…) but they’ll leave if more groups come, to make room for them. 

Notes :

  • A kid can be in multiple groups (ex. motor + creativity). You won’t get any negative effects. His/her chance to actually show up is only higher than others kids.
  • If the cook team don’t show up and you still want your sims to eat for a possible lunch break : click on the hoven’s kitchen and call for a caterer. He or she will usually make up to 3 or 4 differents group meals. Put each plates on different lunch tables and call to meal. All the groups should pick a plate, sit and chat to each others. The only “bad” effect with the caterer option, is that they’ll most likely make gourmet meals…
  • You can chose an option to make cooks shout at children faces. Go to social >> Be mean to… >> Chose a group or a life state.
  • To increase your chance of groups interacting, make the option 4 “be nice to / be funny to / be mean to… >> this group”
  • Adult can automatically teach kids some skill (piano, violin, painting, basketball etc.) if they see kids use these objects. For this, your adult need to be level 10. If your teachers have 10 at one skill, they’ll most likeky try to teach to a kid something…
  • If you want them to be in a private school, assigned them a uniform. Please, note that the sims need to be in their everyday wear to turn into their uniform clothes. They can “lose” their uniform if they turn into their sport wears (for example, if they use the basketball hoop). If so, go talk to them and chose the interaction : “show me your… >> everyday outfits” Then the sims will get his uniform back.
  • To go further… You have the possibility to make smaller group for extra activities like drawing, basketball etc. and assigned them uniforms, lock the doors and only them will go there.
  • If you want to avoid townies break in during class, put all the computers somewhere else. Same for the bookshelves !


Disclaimer: all information in this post is my own personal opinion and belief system, you do not need to agree with me on this topic, if you take anything from this post be aware that this is my personal belief that is not shared by everyone.

Witches appear to be a confusing topic to many, the questions of “what spell will turn me into a witch?” “What kind of witch am I?” “How do I know if I am a witch?” are thrown at me on a daily basis, so I decided to attempt to sum it up into a singular post (wish me luck).

🌿 A witch can simply be described as a human that uses magick.

🌿 A witch is not a mythical creature or a different species.

🌿 Unlike Wicca, you do not have to be initiated into becoming a witch, you can choose to call yourself one from the moment you begin to practice witchcraft, or you can choose not to take the name “Witch” at all.

(Personally I chose to take the name ten or so years ago, once I had collected enough information to consider myself a true practitioner).

🌿 Witch is also not a name taken only by women, despite what men often assume. Witch is actually a gender neutral name for a practitioner of witchcraft, although many people particularly men feel more comfortable being called wizards, mages or spellcasters.

🌿 Witches look just like normal people, we don’t have green skin, pointy noses, or warts, we look just like everyone else.

🌿 You don’t have to ever call yourself anything as a practitioner, I have known people who never call themselves anything, despite being long term practitioners. 

 🌿 You don’t need a coven to be a witch or practitioner, many of us are solitary (such as myself) while others enter into covens. I would never recommend a coven for a beginner as it is hard to know what is and is not normal for a coven when you are just starting out.

Alongside the questions regarding how to become a witch, I get a lot of questions about types of practitioner and whether any one is stronger than the other, I have listed out three of the most common types of specific practice:

🌿 A Solitary witch: is one that practices alone, they do not involve others in spells or rituals. (This is the path that I chose).

🌿 A Family Witch: is one that has family that practice the craft close at hand, they often learn from their relatives rather than books, passing on family practices and traditions. Being a family witch does not give you special abilities though, unlike what some like to believe, a family witch is no more powerful by their blood than a solitary, the only difference is the environment in which they practice. Also some believe that abilities are passed down though generations, like empathy.

🌿 A Coven Witch: is one that solely practices in covens or with a group, this may sound really scary but a coven is just a group of like-minded people who enjoy spell-casting together and enjoy being around others with the same interests. A coven witch is no different from a solitary or family, the only difference is that they celebrate events together and do large rituals and spells during each month as desired. Joining a coven is a big step, and is not recommended for beginners in my opinion.

The “type” of witch someone is has become a highly common question, especially among beginners, there are too many “types” of witches for me to list them all, but I have listed a few. This being said you do not need to select any of these. These are only a guide for those who wish to understand what to call themselves, you can pick and choose from many open paths, however a named path is not a requirement to be a “true” practitioner (this this is collated from my personal grimoire, the original locations for information are unknown):

🌿 Kitchen Witch: A witch that works specifically with magick associated with cooking and the kitchen, commonly found crafting spells into food, making potions and drying herbs.

🌿 Green Witch: Utilizing plants in herbal and natural magick, they are likely to be using some form of plant life in many, if not all of their spells, knowing huge amounts of their magickal and medicinal properties.

🌿 Hedge Witch: These witch’s use a type of magick associated with spiritual work including astral projection, healing, OBE’s and more.

🌿 Faery Witch: One who uses their abilities to communicate and work with the fae, both in our realm and in theirs these witches have a natural affinity with the fae and are often found leaving out offerings.

🌿 Sea Witch: A type of witch that uses natural products from the sea, sea shells, salt water, sand, driftwood and more in their spells and rituals. Commonly living by the sea, they have easy access to the sea and have a natural affinity to the ocean.

🌿 Tech Witch: These are witches that use technology to help them in their practice, using circuit boards as altars, wire in knot magick and an online book of shadows.

🌿 Hearth/Cottage Witch: A cottage witch uses magick that is done effortlessly around the home, it can be undertaken during mundane household activities such as sweeping, cooking, cleaning and more, they are often considered to be combinations of herbal and kitchen witches with added extras, this is the path I found myself fitting into.

🌿 Dream Witch: Dream Witch’s find they can easily interpret dreams and can easily undertake lucid dreaming. Often finding meanings in every dream they are able to weave magick into dreams and even used them as a way of predicting the future.

🌿 Elemental Witch: An elemental witch will have the five elements in mind during all spells, incorporating them into everything magickal and sometimes non magickal that they do.

🌿 Storm Witch: Storm witches are those that work with the weather and storms to produce a dramatic result. They often find they have a natural affinity with storms and find their powerful emotions and the weather having a huge impact on magickal practices.

🌿 Urban Witch:  These are hardy and creative witches, they use drain water, every day litter and sometimes even spray-paint in their spells and rituals. Often very good at using unusual items in place of more traditional pieces they are very hardy and find the magickal beauty in everything urban life has to offer.

🌿 Draconian: A Draconian witch is one that works with dragon magick and dragons found in the astral plane, calling for their strengths in rituals and spells, they can be very formidable.

🌿 Seasonal Witch: Seasonal witches are in tune with nature, the passing of the seasons never goes unnoticed, it is celebrated, they work with the items they have in that particular season, never using out of season items in spells and rituals. They love the variation in seasons and always look forward to the next.

🌿 Spirit Witch: These are witches that find themselves drawn to the dark corners of magick, those that love to work with spirits, sometimes even demons in one form or another. .

🌿 Blood Witch: Blood Witches use blood in many of their spells and divination, whether it is adding blood to runes or into spell jars as an extra boost of personal energy. They are very adept at what they do and it is not one for the faint hearted.

🌿 Crystal Witch: Crystals call out to these magickal practitioners, they may find themselves picking up random stones at the beach, feeling a connection with them instantly and could be hiding a hundred strong collection of crystals under their bed. These magick users know each crystal by name and know all of their properties, very good at crystal healing, and often charging their newest pieces, they find a way to use crystals in every spell and ritual they undertake.

🌿 Chaos Witch: A chaos witch specializes in chaos magick, a very raw and potent magick. uncommon to most but very powerful to those who know how to practice it, they have very passionate personalities and strong minds.

🌿 Sigil Witch: Sigil witches commonly have little bits of paper scattered in every bag and pocket they have ever owned with small symbols and “doodles” on every side, a sigil witch loves to work with symbols, finding new ways to create them and secretly wear them, whether in necklaces or drawn on the backs of their hands. 

🌿 Lunar Witch: A lunar witch is one who is attuned to the movements of the moon, they always know when the next full moon, new moon, waxing, waning moon will be and have planned their spells and rituals accordingly. Usually with a new batch of moon water or a few charging crystals ready and prepared to be charged for the next full moon.

🌿 Bone Witch: These are the witches who find themselves being attuned to the use of bone and other naturally collected animal parts. They only take bones from naturally deceased creatures believing it to be a natural aspect of nature. 

🌿 Cosmic Witch: These witches have a love of all things space, timing their spells and rituals to the planetary alignments and stars. They may be found with their head in a horoscope book or with an eye through a telescope looking out for the next magickal opportunity.

🌿 Music Witch: With a spring in their step and a song in their heads, music witches have the ability to spell cast with their songs, chants, drumming and musical scores, they can make all music magickal and usually have an ear for it.

🌿 Secular Witch: A type of non-religious witch, they do not use deities in their practice

🌿 Eclectic Witch: An Eclectic Witch is one that takes bits and pieces from many forms of magick, they do not fit under a singular category as each witch will practice a slightly different tapestry of magick.

These are just a selection of the list, there are more added each day and no one needs to belong to any one.

I hope this really help someone out.

- HearthWitch

Title: Just Like Feathers
Author: SillyBlue (diminuel)
Artist: Cenedra Riva
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Fairy Tale AU, historical fantasy, deals with gods, Man of Letters Dean, ex-soldier Dean, angelic servant Cas, pining, off screen minor character death, minor references to war and trauma
Posting Date: 10/16/2017

Summary:  Hosting the academy for the training of hunters and future Men of Letters, the city of Campbell is no stranger to unnatural phenomena. A winter that drags on well into May, however, is a novelty that nobody knows how to deal with. 

Dean has seen enough monsters and witches in the recent war to last him a lifetime, but his sense of duty and a strange longing in his chest urge him take on this case. Dean sets out to find the hidden realm of Frau Holle, the deity who is responsible for making it snow. Travelling to the very fringes of human lands, where the barrier between realms has become thin enough for him to slip through the cracks, Dean finds his way to Holle’s Estate to put an end to the winter. What he finds however is an empty realm and an angel who dutifully continues to make it snow in Holle’s absence.

- - -

“Wake up." 

Dean startled awake, dreams fading fast, only the vague longing for pie lingered. He groaned and rubbed his hand over his face before he squinted up. Castiel was standing on the periphery of the protective circle, dawn slowly bringing light into the landscape around them. It wasn’t snowing, which was a relief. Dean sat up with some reluctance and recalled that the only reason why it wasn’t snowing was because Cas was here. Which was of course a victory that should cause Dean more delight, but seriously? He just wanted to burrow into his sleeping bag and ignore Cas until the sun was up properly. It was still far too cold.

"Why isn’t it summer yet?” Dean grumbled and rolled up his sleeping bag. He looked at the undisturbed ground all around the circle. “And where did you sleep?”

“I don’t sleep,” Castiel said and then he looked down at Dean. “I was watching over you.”

“Ugh,” Dean complained, feeling his face heat up. 

“Besides, it takes a while for the magic to dissolve,” Castiel continued, watching Dean pack. It didn’t take long and then Dean stepped out of his circle. He wondered if he should break the protection but as Castiel didn’t make a move to scratch out the symbols, he decided to leave it. These were strange lands, who knew who could use the protection in the future. “We should be on our way,” Castiel insisted. Dean sighed but he shouldered his bag. 

“How did you do it?” Dean asked as they were walking and Castiel looked at him from the corner of his eyes to indicate Dean had his attention. “Make it snow? Did you really shake out blankets and the feathers became snowflakes?”

“Yes,” Castiel said gravely and Dean had to laugh at the absurdity. “The rules of Frau Holle’s realm are simple. Household activities get translated into things that happen on earth, most notably the weather.” Dean nodded along, fascinated despite how hilarious it sounded. “I’m clearly less powerful than Frau Holle, which limited the impact my actions had on earth.” He looked a bit contrite at that.

“Chill, Cas,” Dean told him with a laugh and the angel narrowed his eyes in annoyance. “If you had been any more powerful you would probably have started an ice age by accident and caused some sort of apocalypse for us humans.”

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Pardon my inquiry, but has there been any substantial research done upon the Insane Clown Posse? Where do they fit into clown phylogeny?

Juggalos are a great working breed. Unfortunately some people think they’re scary because of their size and markings, but they’re a domestic type that makes a good companion for an active household. They’re a bit more expensive to keep because they prefer larger groups, but they’re a joy to watch at their concerts.

Some Facts on Dreams and Dreaming

1. Most dreams are based on visual images (Except in people who were either born blind, or who lost their sight at an early age). Occasionally, dreams will include sound and touch.

2. The normal rules of logic do not apply in dreams. For example, the dream may be taking place in one location – then, abruptly, the dreamer is translocated to a completely different place.

3. Most dreams occur in a house – but this is usually not your own home. The most frequently reported room is the living room. People rarely dream about their work place or school.

4. The most frequent scenario is the dreamer plus two other people.

5. Famous people seldom appear in our dreams. The vast majority of people dream about people who are significant to them, especially if there is an ongoing conflict.

6. Mundane activities (such as brushing your teeth) rarely appear in dreams.

7. Dreams tend not to be happy events, and the three most common reported emotions are anger, sadness and fear.

8. Some themes are so common that they are reported the world over. These universal themes include the loss of a tooth, falling or flying, exhibition, arriving late for exams or other important events, and being chased or attacked.

9. Cross-cultural research indicates that our dreams reflect normal life events in our own country and culture.

10. There appear to be some differences in the content of dreams between the two sexes. Specifically, women are more likely to dream about their children, family or household activities; men are more likely to dream about strangers, violence, sexual activity, achievement, and outdoor events.

❧ y.jh |roommate!au

Originally posted by miiinghao

pairing; seventeen jeonghan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jeonghan, humor, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

✎a/n; back with a roommate!au !! i’ve received a lot more requests for this series in my inbox, and i promise i’m getting to them! @kpop–fics is helping me with the main points so tysm for that

  • the ultimate chill roommate 
  • like 
  • you arrived at your dorm later than he did and he was just,,, sleeping
  • very soundly, if i might add
  • and the first thing you noticed was
  • !! nice hair !!!
  • for a guy.
  • you thought it would be kinda impolite ?? and creepy ?? to just enter the room so you’re just like
  • “…hello?” 
  • guESS WHAT
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • no reaction 
  • he didn’t even stir
  • is this boy even alive smh
  • that boy was probably deeeEEp in his dreamlamd
  • dreaming about vacation or something
  • who knows?
  • so you left him an introduction letter for when he woke up since you had to go to class and was gonna just leave your stuff in the room
  • the introduction letter was really short tbh
  • it just stated that you’re his new roommate and you had classes till 5 and those random luggage was yours
  • he woke up at like 4.30 and didn’t even see the note but that’s okay bc he didn’t do anything to your belongings lolol
  • but that also meant that
  • he was vvvv unprepared for your arrival 
  • so when you came back to the dorm he was so confused like
  • who are u
  • and why are you in my room
  • anddd you quickly guessed that he hasn’t seen your note so
  • “i’m y/n,, your roommate. those bags over there are mine and i already came here just now but you were sleeping so i left you a note but i guess you didn’t see it?”
  • wow such a long sentence for a first conversation
  • and he was just like
  • oh
  • his ears got a little red when he heard that you came in while he was sleeping lmao
  • “i’m jeonghan,, sorry about earlier. i was really tired.”
  • jeonghan rubbed the nape of his neck and was visibly embarrassed ?
  • you smiled at how polite he was and shook your head. 
  • “it’s fine.”
  • ngl he looked perfectly peaceful while he was sleeping and it was ;;; angelic
  • ok enough of that
  • so yeah that’s your first official meeting i guess?
  • tbh when is he not sleeping 
  • he seems lazy but is actually really active in household 
  • he helps out quite a lot and like cleans the room every once in a while
  • sometimes you just come back from a hella tiring day and when you see the spotless dorm 
  • you become so happy like 
  • it’s just ,,, really ,,,, pleasant
  • ya’know?
  • he takes care of you really well and he cooks sometimes (really simple dishes tho,, but it’s still nice so you wouldn’t complain)
  • but heh he’s also a clean freak 
  • not extreme but still a clean freak
  • “y/n! thERE’S STUFF ON THE FLOOR” 
  • and when you’re busy you just
  • “clean it yourself then, i thought you liked cleaning?”
  • jeonghan just stares at you with a hurt expression and you just laugh and 
  • “ok fine”
  • bc u know u have to do your part in cleaning too
  • andddd
  • he also owns more beauty products than you 
  • sometimes you don’t even know what it is 
  • “Toner Revolution Radically Melon? what’s that even supposed to be” 
  • “leave me and my beauty products alONE” 
  • like okAY THEN 
  • but honestly you know where he keeps his little basket of beauty products
  • and you always use them lolol
  • he never knew until one day ,,,,
  • he realized ,,,,,
  • why is my toner running out so sUsPiCiOUsLy fast
  • and he looks at you and you just 
  • “,,,,i don’t know what you’re talking about?¿??
  • he just smiles very sarcastically like yeah right you lil’ ass
  • also
  • your mom calls you a lot through facetime 
  • since she’s from your home country and you moved to korea for your studies and you two are always separated so facetimes are a way to catch up with each other
  • and every. single. time.
  • jeonghan thinks it’s necessary to pop up too
  • like wow, such a great idea !1!1!!!
  • so now he’s your mom’s favourite
  • he just casually grabs a chair to sit beside you in front of the laptop screen
  • “hey ma’am !!” 
  • and your mum just
  • “oh, jeonghan! how is it going with my number one child?”
  • and you just stare at her like
  • “MOM your child is literally riGhT hErE GDI” 
  • and both jeonghan and your mum would laugh at how kiddish you were acting
  • it was adorable to jeonghan ngl 
  • you were just so pouty whenever that happens HAHA
  • your mum would easily strike a convo with jeonghan
  • “how’s it like with my daughter as a roommate?”
  • “she’s so messy! i have a hard time cleaning up the dormm”
  • and your mum actUALLY agrees with him
  • “isn’t she? she’s always like that back home too! leaving her stuff all over the house.”
  • and your eyes just widen like
  • i’m- ,,,,,
  • and jeonghan laughs really loud and smiles really wide and just hugs you while you’re still in shock 
  • and your mother laughs along
  • so that’s that
  • and jeonghan as a cuddle buddy
  • woW
  • like jeonghan has a kind of ,,, scent ??? 
  • i dont even know
  • he just smells good all the time
  • so you can imagine when he just comes out of the shower it’s like
  • the whole dorm smells like a flower shop
  • but yeah when you guys cuddle it’s holy comfy bc his height and your height is pretty perfect
  • so typically
  • your head would be around his shoulders or chest area
  • and he just wraps his arms around you
  • and he sometimes just mumbles a few words before you two fall asleep
  • and his voice is like a lullaby 
  • and he’s just really pretty up close too
  • so
  • yep so that’s jeonghan as your roommate :”)
Sinbad no Bouken 161

A quick an Long rant by me ^^ I tried to be more careful but i’m still at work and doing this as a side task, so beware of the usual things ( missreads, typos, i tried to not miss any stuff ) i will check it later and reblog it when i’m at home!  

This is only a fan translation, don’t forget to support the official releases of Snb and the MangaOne app if you can, and ►[Please don’t repost without giving credits. If you use this translation, don’t forget to share the link to this post!]◄

Update: Revised! ^^

Night 161 The bond between us two”

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JFK grew up in a household devoted to athletic activity. He swam and played golf and football for the junior varsity at Harvard and tried his hand at boxing. 

In later years, he remained an accomplished golfer and, despite chronic back pain, he continued to enjoy football, tennis, and softball with family and friends, and to sail Victura, his 26-foot sloop in the Nantucket Sound. 

As President, JFK challenged the nation to become more active. He challenged the Marines to walk 50 miles in 20 hours, and high school students to earn awards from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. 

Here’s a clip of JFK playing football at the Kennedy family home in Hyannisport, from home movie footage taken by friend Paul Fay. Video from the JFK Library. 

We’re celebrating the centennial of JFK’s birth throughout 2017 and this month’s #JFK100 theme is “candid photos.Join us for more JFK100 every week!

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How would the NDRV3 guys react if they heard the reader (who is not technically an S/O at this point) mutter in her sleep that she loves them?


DRV3 Boys Reader’s sleep confession

Shuuchi Saihara            

  • You’d gone over to help him on a case
  • But it was getting late
  • And the pair of you had just dozed off
  • Saihara had just woken up when you began mumbling in your sleep
  • He smiled and decided it would be best not to wake you up
  • “Sai…Sai…”
  • He didn’t know how to feel when he heard the beginning of his name
  • “Saihara… I love you…”
  • He’s blushing straight away
  • Do you know you’re saying this?
  • “We’ll finish…This case… Together…”
  • He’s feeling all warm and fuzzy inside
  • Decides it’s best if he doesn’t bring it up with you
  • But definitely isn’t going to forget you said it

Kaito Momota

  • Another scenario stargazing what a surprise
  • But you weren’t a night owl like he was
  • So when you fell asleep under the stars he’d put a blanket to you and left you to sleep
  • Until you started saying his name
  • He tried not to listen too intently but couldn’t help himself
  • “I just… Love you so much…”
  • What
  • Nearly laughs out loud with glee but stops himself in risk of waking you
  • So just kinda snorts with happiness?
  • Attractive I know
  • Doesn’t bring it up but walks with a spring in his step the next day


  • Awwww you’re recharging
  • He likes to watch you when you sleep because he knows that humans sometimes do weird things when they sleep
  • Like talk
  • You seem to start up a conversation with him unknowingly
  • And bless he doesn’t know you’re not aware of him replying to you
  • “Let me… Polish your… arm…”
  • “Okay Y/N,” *extends arm*
  • “I just want you to know… I wuv wou…”
  • “And I love you,” he pats your arm as you mumble a bit more and then fall back asleep
  • Doesn’t realise that you’d be embarrassed about it when he told you the next morning

Rantaro Amami

  • He’d suggested you take a nap because you looked exhausted
  • And were finding it hard to focus on things
  • So he’d got on with his household activities while you slept on the sofa
  • “Amami~”
  • He looked over to where you lay and now had an arm outstretched, even though your eyes were closed
  • So he went over and sat with you
  • “I … love all the things about you … Amami-kun…”
  • He smiles to himself but then thinks it’s best if you wake up
  • Because he’s kind of scared of what else you’ll confess while sleeping
  • And partly because he wants to remember what you just said
  • “Time to get back to work now Y/N,”

Kokichi Ouma

  • Awh you’re tired Y/N-chan?
  • Why don’t you go sleep on my bed
  • Of course he doesn’t leave you once you’re asleep
  • And when you’re muttering he thinks it’s adorable and just rests his head on his hand and watches to see what you say
  • “Oumaaaaa… love youuuuuuumaaaaaaa,”
  • Is immediately shaking you awake
  • Runs out of the room giggling bc you confessed to him without meaning to

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Wouldn’t leave your side while you slept
  • Wanted to watch over you like a guardian
  • It’s a gentleman’s job!
  • But you start saying something?
  • You… love him??
  • What???
  • Does Y/N know what they’re saying??
  • Gonta is dumbstruck!
  • Y/N loves him!
  • But it wouldn’t be polite to bring it up in conversation! So he just keeps it to himself and ends up blushing whenever he thinks about it

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Is she possessed?
  • Does she know what she just said?
  • Is it normal to talk in your sleep?!
  • He doesn’t know
  • He’s not been with anyone who sleep-talks before
  • Ends up looking to the internet for advice on whether he needs to exorcise you
  • But turns out (surprise surprise) it’s normal
  • And that the message is so strong in the person’s mind they ended up saying it in their sleep
  • Well now he’s blushing and not quite sure what to do with himself
  • Just sort of brushes it off because he’s embarrassed and thinks you would be too

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You’re super tired and you hadn’t been the one training
  • So while he showers you take a nap
  • When he comes out of the shower you’re having a full on conversation
  • “I know right? Well… I think I love him… so…”
  • Wait… Love who?
  • “Yeaaaaa haha Hoshi can be sweet…”
  • Oh
  • Wait who are you talking to?
  • He’s super smug about it all
  • Doesn’t outright tell you you said it but totally makes digs/hints
  • “Yea well you love me so it’s okay,”
  • You’re just like ???????
Soapy Water: A Rumbelle Dark Castle Fic

Summary: Concerned that Belle is bored with living in the Dark Castle, Rumplestiltskin chooses an activity she doesn’t seem to mind—laundry. But how many dirty clothes can the Dark One make?
Rating: T   WC: 4300
A/N: Contrived fluff for @rumpledspinster‘s birthday!  Thanks to @magnoliatattoo for the help! 

This photo set from @vickyjona gave me all the feels and I had to write this.

On AO3

After hours of soaking, scrubbing, and ironing, all the laundry was finished.

Belle blew damp tendrils of hair off her forehead and shoved the clothing press into the work closet, then heaved a satisfied sigh. It was time to relax and indulge in a book from her new library. Balancing a steaming teacup and plate of cookies in one hand and a fat, leather-bound book in the other, she made her way to the great hall and her favorite chaise, her eyes glued to the pages.

Rumplestiltskin had chastised her about walking while reading, especially when her hands were full, but she was too transfixed to pay his instructions any mind. Her breath quickened with excitement—she’d just reached the part of the story where the bold, adventurous heroine was about to reveal her presence to the unsuspecting hero in disguise, and she simply couldn’t put the book down. Her foot caught, and Belle tripped, landing on her stomach in pile of something soft. Face-down in a familiar navy nightshirt, she looked around with a gasp of dismay. Her tea and cookies had spilled, the cup lay in shattered pieces on the stone floor, and the book that had so captivated her moments ago had flown into the fireplace, its onionskin pages now crackling and popping in the blaze.

So much for relaxing before supper.

Belle pushed up to her elbows with a groan, then twisted around to survey the mountain of fabric that had appeared around her. Another pile of clothes?

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Kentledge Hall

Chapter One

A penniless dock worker inherits a title and his family’s destitute estate. In order to save the house and grounds, he puts an ad in the paper for a wealthy wife from the United States. The damaged Emma Swan is desperate for a new start anywhere but New York. Together, will they save Kentledge Hall?

Thank you to the gorgeous @ofshipsandswans for the amazing cover work!

Rated M – Chapter One contains non-con/rape

Read it on AO3

New York City - December 31st, 1915

Awash in several glasses of Champagne, eighteen year-old Emma Swan had been easily tantalized into the Conservatory at the Vanderbilt Mansion during a New Year’s celebration, ringing in the promises of 1916. Despite the December chill, there was a lingering warmth in the Conservatory.

The young society darling and her date were surrounded by all manner of exotic plants and flowers, blooming in the moonlight. She, herself, was the most colorful thing in the room; she wore a gown of gold and black, covered with a wine-tinted gauze and cinched at the waist with a decorative band of gilded embroidery and mother-of-pearl. Her moonlit hair was tucked into a pile of curls, secured with a large gilded comb bedecked with pearls.

Neal Cassidy, a young, handsome attorney from Delaware, was her tuxedoed date for the evening’s festivities and they had just managed to ditch Emma’s tipsy aunt Regina Mills back in the ballroom downstairs.

Emma giggled with delight as Neal swung her around the tiled floor of the room, his arm wrapped around her back. They were dancing much closer than they would have been allowed at the party. She closed her eyes as Neal bowed his head to place kisses along the side of her neck, a smile spreading over her lips.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned softly, sliding her fingers between his. “You really shouldn’t do that, you know.”

Neal chuckled and let his lips find hers. He walked her backward until her calves came to a stop against the end of a chaise longue. “Why shouldn’t I?” He asked against her lips. “I’m going to marry you, Emma, my dear.”

The idea made her giddy. A grand wedding with all sorts of fanfare and a milky-white gown of everything in the finest, her best friends all with large bouquets of white roses and lily-of-the-valley…it was everything Emma wanted. And Neal was such an entertainment to her over the past few months. Lavish dinners, ferry rides, and even a day at Luna Park in Brooklyn where he had won her a small pink porcelain figurine. He really knew how to woo a girl. He grasped her by the waist and carefully laid her back onto the chaise, taking a seat dangerously close to her.

“Neal,” Emma whispered, blushing profusely, “no, stop that…someone will see you and think the worst.”

“With me, it will hardly be the worst, darling. Don’t you want me, Emma?” He asked. The music downstairs grew louder, and Emma knew they must be nearing midnight.

“After we marry, of course,” she insisted, moving her hands to his shoulders to push gently.

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Imagine you're Servant for the Prince

Requests 39: 2 “Imagine You’re a Servant Working in the Palace” and 34-6 “A story where a woman is forced to give intense birth to the same baby multiple times.”

Only a few weeks ago the young Edea secured employment as a kitchen maid for the prince. The youngest son of the King, Prince Aterio’s prospects of ruling WERE very slim yet he still has a title, lands, and of course a modest chateau requiring staff. Having no family of her own, Edea knew her position in the castle was the only security she had in the world and did her best to keep her head down and focus on her work. The kitchen, naturally, was always a hub of gossip and through she never took part, she could not help but overhear the kitchen ladies and house maids  the prince and certain…stories.

They say he, though very handsome, has yet to find a suitable bride due to his low standing. Of course, some add, it’s not JUST his standing…but the fact that he   engaged in the study of magic and Dark Arts. There were always shipments and crates arriving from distant countries: powders, potions, strange objects, and various occult artifacts  carried up to his private chambers above where none in the kitchen had set foot. The talk alone filled Edea with dread and she silently prayed to never be ‘summoned’ to his apartments above…

Of course, Edea could not lie to herself: she found Prince Aterio very handsome. There were moments when she did see him, in the corridor or during his meals when she helped served him, and in those moments she could not help but blush and feel herself grow slightly hot. Sometimes she would catch him eyeing her as well, a small smile on his lips as he silently watched her ladling the soup or carrying trays, which only forced Edea to focus on her work with even more intensity. She was not stupid: Edea knew only too well what happened to young maids seduced by nobles. Few rolls in his grand bed or perhaps a toss in the hay had many a girl out on the street with a royal bastard growing in her belly.  As the months went on, and Aterio’s interest slowly grew, Edea began to worry about her own security. Marriage was her only option so she started to eye up the stable hands, or perhaps the blacksmith’s son. He was always kind to her…

Edea’s dream of security, however, came to a bizarre end. The Prince was to entertain the Lady Ystelle of Barnea in the hopes of wedding her; the entire household was agog with activity in preparation of her arrival. The kitchens were complete madness the day before her arrival and Edea was in the middle of preparing cherry tarts when Rosa, the head cook, rushed to her with a crystal decanter

“Take this to the Prince!” she cried, “I cannot believe I forgot to send him his nightly sherry! Quick, girl! Use the shortcut passage by the library!” Edea took the decanter and rushed off up towards the library. The thought of approaching Aterio turned her heart into a sparrow beating against a window and she hoped that she could find another house servant to pass the duty onto. Ducking into the passage, her eyes fought to adjust to the dim light. The chateau was full of these narrow little passages and Edea prayed she took the right one. It should exit by the Amethyst Drawing Room, and then the stairs to the Prince’s private apartments is just to the left…


In her haste and panic, not to mention the poor lighting, Edea failed to notice someone else coming towards her in the tight corridor. She collided hard against the figure, causing the decanter to fly out of her hand and smash on the stone steps behind her. The other person must have been carrying something as well: a silver tray tipped up onto Edea and she felt liquid spill on her face, neck, and breasts. A small glass bottle bounced off her bodice and joined the smashed crystal on the ground.

“ Why you-” Edea started, ready to explode her wrath on the clumsy fool who wrecked into her and spilt god-knows-what all over her outfit and ruining the prince’s drink, when a hand shot out and forcefully grabbed her chin.

“ What was that?” asked Prince Aterio, “A silly, little kitchen girl is mad at me because she wasn’t pay attention where she was headed? Hmm?”

Edea’s eyes were wide as saucers; she had crashed into the Prince! The girl stammers as she looked into Aterio’s eyes: he does not appear pleased in the slightest.

“ Do you know know what you’ve just spilled, my little cook?” he hisses, lowering his face to hers. “ Why, nothing really…just a very special and powerful potion concocted from rare and expensive ingredients! A very…special potion indeed.” His eyes trailed down her body and Edea feel weak with terror.

“Please, your highness!” she begged, “ Please don’t cast me out! I’ll…I’ll make it up to you! I’ll work for no wages! Forgive me!”

She wasn’t not sure but she detected a slight smile on Aterio’s face before he grabed her wrist, forcing a cry from her lips, and jerked her back through the passage towards the exit.

“ Oh ho ho,” he laughed as he pushed the panel open and they emerged into the Amethyst Room. “I’m sure you’ll make it up to me, love.” Edea tried to struggle from his steel grasp when the opulent sitting room began to spin, Edea collapsing against a purple wing-backed chair. Her mind felt muddled and she felt her panic rise as the realization dawned on her: she had been poisoned! Aterio must have planned on using this on the Lady Barnea to have his way with her but instead Edea was now the victim. Slumped on the floor, she tried to cry for help but could only softly moan. The Prince collected her up in his arms and carried out into the corridor and up towards his chambers above. “ Don’t worry,” he softly laughed, “ I’ll take care of you.”

In her haze Edea vaguely made out the rough details of his apartments: books lining the walls, beautiful hanging tapestries, the carved posts and curtains of a bed as she laid upon soft blankets and pillows. She tried to raise a limb but her whole body was paralyzed. Edea looked up into the prince’s eyes and saw them sparkle with pleasure and perhaps desire.

“Please…don’t…” she weakly whispered.

“Do not worry, little cook,” he softly replied, “ I’m not that monstrous…but I’m no saint either.“  Aterio turned and walked over to a small table to the side. There were the sounds of clinking glass and he returned with a small cup in his hand. Aterio lifted Edea’s head and placed the silver cup to her lips. "Now drink.”

It tasted terrible but as Edea sipped the liquid her body slowly became hers again and relief washed over her. Sighing, she closed her eyes and laid back on the plush pillows of Aterio’s bed and save silent thanks for the existence of antidotes. However, her thanks were interrupted as the prince’s hands gently ran over the front of your bodice.

“Your highness,” she opened her eyes and looked into Aterio’s pale and handsome face. “Please, I beg you…I’m just a kitchen ma-”

“Do you know,” he softly interrupted, fingers now tracing her face, “what was in that potion you happened to spill all over you?” Edea quietly shook her head in reply and Aterio gently kissed her forehead. “ Of course not: you make pies not potions. Well, my dove, it was a special potion I was to have mixed into the wine specially selected for Ystelle tomorrow night.”

“ potion?!” she gasp. Aterio simply laughed and began kissing her neck. Edea let out a soft moan, despite her reservations. His right hand squeezed her breast and began to slowly undo the ties of her bodice.

“No, no, no…no silly love potions. No, your prince had something else in mind. A potion, a special potion, one that will let him have complete control over her body. Whatever I command; it does.”

“Is that…what you’re doing now?” Edea murmured, her whole body becoming hot with desire. “Making me not resist you?”

“Oh hohoho no. That’s all you! No I have other…purposes.”

“Such as?”

Aterio, having undone the front of her bodice, paused and looked up into Edea’s eyes. There was a look of danger, of desire…

“ How do you feel…about giving birth?”

Edea’s eyes widened with fear. She pushed the prince away and pulled her knees up to her body. Aterio sat up, genuinely surprised and concerned by her reaction. Tears began to well in her eyes.

“No, please my Prince! I cannot have a royal bastard! What will everyone think? Where will I go?!” Edea began to cry, envisioning the life of shame she would have to live carrying the prince’s child. Aterio took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her eyes.

“ What is your name, little cook?” he gently asked.


“Well, Edea, I understand your reason and like I said before, I’m not a complete monster. I asked you because…you see, I happen to have certain…tastes that may not be deemed appropriate in polite society.” You said nothing but looked on with intrigue, prompting Aterio to continue “ I…happen to…enjoy every aspect of pregnancy. Even the moment of birth. In fact, I would say…that is my ultimate favorite part. Do you…understand?”

Edea looked at the prince for a moment before nodding. She had never confessed it before but soon she began to tell him about her life before coming to his chateau. She was a foundling abandoned at a convent, thus raised with a number of other girls by the good-hearted nuns who also ran a hospital for the local poor. When Edea were only 16 she began assisting in the sisters in their clinic, which is where she first watched a woman labor for hours. It was such a difficult birth, the woman crowned for an hour before finally delivering a large, healthy babe. Edea never expected it but watching the birth aroused her more than anything before and that night she buried her face in her pillow as fingers worked manically to give relief. All Edea could do was imagine it was she struggling to bring the giant head to a crown, the baby fighting her with every push.

As Edea confessed her sinful fantasy for the first time on her life, the prince moved closer to her on the bed. As she finally completed her tale Aterio took her in his arms, face buried in her breasts. Edea gasped with desire as his hand slipped under her gown and made it’s way to her wet and aching sex.

“ It seems,” he purred as his fingers caressed your lips and clip, “I won’t be having a need for Ystelle after all.”

“ You can’t…marry the likes…of me!” Edea moan. Aterio wickedly smileed and undid his trousers. Edea, no longer terrified of carrying a royal baby, opened her legs to him and cried in a mixed of pleasure and pain as he entered her - he was her first after all.

“ Don’t worry about that!” he laughed as he began to thrust, “ By the end of tomorrow, you’ll be Lady Edea of Barnea and Ystelle will be a lowly kitchen girl!” Edea couldn’t make sense of his words, but the sensation of his cock filling her was she cared about at the present moment . Edea’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy as the prince fucked her in his bed. She ran her hands through his thick hair and loudly moaned in bliss.

“I’m going to fill you up with my child,” he growled, his thrusts becoming more intense. “Would you like that, Edea? Swollen with my baby?”

“…Please! Oh please, yes!” Edea cried with abandoment. Suddenly she was the woman in the convent, her womb swollen with the prince’s child. She could feel the baby’s head pressing against her lips, her head thrown back as she struggled to push, Aterio rubbing her belly with desire and kissing it as it heaves with each pain…

Edea violently climaxed: her whole body tensed up as waves of bliss crashed over her body. She gripped onto Aterio’s body, legs wrapped around his torso, and her scream of release echoed throughout the room and pushes the prince over the edge himself. He gave a roar as Edea felt his seed gush into her womb with abandon before collapsing into her. They lay still in the afterglow for a moment before Aterio breathlessly whispered into her ear: “You know…I may be falling in love with you…Edea…”

“Just give me a baby,” she softly replied, to which the prince simply laughed and kissed her.

–L. Wyvernic

liftandletlift  asked:

May I please ask how you became so knowledgable about all these things? Thank you for all your health tips.

I’m a teacher by trade - Education is my jam, and I care a lot about making sure everyone has access to safe and reliable information.

I don’t have any formal training in fitness. I grew up in a very active household and always participated in either dance or team sports, but that doesn’t really convert into practical knowledge. It’s my schooling and experience that has given me the ability to conduct research, filter out untrustworthy sources, and translate academic-ese into understandable language. So everything that I post about here is the result of me digging into the Internet in order to learn as much as I can about a particular topic.

When I first started to research fitness and exercise for my own purposes, there was nothing but thinspo and fitspo as far as the eye could see. I don’t want other people (especially minors) to have to filter through that - My knowledge here is driven by the desire/need to make sure that everyone has accurate information about health and wellness, and therefore has the opportunity to make informed diet and exercise choices. If there’s something I’m unsure about, I take the time to look it up and read until I have some coherent facts in my back pocket.

So if there’s ever something posted on here that you experts feel is untrue or dangerous - Please let me know! I do my best to link every single post back to a trustworthy source, but some false info will always leak through. If you can help us create a safe educational environment here, I appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

I thought you could like add aliens to your household in the sims 4... You know like why wait? Let's have a cute little cheese loving alien and a green flower child just magically appear one day ya know... *waggled eyebrows and slips $20 bill* (All jokes aside I'm actually wondering if you could do that in the game I really wanna know plz and thanks)

I can add toddlers to an active household, so we’d have to skip the (honestly boring) baby stage. Im pretty hype to have tikki and plagg so I might just do it!

Rogue One Messes Headcanon

Jyn: SO MESSY!!! Throughout her life she was always moving so if she left a mess she would just never see it again. She’s used to some harsh living conditions too. Walk into her room and it’s an episode of hoarders. She dreads cleaning 

 Cassian: He’s neat, but not crazy about it. Cleaning is a bother but he knows when it needs to get it done. Cassian is a normal dude when it comes to the household activities (minus cooking he’s a beast at that and needs a clean station) 

 Chirrut: Doesn’t mind either way. He just goes with the flow. Not like it messes with his aesthetic really. He’s not “neat” but he’s orderly. He’s got great insight, but he is still blind and having things in groups is helpful. 

 Baze: NEAT FREAK!!!! Everything has a place, rebels have their place, stormtroopers have their place, and SO DO YOUR CLOTHES!!! It’s another respect thing. Mostly for Chirrut actually. He doesn’t really need it, but he likes Chirrut to have it a little easier. 

 Bodhi: Lives in organized chaos. He doesn’t care if it’s a mess, as long as he can navigate it. He stumbles through his room just going “oh um oops ow oh there’s my” as trips over things. It’s a comfort to have things just the way he left them. It may be a crazy mess, but it’s his crazy mess.


The silly requests are my favorites I feel like I can be so free

When you think of an, “empowered” woman you probably think of a a career woman making her way though “a man’s world” with their head held high. But the most dynamic women I know are stay-at-home moms. They don’t just stay at home “minding the children.” They run a household, organize activities and events and sometimes even work part time as well. Nothing about deciding to raise a large family is “demeaning” It is a great endeavor which great woman undertake. 


I’ve been busy building lots for the Sim children in my game. With many of my little Sims growing up I need a few more recreational venues for them. There are many places for the adults to go and have a good time; but not many places for my younger Sims. Redwood Cove has a few places but they all seasonal lots with the exception of the ice cream parlor and the park.

I wanted a place where children and teens could hang-out, eat, play video games and run around. So I built them a McDonalds. I am so proud of myself because I was able to create a stainless steel recolor of the Simwardrobe Buffet. The walls and floor tiles and walls almost match the McDonalds in my local area. This lot for children, and teens only. I used the visitor controller to restrict adults, and townies. An adult will be present with the active household. Now to see how it plays.

In a viking funeral the deceased was laid down on a boat or a stone ship and given offerings and grave goods. The amount and the value of the goods depended on which social group the dead person came from.

A free man was usually given weapons and equipment for riding. An artisan, such as a blacksmith, could receive his entire set of tools. Women were provided with their jewellery and often with tools for female and household activities, although there were plenty of woman warriors. The deceased could be cremated or buried. Cremation was more common.