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hey im in an unsafe household thats actively abusing me so im selling most of my games to Rock30/Gamestop but if anyone on here if interested in buying one you are certainly welcome to message me about it! Ill definately sell it as low as i possibly can for you. here are the games im selling

Pokemon Firered (GBA)
Pokemon Emerald (GBA)
Pokemon Soulsilver (I also have a pokewalker but the batteries are dead)
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Y
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Conquest
Pokemon Rangers; Shadows of Almia
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Im also selling a pink Nintendo DS lite in perfect condition (charger included)

id appreciate signal boosts if possible, merry christmas

pixeladventures  asked:

I've wanted to do pleasantview families in Sims 3 for years, but could never settle on a perfect town and houses. Now I want to do it in Sims 4, since you make it look so good. Do you have mods to manage story progression? What town do you use? Did you make/download the houses and sims?

Hi!! Thank you so much!! :)

As regards mods, I only use MC Command Center to manage story progression. But that’s only for the unplayed families. I manage all my “played families” myself (i.e all the main TS2 families). I play in rotation and my aging settings are a mix between TS2 and TS3. This means I have aging off for everyone (including unplayed households) except for the “active household” (i.e. TS2 style). I play each family for 7 days, in order (I keep a list). To me, I’m playing the same 7 days for each one of them. In order for townies to age at the same rate as my sims I do this: when I’m playing the last family in the list (i.e. on the last 7 days of the rotation), I turn on aging for “unplayed” households. That way, everyone in the world ages at the same rate.

I did make all of my houses and sims recreations, but for many of them I used gallery sims and builds as a base. There are many “literal” TS2 recreations in the Gallery, so what I usually do is I update them to TS4 aesthetics and to my liking. There are some exceptions (the Goth’s manor, the Goth family, the Gothic Quarter, etc. which I built myself from scratch). I also downloaded TS2 townies from the gallery (Goopy Gilscarbo and his bunch :p), and I love seeing them around.

As regards the worlds, this is how I have set it up (using Oh My Sims’ world name changer):

You can see the recreations in world recreation in this tag.

To me, Pleasanview (former Willow Creek) and the countryside next to Veronaville (former Windenburg) is “Historic Pleasantview”, i.e. The Sims 1. This is where Sim Lane is (the original TS1 neighborhood where the Goths’ manor sits). The starter district in Pleasantiew is Woodland Drive. This is where the Hicks lived in TS1 (next to Gunther’s Goth Highway) and where Brandi Broke lives in TS2.

Pleasantview Meadows is a prolongation of Historic Pleasantview, and it was built in the last 25 years to accommodate new families. This is where the Calientes’ condo is and where Don and Cassandra live. The rest of the neighborhood is occupied by community venues for my sims.

Veronaville…I haven’t done much to it yet. But my plan is to turn it into a University town. As mentioned, the countryside next to Veronaville is still part of Pleasantview. It’s the swamp, and it is also where the Burb farm sits. In my imagination, Forgotten Hollow is near the swamp.

As for the rest, my Strangetown is a replica of Fuchsiateasims’ amazing Area 31 . Magnolia Promenade is the first stop in San Myshuno so, to me, is part of the city. I put some of Jenba’s awesome builds there as well as a nightclub.

I hope that helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else! :)

day in


Requested: YES.

What do you think Nick would be like on a day in?


nick would probably be the mushy type of boyfriend who demands to make breakfast with you and do everyday household activities with you because he seems like the kind of guy who, on the outside, would pretend to not care but when he’s with the girl he likes/loves he disregards everything and wants to make her happy. nick would most likely want to either stay in bed all day and cuddle or stay on the couch watching 4529297 movies and stay up until four in the morning and kiss you every chance he gets


“The only gentlewoman to accompany her body on its journey along the river was one Mistress Grace—“a bastard daughter of king Edward IV,” which might seem to show Elizabeth Woodville had enough generosity of spirit to make a friend of a girl she might well have resented.” - Blood Sisters by Sarah Gristwood

AU: Grace Plantagenet, bastard daughter of King Edward IV of England, grows up at court. Upon reaching her teenage years, she enters the service of Queen Elizabeth Woodville in order to receive instruction on how to run a household and in other activities befitting her station. However, this plan goes awry when Edward dies unexpectedly in 1483. She accompanies Elizabeth Woodville throughout the turmoil that follows as a support to her half-sisters, and to the woman who helped raise her in place of her own mother.


Courtesy post for a foster friend in California! 

This is a low-content, adorable little husky mix female named Bella.
Ms. Bella is somewhere around 3 years old, is up to date on vaccinations, and has been spayed. She was a stray intake at a shelter.

She is a VERY sweet and quiet girl; a little nervous, shy, and suspicious of strangers. But once she warms up to you, she wants you to hold her paw or rest on your lap. She is happy to go to her crate for security and will lie quietly by your side. She has a beautiful white-and-silver coat, stunning golden eyes, and is about 65lbs.

She does very well with other dogs (including small dogs and females) but prefers not to engage in play or antics, happy to watch from the sidelines instead.

Bella will do best in a calm, quiet adult home. An active, busy household with small children is not a good fit for her. She is content with nice, slow, leisurely walks and doesn’t need a particularly active lifestyle. Bella can be a bit skittish and jumpy, and will need to be on secure collar/harness at all times when out and about. Secure escape-proof fencing, a home check, and an application are mandatory.

Bella will only be adopted out to a home on the West Coast - preferably California. Oregon and Washington will be considered for the right family. Please contact for application information. 


“Janus is a total ham and always a huge hit. When approached, he calmly sits and patiently waits to be pet. Janus would do best in an active household as he is medium to high energy. When he goes in his kennel, he is quiet and well behaved. He loves his toys but you cant leave things that could be perceived as toys lying around.” 


The way Chibiusa backs away and shakes her head. The absolute gravity in Mamoru’s voice. STOP TRYING TO GET YOUR MOTHER TO HELP COOK, YOU’LL DOOM US ALL, CHILD.

This may be the most glorious scene in all of existence. Like you will not convince this isn’t their home life. A PERFECT PORTRAIT

Mamoru doing all the cooking and household activities. In a fucking pink apron over her garish king clothes and totally content with this family and his place in it.

Meanwhile Usagi is the disciplinary hbic who is busy running the world and shit and just expects Mamoru to have the beef stew done by now SHE WANTS TO EAT SHE HASN’T EATEN IN FIVE WHOLE MINUTES..


so beautiful. everything is so beautiful.


How to make your own laundry detergent:

1) Grate a bar of soap of your choice (I used Dial because that’s what my boyfriend had laying around the house).

2) Mix 2 parts washing soda, 2 parts Borax, 1 part of grated soap, and 3 teaspoons of baking soda until you get your desired amount of laundry detergent. Store in container of your choice.

3) For a full load of laundry, dump in ¼ cup of laundry detergent (if the load is smaller, use less detergent).

I hope that you enjoy this frugal laundry detergent!


Official Pikkuri Sticker Information 

Morgiana (Amol Selseila) 

“Morgiana, who had her household vessel activated after receiving the favor of the djinn of flames, Amon. For the people that she loves, the crimson iron chains flap like a pair of wings and shatter the void! When she overuses this power of flames, blood leak from her eyes. The act of extending the chains itself doesn’t consume a lot of magoi." 


Amol Selseila= probably chain of hope in Arabic.

During winter break I finally decided it was time to open our home to another animal and chose to adopt a cat. Our household already had a male cat who was very content but seemed lonely when we left every day for school/work. He would perch himself at the front window seemingly desperate waiting for our return.

After many hours researching cats on the Humane Society site we found a cute kitten and decided to go meet him. On the drive to the Woodbury shelter I explained to my kids that we were going to “just to meet” this kitten to see if he was a good fit for us. I’m thankful we had the conversation in advance. Once we arrived and mentioned which animal we were there to see the staff politely discussed the animals demeanor. The kitten was very timid and seemed startled by quick movement and noise. With two rambunctious kids and an active household I knew the cute-faced kitty was not the right fit.

My kids were initially heartbroken but I was able to convince them to check out the other cats. One in particular was very eager to greet us and seemed very affectionate with the shelter volunteer. I decided to sit down with him. There our hearts grew, as did our family. The petite, 3-year-old gray tabby instantly won us over and had chosen us to be his family. My kids spent the next two hours at the shelter playing with him then venturing off to play with the other animals but would then be drawn back to our little guy. His name was Theodore.

The next week was an adventure sharing with the kids the process of introducing a new cat to our resident cat. They were very patient and I’m happy to report that after two weeks my two feline sons are best buddies. Theodore has been a great addition to our family!

Another great part of this journey was the Woodbury staff themselves. They were attentive, supportive, and helped make my kids’ first trip to an animal shelter positive. They discussed all pertinent information professionally, coordinated a follow-up wellness check with a vet near my home and even mailed a “congrats” postcard to Theodore last week! Years ago I served as a volunteer in a SPCA in California and only wish we had had staff with similar attitudes as the Woodbury location. I truly appreciate how great the experience has been for my family!

- Jessica