What an interesting time we've had in the house so far, Now; after you've spent enough time here to experience ups and downs, make new friends and deal with your past it's finally that time of year   Christmas! Now.. it wouldn't be right if you house members didn't have something special to do on Christmas   So we've got a SECRET SANTA  organized for all of you! happy present buying.

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Game: Hesokuri Wars

Name: Choromatsu: Mad Clown

Character: Choromatsu Matsuno

Set: Haunted House
Event: Assault! Haunted House of Horror

Rarity: ☆☆☆
AP: 137
Base Max Level: 30
Top Max Level: 60

Voice Clips:
3. Use the stength/HP powerup 9 times
5. N/A
6. Get 7 types of Choromatsu
7. Get Mad Clown Choromatsu from the Gacha 3 times